Thursday, February 09, 2012

Today I turn 28 and first and foremost I want to thank the good Lord for allowing me to see another birthday.  He has watched over me always and forever! Birthdays should not be taken for granted, especially in this crazy, violent, disease-ridden world we live in.  For those of you who know me, you know I love celebrating my birthday! And not because I need attention, but because I love being around everyone I care about! Well almost everyone, my friends & family that live in other places know I care about them too! The other reason is because it gives me an excuse to really dress up! I almost always buy a new dress every year...BUT this year I'm having some difficulty finding THE PERFECT dress. I don't know if I've become more picky, or I'm suffering from body image issues, or if stores around me forget that occasion dresses can be sold in February too!  Whatever the reason, I'm really struggling to find that IT Dress. With all of the drama around this dress, I've decided to go back in time and look at my outfits from Birthday's Past.  Enjoy!

21st Birthday - Lewisburg, PA - Bucknell University - 2005
This is one of my favorite pictures from college, and one of my fav outfits. Of course I don't fit any of this anymore, and I got rid of it years ago, but my friends surprised me with a cake, and someone snapped this awesome shot of me surprised!

22nd Birthday - Still on the hunt for these pics if I took any at all...

23rd Birthday-Philly-House Party & ICE Nightclub - 2007
I loved this dress because of the cut-outs, but once again can't remember where I bought it from. I'm pretty sure it was some store in Franklin Mills Mall

24th Birthday - Houston - House Party-2008

Dress: White House|Black Market
Makeup: MAC Makeup Artist
Hair: Self

25th Birthday - Las Vegas, Nevada-2009

Coat: Victoria Secret
Dress: Express
Sandals: Bakers
Hair: JcPenny Salon (King of Prussia Mall)

Unfortunately, I don't remember where this dress was from, but these sandals were from a store inside Bally's Hotel.  After 2 days of roaming around vegas and dancing in clubs, Tori and I decided that we needed chic flats to go out in...couldn't handle another night in shoes. I always hated that I couldn't find a better color than these silver ones, but oh well. I still have them! Bag is from Express! And one of the few times you'll see me in contacts! :-)

Dress: Express:
Sandals: Carlos by Carlos Santana (Macy's)

My best friend from college, Torrina and I at Caesar's Palace. Her birthday is a week before mine! We are February babies, so we went to Vegas to celebrate our 25th! It's a milestone people! We turned a Quarter Century!
25th Birthday Party II - Allentown, PA - House-Party-2009
I know, I know, this dress is a bit much for a "house party", but I took 4 dresses with me to Vegas and I didn't wear this one, and since I paid $200 something for it, I was determined to wear it! Hence me wearing it at my house-party. I had a house-party because I still wanted to celebrate my birthday with my friends in Allentown (Where I was living at the time!) 

Dress: Cache

26th Birthday - Houston - Spotlight Karoake-2010
Y'all may recognize this picture! This photo was taken the day before I started my blog on February 11th, 2010 and I used this photo of me on my Contacts/About Me Page
  Dress: White House|Black Market
Pumps: Nina (Macy's)
Flower Clip: White House|Black Market
Makeup: MAC Makeup Artist
Watch: Michael Kors
Hair: Felise Edwards (Anointing Touch of Hair Salon)
S Necklace: Gift from my Parents

27th Birthday Part I - Houston -Houseparty & Vintage Lounge
Me with my good friend Liz having fun at my place before heading to Vault
Skirt: bebe
Top: Express
Leggings: Target
Boots: Colin Stuart (Victoria's Secret)
Necklace: Christmas Gift from my good friend Pablo!

27th Birthday Part II - Houston - Carrabas Italian Grill-2011
Group shot from my Birthday Dinner Last year
  Dress: Guess by Marciano
Earrings: Vendor at Shecky's Girls Night Out
Sandals: Bakers
Bracelet: The Limited
Necklace: New York & Company
Flower: Flowers From Fatima's Etsy Shop
Hair & Makeup: Self
28th - 2012 - Stay Tuned


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  1. Happy b-day doll, cnt wait to see this year 's stunning b-day dress!!

    1. Thanks Cindy! I hope my dress this year can measure up! Hahaha, who knew it would be so difficult to find a dress this year!

  2. You got amazing dresses!! Looking forward this birthday outfit Happy birthday to you :)

  3. Happy birthday!! Love all your dresses!! xo

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I know what ever you end up wearing to celebrate you will look phenomenal!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, I need it. I think I'm really struggling with my weight gain and so nothing is looking right and it's depressing, but I'll make something work! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  5. Happy Birthday Shasie!!! Love the dresses, you have such good taste:)

  6. A very happy birthday to you m'dear! I was going to pick a favorite look, but (as usual) every time I scroll down, I pick a new favorite. I have to say, though, that the last two looks blew me away. That last dress is stunning on you!

    1. The last dress is my fav too! I discovered that store at Galleria Mall and fell in love with their dresses ever since! Love them!

  7. Great pictures,hon!Happy birthday!I hope you had a great day!


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