THE EVENT: Carrie Ann Anniversary Celebration

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This past Saturday, Carrie Ann celebrated her 2-year anniversary at her boutique in Houston's Uptown Park. The first time I heard of Carrie Ann was at Women of Wardrobe's Sizzling Soiree event at Ms. Tootsies back in August 2011. I had taken the following Event Style photo of a guest wearing an amazing skirt purchased at Carrie Ann and knew that I liked this boutique owners eye for style!! 
Event Style photo from W.O.W. Sizzling Summer Soiree Event
The second time I came across this shop was during Culture Map's Fashion on Sale Event in January 2012.  I had tried to fit into some of the items, but unfortunately I needed to loose a few more lbs. That's okay because this inspires me to continue on my weight-loss journey!
Dress displayed at Carrie Ann's Booth at CultureMap's Fashion on Sale Event
I loved her pieces and definitely wanted to check out her shop and attend the celebration. Carrie Ann's shop is unique in the fact that she also sells cute pieces for dogs! In fact I was looking at the embellished dog collars as potential bracelets for me!

Boutique Owner Carrie Ann on the Right and her assistant, both wearing dresses that can be purchased at the shop

The darker side of Carrie Ann Boutique

Gorgeous blue pieces of jewelry
Ladies of HPNOTIQ Harmonie Liquor

The Brighter side of Carrie Ann's Boutique

Fancy dog collars that I want to wear as bracelets!

Dog Shop!
For all the photos from the event check out this picture slideshow:


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  1. The outfits look great.

  2. That dress on display is heaven!

    -Steph from chocolate laced

    1. I loved that dress too! It wasn't in my size, but had it been I would have scooped it up!

  3. Love it! Never heard of Carrie Ann before this event.

  4. Wow she designs amazing pieces - I love colourful clothes. And I agree that the dog collars would make fab bracelets!

    Sadie xx

  5. So glad to hear some good responses about my boutique. Just to be clear I do not design the pieces in my store, I buy from California. I have great items for every body type and women of all ages. Come stop by!. 1151-10 Uptown Blvd (next to starbucks) xoxo Carrie Ann

    1. Ooooh ok! Thanks for clarifying Carrie Ann! I will definitely make note of that! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  6. @Carrie Ann You have a good eye for fashion! I will try to make it out there in the coming months. @Shasie-I am so glad you found this place. Keep up the good work on exposing us to great boutiques in Houston!


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