Spring-Summer 2012 Trends Event

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ashley Pittman (Ashley Pittman Jewelry), Joy Sewing (Fashion & Beauty Editor of Houston Chronicle), Danielle Doyle (President of The Perfect Face Cosmetics), Stacey Swift (PR Director of Neiman Marcus Galleria)

Thursday night, I attended Fashion Group International (FGI) - Houston and Neiman Marcus' (NM) Spring/Summer 2012 Trends Event.  The event was very nice, though I don't think it should have been $35.00 to attend! The event was held on the 3rd floor of NM at the Houston Galleria Mall. Joy Sewing, of the Houston Chronicle, was the Panel Moderator and introduced us to our panelists for the evening: 
  • Stacey Swift - Public Relations Director of Neiman Marcus Galleria
  • Danielle Doyle - Master Makeup Artist & Official Makeup Artist for Ms. America & Ms. Universe and President of The Perfect Face Cosmetics
  • Ashley Pittman - CEO of Ashley Pittman Jewelry
After Joy introduced the panel, Ashley Pittman of Ashley Pittman Jewelry, gave us a bit more background into the start of her business, "The key to having a business is knowing every part of your business", she said. Ashley goes every 3 months to Kenya to visit her jewelry makers and had only landed back in Houston a few days before this event! She knows each of her jewelry makers by name and personally sees to the shipment of her pieces. Not only does she have a personal bond with her employees, but some of the proceeds from her company go back to the schools of Kenya.  Her company has paid for two teacher salaries, and pays for hot lunches for the kids. She says this is really the most rewarding part of her business.  

Ashley telling us her background into her jewelry business
Joy asked a series of questions to the panelist on spring makeup, jewelry, & clothing trends before opening up the discussions to the audience. Many a great tip was shared from the panelists, and even other audience members. I asked Danielle about blush shades for African-Americans she suggested more bronze shades with a hint of pink, versus heavy pink blushes, so I'll definitely have to try that out! Continue reading to see other tips that I learned at the event

Wearing Yellow: Yellows are the new neutral for the Spring.  Choose your yellows based on your skin tones. 
Wearing Pink: To avoid looking girlie try just a pop of pink in your shoes or your handbag
The audience members were given a little notebook and a list of spring trends to take home

Before the panel discussions started we watched the 2012 Spring Trends Video
We were offered Chardonnay, Champagne, and Sparkling Water
Makeup for the Spring: Thick brows and  more defined brows are in.  Stay away from pencils to fill in your eyebrows, and use a color that is made for eyebrows with higher color pigment. Danielle also recommends threading over waxing and plucking, stating that waxing actually removes a layer of skin making it hard for your makeup to stay on. Tangerine is the it color for the spring. You can try out a tangerine lipstick.  Short nails with dark color. Leave shatters & sparkles for pedicures.
A highly engaged audience
Wearing Neons: The best way to wear neons without looking like you are in the 80s is neon jeans or neon handbags. Touches of neon are the key.  Wear a neon top with a black blazer. Jewelry is also incorporating neons with pops of neon color in their pieces.  The neon trend also works for makeup.  Try wearing an all black ensemble with a pop of hot pink on the lip and a clean eye.  You can accomplish the clean eye look with cream, blush, and brown shades.  Color-blocking is ALSO trending on makeup looks too.
Danielle (left) & Ashley (right)
Accessories for Spring: Color blocking is back in jewelry and handbags. Don't overdo it, and definitely don't match everything.  Gone are the days when your shoes need to match your handbag.  You can use a handbag as your pop of color
Receiving tips from other audience members
General Makeup Tips: Buy makeup that has a lot of pigment in the color. I.E. if you buy black eyeshadow, it should only take one swipe to see black, as opposed to low pigment colors you have to swipe the color on a few times to achieve desired color.  Makeup (foundation) with light reflectors cause the washed-out look in pictures. Try to buy makeup with out the added light reflectors. Before applying your foundation, put bronzer on your cheekbones, but be careful not to use a shimmer bronzer.  Shimmer makeup makes features stand out, while darks & mattes help features recede.
A piece from Ashley's jewelry line that I really loved
General Jewelry Tips: In houston our hands tend to swell throughout the day and get clammy. If you find that you can't get that bangle off that you so easily got on in the morning, slip your hand into a knee-high sock and the bangle will slide right off over the sock.  You can use tissue paper and windex to clean your jewelry. Store silver and bronzes in ziploc bags and push all the air out to stop oxidation (tarnishing) of your pieces.  To clean jewelry you can also line a bowl with aluminum foil, put your jewelry in with baking soda, and apply boiling water to it.  Rinse the jewelry with cold water.
Stacey Swift, PR Director of Neiman Marcus Galleria answering audience questions
List of Spring trends according to FGI-Houston & Neiman Marcus:
Fancy Pants
The Clutch
The Spring Face
Silver Shoes
The Dramatic Earring
Yellow: The New Neutral
Sports Influence

FGI-Houston has started a new initiative called "Why do I FGI" to bring awareness of the group and to show what the group can do for you. Their first FGI member spotlight was on Stacey Swift. I've embedded for Why do I FGI?

Why Do I FGI? (Stacey Swift of Neiman Marcus) from FGI Houston on Vimeo.

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  1. Sounds like a very informative event. Love that the jewelry designer helps give back to the country where her jewelry is made. I hope you and the other attendees got goody bags for attending the event.

    1. I wish we would have gotten goodie bags for $35.00 but I did have a great time!

  2. Glad you went. I was thinking of going, but wasn't sure about the $35 fee.

    1. Yea...I'm bitter that I paid it, but I had a great time!

  3. That's an expensive event! Glad you enjoyed it though and those jewellery tips were very useful, i need to clean some of my silver pieces so will give them a go :)

    Sadie xx

  4. What a great event doll but agreed you should't have to pay after all your giving them exposure by just mentioning them on your blog. Oh well so glad you had a good time and gather some very useful info. Thx for sharing.

    <3 Marina


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