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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This past Saturday I spent 6 hours investing in myself.  Sounds selfish right? Well it's not what you think! Shunte Gamble-Davis owner of All Twisted By Design hosted the 2nd Annual Total Beauty Ladies Event here in Houston.  You might remember Shunte from a previous post I did on her and her kick-off event Cupcakes & Cocktails? The kick-off event was held in October 2011 during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as the charity to receive the proceeds of both events this year was The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Total Beauty Ladies Event included was about showing women the importance of taking care of themselves from the inside out.  The first motivational speaker was Dr. James Parsons of Premier Chiropractic. He stressed the importance of eating right, and preventative care to help decrease our risk of being sick.  Dr. Susan Hoover of MD Anderson Cancer Center, gave us tips on how to decrease our risk of Breast Cancer. She also talked about the Center's Clinical Trials and it's because of these that more and more women are surviving today after receiving a diagnosis of Breast Cancer.  She said it's because women like us were really to take the risk for studies to improve treatments and surgeries.  "Before, if you were diagnosed with Breast Cancer you had a Masectomy no matter what, now depending on your case, you can opt for a Lumpectomy in which they just move the cancerous area of your breasts,". How inspiring to know that women around the world participated in trials that improved the number of cases of Breast Cancer in which women & men can keep their breasts.

Along with the Health & Wellness Speakers, we were treated to inspirational speakers! Jennifer Dawn Giabola of Dawning Soul talked to us about her Rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and the loss of her job.  She decided to not give up, but instead started her own business (Dawning Soul) pursuing her passion of poetry and empowering people.  Dr. Phyllis Donatto lead the group in prayer and talked about being a better you.

The Keynote Speaker for the event was Emmy-Award Winner Yolanda Green of The WB Channel 39 Houston.  Yolanda's talk with us was very motivational. You know that old saying, "Sticks & Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?" I have to say that's an untrue statement if I've ever heard one. How many of us have been hurt by the words of others?  She said be careful what you say to people because it really can change their lives. If you tell someone they are hopeless they may believe they are hopeless. Yolanda from her own experience of being pregnant at a young age said "Just because someone makes a mistake, don't count them out."

After Yolanda's discussion, I was able to interview Shunte Gamble-Davis, and ask her some questions on the event.
Shunte Gamble-Davis

How does it feel being at the 2nd Annual TBLE? I'm very proud of the expansion. Our first year we had 1 vendor and this year we have 30!

How did you pick the speakers for this event? I wanted to have ladies that we all could relate too
Yolanda Green & Shunte
Are you already planning the 3rd Annual TBLE in 2013? Yes! First we will be changing the time of year from January to October. We will still have a keynote speaker and will still be very selective with the vendors that attend the event.  You can still expect lead-up events throughout the year too!

What do you love the most about this event? Being able to make a connection with the ladies, knowing that they are having a great time!

Yolanda Green, Janice Workcuff (24 yr Cancer Survivor and president of Angels Surviving Cancer), & Shunte
Has your attendence increased from the first one? Yes, definitely! We've had over 150+ people throughout the day!

Anything else you would like to add for my readers?  Stay Tuned, there's so much more to come!

If you would like to learn more about the Total Ladies Beauty Event you can go to their website at

After interviewing Shunte I snagged a seat to listen to the live poetry reading portion of the event.  Jennifer Giabola shared some more of her poems with us, and Ms. Fancy & Chris Crawford shared their original poems. Immediately following the poetry readings, Ms. Evelyn Smith provided a 4-song spiritual concert for us.  That woman can SING!!

Of course Shunte brought back the ever so popular "Stomp out Breast Cancer Baddest Pink Shoe" Contest.  8 ladies from the crowd paraded on stage showing off their hottest pink shoes.  Yet there could only be one GRAND prize winner and this little girl won!

3rd Runner Up
2nd Place Runner Up - Received a Gift Card to DSW
All of the winners with Shunte

Which pair was your favorite?

Following the Shoe Competition was a Fashion Show that I was unable to stay for, but I'm hoping to show you pictures from my new photographer friend of My Ultimate Photography, so come back for the updated pictures.

Here are some more event pictures





Me getting a massage from Nikki of the Spa and Wellness Center

EVENT SLIDESHOW - See all 200+ photos I took during the event to the tune of "What is This" by Mary Mary!

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  1. So many pictures. Love it. Looks like it was such a wonderful event. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was a great event!! Thanks! glad you enjoyed the photos!


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