Friday, January 06, 2012

One of my goals for my blog for 2012 is to be more consistent with Fan Feature Friday. Near the end of 2011 I became so swamped with other blog posts to get-up that I let this feature slip a bit! So back with a fresh start, I have for you one of my best friends, Colette! She has been so supportive of my blog, and has great style! She's also is the second person I've featured on FFF that has not been a blogger, which I love showcasing!!! Enjoy learning about Colette or who I call Letty!

Name: Colette  
Occupation: Chemical Engineer, Zumba Instructor  
Hometown Location: Allentown,PA  
Current Location: Allentown, PA  
Blog URL (if blogger): N/A

How would you describe your personal style? Professional during the week, but I like to be classy on weekends when I am out.

Do you think the industry has enough options for petite girls? I think options exist, but it definitely takes more work to find clothing that fits properly.  I especially have trouble with dress lengths...I have learned to love my local seamstress :)

What is your favorite season of clothing? Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter? Fall....I love wearing jackets as part of an outfit.
Do you read Fashion magazines? I do not typically read Fashion magazines due to my hectic schedule, so I most often refer to my Fashionista friends (you) for fashion advice & information.

Where do you pull your style inspiration from? Many times I pull styles & outfit ideas from others when I am out.  If something catches my attention, I try to remember it for future use.

Do you like to take risks with your work wardrobe? I am pretty conservative when it comes to my work wardrobe.  

Do you like to dress up more or stay casual? If I am going out dancing, I love dressing up in skirts & dresses.  During the winter I am a sucker for high-heeled boots when going out, or leggings & emus when keeping it casual.
What kind of things do you like to do in your free time? If I'm not at work I'm most likely teaching Zumba or going out salsa dancing.    

How often do you shop a month, year? I usually do hardcore shopping at the beginning of the seasons, with additional shopping trips monthly.

Are you more into clothes or accessories? Definitely clothing.  I am not big on jewelry, but my favorite fashion accessory is nail art....I love detailed designs.

What’s your favorite pair of shoes you currently own right now?
Since it is the winter, it has to be my emu boots.

Do you think in today’s world that it matters how you dress?
Absolutely.  Your presentation says a lot about your character.  

What’s one fashion item you would buy if you had unlimited funds?
Earrings....I love large hoops!

Remember if you would like to be a featured on Fan Feature Friday, shoot me an email shasie(at)


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  1. I like her style, and she's very cute! Great idea to show a non-blogger from time to time :)
    I will write you in spring once for FFF, but things have to get in place before...


  2. i love the color of your pretty blue skirt!

  3. I really enjoyed reading about Colette she truly does look like just an amazing and down to earth kind a girl. She has a great style and wow zumba instructor...You go girl.

    Love your fan posts girly!!

    <3 Marina

  4. she's soo pretty !! : ) Nice reading about her..

  5. awesome nail designs! when I was pregnant one of my favorite ways to showcase my style was by doing my nails


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