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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Picture taken at Miss Behave Boutique Austin
That's right! Today's blog post is all about the boutiques on Austin's 2nd Street. 100 Fashion & Style Bloggers visited these shops during the 2012 Texas Style Council earlier this month.   I took so many photos of the cute stores, that I decided to do a separate posts just on the shops I visited. First up: Savers

SAVERS Thrift Store
For my first real thrifting experience I think I did very well. I left with a cute plaid top (styled here) and 2 vintage scarves from Savers. I'm definitely motivated to stop by my local Red, White, & Blue soon! 

Us Bloggers (especially me as a novice thrift-store shopper) listening intently to our hosts and their tips for shopping at Thrift stores
Pro-Thrift-Shopping Bloggers shared their tips with us!

It's good to know that even away from home, you can still find a store that you are familiar with, so when I found out that Langford Market Austin would be the first stop on our 2nd Street Boutique Tour I was super excited.  Even though I've been in almost all the LM's in Houston, each one is different from the other, and their Austin locale was no different! :-)
With the AA Concept stores quickly taking over the blogosphere, you can feel at home shopping in a Langford market at a home away from home! 

It was pretty much a rainy, miserable day all day until about 7pm??? LOLOL I thought it was funny all of our blogger umbrellas, look how festive they are

Bloggers Shopping!
Finally a boutique that gets straight to the point, and gives you enough space to do it.  The open space of Miss Behave is very inviting, and eliminates the "overwhelming, I don't want to miss anything" feeling that other stores live by! In my opinion, this is the better option. It's clear that  owner of Miss Behave is very selective and doesn't just want to fill her shop with anything to fill space, which is refreshing.  She's taking the time to pick and sell the best of the best, plus who doesn't love little motivating quotes while you shop?
I loved these quotes that were around the store at Miss Behave

I loved the open, pristine space of Miss Behave. It was cluttered with a whole lot of...well walk in and you can get right to the purpose of the store which is shopping and buying. Open space and the racks were sorted by colors.  This would definitely be on my list of favorite stores if I lived in Austin!

I believe there are more than a few Hemlines in Houston, but yet I've never been inside one until I was in Austin.  Definitely won't happen again!! I love this store! The ambience is cool, they have amazing trendy pieces, and great sales!

Another familiar shop for us bloggers in Austin from Houston! Just like every Langford Market is different, this DuO is very different from DuO Houston, but still the same great quality apparel & accessories!

DuO shoes us that colorblocking & prints aren't only for shoes and apparel!

How cute is this top? Do you think this is the front of the shirt? Actually it's the back! Cute!
Eliza Page was the only jewelry boutique we stopped in.  I fell in love with this place! Every piece is unique and amazing. I can honestly say there wasn't one piece of jewelry I didn't like.  Most of it being made by local Austin Jewelry-makers, including the owner Elizabeth Gibson.  When you walk into the store you can find all the fine jewelry encased on the wall, and the custom jewelry on the display tables in the middle. The store is bright, unlike some jewelry stores that are dark and gloomy and you can barely see anything.  I also loved the cases in the wall, it's very unique!

With a name like Etcetera, you expect that you'll find everything in that store....and everything we did! This store was super fun! Lots of DIY handcrafted pieces, jewelry from designers around the world, vintage handbags, fascinators, and embellished blazers!

I'm so obsessed with floral shoes right now! More than the floral pants trend!
You can tell I had fun trying on some of the head gear!

This piece was made by the store owner, Emma Kate
I love this combo of the neon and leopard trends together

There is nothing Plain about or in this store!! We were greeted by a happy temperamented DJ.  Directly in front of him was one of the boutique's artisans making custom wallets for everyone and to my left was my  favorite part of the store! Their necklace wall. They used drawer pull knobs to hang them! Way more creative than my use of 3M hooks!

How much do you love this sequin blazer?

I hope you enjoyed my recap of these awesome shops in Austin! If you are ever there check them out or visit their websites. For the rest of my boutique photos you can view the below video:


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  1. All the shots look great!! Looks like you had a fab time. There were nice clothes and jewelry.

    1. I did! When you and Dad come to visit we should roadtrip to Austin or San Antonio!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time! Such great stores...xo

    1. Yea it was cool! I love discovering local shops when I visit new cities! Makes me feel less like a tourist!

  3. OMG I need to go to these shops - I can't even think of picking a favourite!! I love the signs in Miss Behave though - so funny :)

    Sadie xx

    1. Aren't they though! I just love them!

    2. It looks an amazing shop.
      Great pictures!

    3. Yea all of them were great!

  4. I LOVE LOVE your photos as always. Great event girly.

    <3 Marina

    1. Thanks! Yea I think I'm getting better with my photography!


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