Saturday, January 28, 2012

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I've been wearing glasses ever since I was in 1st grade. People always ask me, why don't I get contacts or lasik, but I guess I'm so used to wearing glasses they are apart of me now. I actually have contacts and I wear them every now and then.  I've had them for so long, they're apart or me now.  My entire family wears glasses: my mom, dad, and sister lol, so I guess I've never really thought about not wearing them.

In my quest to always stay stylish with my eyeglasses, I was approached by Glasses USA, after they discovered my blog.  They invited me to check out their website for their latest eyewear offerings.  I've never thought about purchasing my glasses online, so I was intrigued. This site has everything from prescription eyeglasses to bifocal glasses. Whatever your needs you can find them on

Since I wear prescription glasses I also have to wear prescription sunglasses, so I immediately went to check out their sunglasses offerings and picked out a few of my favorites. Their prescription sunglasses start at only $79.00 and $44 for non-prescription.
I've had my Michael Kors frames for a long time now, and I love them, but a gal always needs a spare pair of frames, just in case anything happens to her main ones.  So I also perused Glasses USA's women's frame offerings and picked out some more of my favorites.

As you can see I like the thick frames versus wire frames, and I've always wanted to try a pair of red framed glasses, so maybe they will be my pick for the next time!  If you wear glasses or are thinking of getting some, prescription or non-prescription definitely check out They are currently offering the following specials:

20% Off + Free Shipping on Entire Order with the code: FS20
Free Shipping on all US Orders with the code: Freeship10

Luv from your glasses-wearing fashion blogger,

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  1. I've also been wearing glasses since 1st grade!!! And I'm always on the look out for funky and functional eye-wear. Nice picks:)

    1. Yea I can't think of not having my glasses! Yay another one who's had them a long time!

  2. I'm in the market for some retro frames, so I might have to take a look!


  3. I’ve used and GlassesUSA, both of them are perfect. Their glasses are wonderful – I get compliments all the time – sturdy frames, right prescription lenses.


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