Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Last year I rang in the New Year in Houston, Texas with the ex, so this year I definitely wanted a "change" of scenary, and decided to stay in Pittsburgh for New Year's Eve 2011!! So my 3 closest girl friends from high school and I planned a girl's night out.  Of course this meant I needed a new outfit. When I told my Mom that I needed to go shopping for a new dress this is how the convo went:

"I don't know why you need to go shopping, when you have all of those clothes, including dresses" 
"But Mom, everyone's seen me in those dresses already!"...yep that's me! When it comes to special occasions, I really don't like to repeat dresses. Don't get me wrong, I'll definitely wear the dress again to other functions, but I won't repeat it for the "same" occasion...I don't think that's too weird do you?

Anyway to make a long story short, all 4 of us purchased new dresses for the occasion, and without planning it, 2 of us ended up in gold shimmery dresses, and 2 of us ended up in black. Our plans for the evening consisted of checking in at the Wyndham Grand Hotel (Used to be a Hilton), going to dinner at Bigelow Grille, going to Rivers Casino, and then bringing in the New Year at some hotspot in Pittsburgh's Station Square.  We got to the hotel at 3 and had dinner reservations for 6:15, so we spent the time being girlie and getting ready. It was really fun just to do each other's hair and makeup, take photos, and play dress-up! Though at first the girls were a bit apprehensive that we were going to be overdressed compared to everyone else, but as the night went on, we ran into more and more people in shinies and sparkles! I of course never worry about this. I'd rather be over-dressed than under dressed any day!

Dress: Express
Belt: Express
Headband: New York & Company
Tights: HUE Brand (Macy's)
Pumps: Steve Madden
Sequin Jacket: Express
Earrings: Express

What The Girls Wore
Shannon in this amazing showstopper gold sequin dress from Macy's

Maggie in her great deal of a dress from TJ Maxx!
Tara wearing this cute stunner from Express
My Meal at Bigelow Grille
At the Casino! I lost $10.00, but Shannon won $150!
Hotel Room Shots
I bought a NYE cake from my favorite bakery back home Lincoln Bakery, and part of our Hotel NYE Package was the bottle of Champagne

We also got chocolates with the package too!

I loved the holiday decorations at the Casino!
Shannon and I practicing with our noise makers for midnight at Steelhouse in Station Square!
View of the Christmas Tree at Point Park from our Hotel Room
Maggie and I at Steelhouse!
Shot of Rivers Casino Sign in the Taxi on our way to Station Square
I love this picture of Shannon and I

Shot of Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers from our Hotel Room
Group shot taken at Steelhouse
Wider shot of the 3 rivers meeting at the point from out Hotel Room
Inside Steelhouse!

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  1. Holly Mackenzie CuppJanuary 4, 2012 at 12:35 AM

    I love the jacket you paired with the dress. It looks like you had a blast!

  2. beautiful dress, beautiful girls!!!

  3. Now that's how you celebrate the New Year!!

  4. beautiful, Happy New Year sweety!

    My Free Choice

  5. Wow! Looks like you had a great time! You all looked lovely! Don't get me started on the food!

  6. Sounds like a fun and festive soiree! Love your outfit, you look amazing in that beautiful dress! I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  7. loved your nd Shannen's dress :D

  8. Lovely photos. Maybe we can follow each other?

  9. a new dress is always a must!! glad you had fun bringing in the new year, and i love your friends gold sequined dress!

  10. One of my fav snazz it up jackets! :-)

  11. Thanks! How sweet of you to say!

  12. :-) Can only do it fashionably! haha

  13. Happy New Year to you too Erika!

  14. Thanks Trice!! Super fun night!

  15. Hi! Thank you for the compliment! I always love when people follow my blog on their own with out the requirement to follow them back, then I know they are following my blog because of content. But I always check on my new followers and go to their blogs and follow :-)

  16. Thanks girlie! We had a great time! Hope you did too!

  17. I do like the pictures & think all four of you look really great - lovely dresses. NYE is the time to shine :0) paul

  18. Lovely pictures. You girls look great!! Happy new year!! :)

    Heel in Mint

  19. fabulous dresses :)

    your newest follower Michelle

  20. Thanks Paul!! I agree, I love to go all out for New Years!! :-)

  21. Thanks Michelle for the compliment and the follow! I checked out your blog and I love, following you now too!

  22. i'm a pittsburgh girl! that's my hometown. you all look incredible. i hope you have a wonderful new year!

  23. Happy New Year!! A bit late, but better late than never right?? :) You look gorgeous in that dress, really perfect!! Your friends looked amazign as well. I'm sure you had a wonderful night when I see those pics!!

    I hope 2012 will bring you lots of fun and love!

    -xo Saskia

  24. Happy New Year!! A bit late, but better late than never right?? :) You look gorgeous in that dress, really perfect!! Your friends looked amazign as well. I'm sure you had a wonderful night when I see those pics!!

    I hope 2012 will bring you lots of fun and love!

    -xo Saskia

  25. Happy 2012 Shasie!! I absolutely adore you and your blog and wishing you the very best on this new year!!
    It looks like you had a wonderful time with your girlfriends and all of you look absolutely stunning. Great photos specially the last ones...TOO cute.

    <3 Marina

  26. Hahaha! Definitely! Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for the well wishes and compliments. Same to you and yours!

  27. Awesome! Yea my hometown too,but now I live in Houston! Happy New Year!


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