Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dress by Carrie Ann

This past weekend was very busy here in Houston. Lots of events were going on! The Marathon Olympic Trials, The Houston Texans vs. Baltimore Ravens Playoff Game, & CultureMap's First Annual Fashion on Sale Event.  Chances are if you don't live in Houston or Austin, you probably don't know anything about CultureMap (CM). CM is a daily digital magazine that delivers 24/7 real time news. It's a great site, and I registered for their daily newsletter and now I always know what's going on in Houston.  CM covers all areas of news in Houston including Fashion & Style.  Partnering with Momentum Audi, and benefiting Child Advocates, CM hosted an End of the Season celebration of Fashion & Style. They named the event Fashion on Sale, and it took over the abundant 2nd floor space of West Ave River Oaks (Houston's newest shopping center).  With over 30+ pop up shops in attendance with super deals & steals, you were bound to find something over the 3-day event!

VIDEO MONTAGE OF EVENT (to the tune of Adele - "He Won't Go")

Fashion on Sale kicked off on Friday the 13th (NO BAD LUCK THERE), the event went off without a hitch and pulled it's biggest crowd. From 6-9 VIP shoppers were able to peruse the booths early, and nab the best deals!  Sprinkles Cupcakes and Gigi's Dumplings, kept the shoppers fueled.  

Elaine Turner has some very pleasant ladies working for her! Jamie Rugama and Cami Tucker proudly sell her products!
The view outside at West Ave
Another angle of the outside center of West Ave River Oaks
Just some of the amazing pictures from Friday night, to see more check out my video above. I was unable to return to the event on Saturday due to my fun Houston Fashion & Beauty Blogger Meetup! But I returned on Sunday during the play-off game that I didn't really care about.  So anyway in the downtime at the event, I was able to talk one-on-one with some of the shop owners, starting with Donae Chramosta of The Vintage Contessa.

Donae has been selling handbags and jewelry for 6 years, and opened an online shop 6 months ago.  She's also a contributor for Plum District (A Blog for Working Mom's), and will be covering NYFW in February for them.  Donae reconstructs old luxury items into useful modern day accessories, like Louis Vutton bags to gun holsters and cell phone cases and Gucci luggage to bracelets.

Now what about this artwork? It's gorge right! Being the only booth at the "FAIR" selling artwork I was highly intrigued by Caroline Schiller's Art.  Unfortunately she was not there on Sunday, but her mom, Candice Schiller was, and she gave me the lowdown on Caroline's Artwork.
This was inspired by a poem Caroline wrote in High School.  Caroline mostly does commission work, including portraits
One of Caroline's favorite movies is Alice and Wonderland and this painting was inspired by that. Remember paint the roses red? And the Mad Hatter?
I just love this one. It's so peaceful!! This is a painting of Caroline's cousin Tessa on the Beach. I wish I was at the beach right now! I would buy this and stare at it in envy everyday!
Candice Schiller standing in front of one of her favorite paintings by her daughter.  This is Caroline's self-portrait. Caroline is drawn small in the middle of a blur of travel experiences that really grounded her.  The see to the left represents her time in Venice Italy. The mountains above her represent her attending a Wilderness adventure for 3 weeks that forced her to live on 3rd World Country daily amounts of food.

Caroline's artwork is very inspiring! I love it because it's abstract, and I like artwork in which I can find out the inspiration behind it. I hate trying to "be the artist". I just want to know! Haha. Caroline's artwork ranges from $75 to $2000, so even the struggling college student can have a piece of art in his/her dorm room!

Another one of my favorite booths was One Green Street.  One Green Street specializes in Eco-Friend merchandise.  What stopped me in my tracks was this display of necklaces by Monique Weston. She makes jewelry out of refurbished pieces of hardware! I love the door hinge necklace!

The Bolero Jacket below is made completely out of neckties!!

Sherry Eichberger, the owner of One Green Street tells me her store sells everything from organic mattresses to makeup.  She sells products by Bridgette Artisse the New York writer of Born-Again Vintage.  Bridgette specializes in taking vintage clothing that can't be worn as they are for whatever reason and makes them wearable again.  Like the dress below was actually a separate shirt and a separate dress that are now combined as one!
And last but not least, I love these owl fingerless gloves from Fotini, and the clutches and card holders are made by Poketo. Poketo uses recycled sofa and jacket leather to make their products. One Green Street is a cool place to shop!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Great re-cap! It looks like it was fun, so many indie designers.

    1. Yea they were very unique. I love shopping and supporting our local designers and shops!

  2. Great pics!I bet it was a wonderful event!

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    1. Thank you for following. However I don't follow other people's blog on the sole fact that they follow mine. I like people to want to follow me because of content and not for a follow back. I did check out your blog and I liked it, so I am following you now

  4. WOW lady you were definitely one busy bee! Great photos and most amazing coverage you did. Thanks for sharing gorgeous.

    <3 Marina

    1. Yea this weekend was crazy! I was all over the place!

  5. I remember you talking about this event. I hate that I missed it. You did a great review. Seems as though there were a lot of unique items.

  6. Looks like they had some great stuff, my favorite is the one green street. I am such an acessory girl...I will be looking them up.

    glad you had an amazing time



    1. They did! I loved that one too! So unique! I love unique accessories! :-)


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