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Name: Stephanie Ukpere
: 20 (almost 21!)
: Student and Sales Advisor at H&M
Hometown Location
: Nigeria, Africa & Brooklyn, New York
Current Location
: Albany, New York
Website/Blog URL

How did you come up with the name of your fashion blog, and how long have you been blogging?
Thanks to Tumblr, I know the exact date that I came up with and finalized Chocolate Laced as the name of my blog. On May 27, 2011, just 10 days after my 20th birthday, I decided, after avidly reading many fashion and style blogs, that I wanted to have one of my own. I posted a couple different possibilities on Tumblr and my followers helped me decide on Chocolate Laced. Chocolate Laced is basically a term that sums up how I’d describe myself: my chocolate complexion that I love laced with style and grace. (I love that! totally great name, and a great way to pick it involving your fans!)

What are your 2012 and long-term goals for your blog?
I have many ambitions for this year of blogging! I am super interested in sponsor opportunities, I want to clean up my blog layout some more and hopefully create a new layout. I’d love to double my follower count by the end of the year, meet new bloggers, and hopefully buy my own domain by the one-year blogoversary of Chocolate Laced. (Good Luck! You can do it!)

How would you describe your personal style? Do you have plans to try out different trends & looks this year?
It’s always difficult to for me to describe my own style so I asked my friends and they said that it’s unique, versatile, and creative. As for trends, I really want to get a pair of bold colored wide leg pants! (Me too girl! I'm right with you on the colored wide-leg pants!)

How did you come up with the Colors page on your blog? Tell us more about that and your love of color.
On my best days, I love to add a splash of color to liven up my outfits and as I would browse certain fashion blogs, I noticed how well certain colors coincided! I decided to take note of my favorites for future outfit inspirations. I also asked for my followers’opinions, which I was incredibly thankful for!

What are you studying in school?
I am a Computer Science and Applied Mathematics major. I’m currently a junior, so only one more year! I’m actually planning on getting an Associates or  Bachelors in Graphic Design after I complete this degree. I wish I could have done them both at the same time, but my university doesn’t offer Graphic Design as a major.

Do you prefer thrift shopping over mainstream shopping?
This is a surprisingly difficult question. I can’t say I prefer one over the other. Thrift shopping has my heart because of all the treasures sold at such an affordable price. On the other hand, mainstream shopping tends to have sales that are just as wonderful as thrift shopping. So like the El Paso Taco girl says, “Why not have both?”
Where do you get your outfit inspirations from?
Most of my outfits are created on a whim. Usually, after seeing an outfit I love online, I remember the essence of it and subconsciously use that as my inspiration for an outfit! Sometimes, I just like to try things out (and hope they work)!

How does the fashion where you live now compare to other places you may have lived or visited?
Fashion in not really a big scene in Albany. I can’t say that this city creatively inspires me in that sense. Most of my style is reminiscent of an urban city aura. I love the diversity and style of New York City. And, being Nigerian, I try to incorporate my cultural pieces into my style when I can.

If you could go to any fashion week, who’s would it be?
New York City or London!

What’s your favorite item or items currently in your closet?
Ahh! This is so hard! I guess if I had to choose, I’d say my leather jacket, Nigerian scarves, and all of my tights!

Do you like to follow trends? If so what do you think about the trends for S/S 2012
I think trends are wonderful but I don’t always follow them. Of course, I keep them in mind when stuck between a rock and a hard place with choosing outfits, but I like to incorporate a little of my personality into any trend I wear. I’m not sure what the upcoming trends are, but if I see something I like, I’ll attempt it!

If money were no object, what would you buy?
Jeffery Campbell Lita’s and Isabel Marant wedge sneakers!

When did you first discover your love of fashion? My love for fashion started with my collection of Barbie dolls and their different outfits. I just never had the money to buy the things I wanted to wear to express myself. But once I started working and realizing that thrift stores had everything I needed within my budget, I knew it was time to let my personality shine.

What do you like the most about blogging?
Oh, there are so many things I love about blogging! I love meeting new people and trying new things! I love designing the layout and buttons! And I absolutely adore taking pictures and having fun with my camera, too!

Have the ladies in your family passed along any fashion, beauty, or style tips? If so, share some of your favorites with us?
My eldest sister, Sarah, has been very inspirational when it comes to my sense of style and fashion. She has a very eclectic sense of style and she’s a rule breaker. Through her, I gained the courage to be bold enough to try the things I never would’ve thought to try. One beauty tip that she taught me that I am EVER so grateful for is how to fill in my eyebrows! I think I’ll do a video one day to show you how amazing makeup can be! (Please do!!)

Tell us some of your favorite blogs to read and why?
Oh it’s so hard to choose! I love Black Fashion and Black Girls Killing It on Tumblr! They post wonderful and inspirational people with awesome outfits and are also the reason for my increased “internet popularity.” I’m not known on Tumblr just yet, but they’ve definitely helped get my style out there!

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  1. Thank you for this feature Shasie! I forgot to mention that I'm trying to do more videos because I've been getting requests to do some tutorials on how to style my box braids and tie my head scarf! So I'll be utilizing my YouTube in a more Chocolate-y Laced way in the future! :)

    -Steph from chocolate laced

    1. You are super welcomed girlie! I'm glad to feature you! Awesome, I look forward to more youtube videos!

  2. Great feature. She's uber stylist.

  3. thanks for the shoutout Steph, great interview, let's help make you BIG! :)

  4. Very unique style Stephanie. Great post Shasie! I like that you are featuring people because I wouldn't have known about her.

    1. yea I love to feature them too! It's great to see all of their styles

  5. oh Steph i love your style your pretty

    btw its Georgie


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