Wednesday, January 11, 2012

While I was going through a pile of my magazines to find inspiration photos for my vision-board, I came across this article in my November 2011 issue of InStyle. I thought they were great tips, because I always buy things on the off-season to get a deal, so I'm copying over the information for yinz!

  • JANUARY: Winter Boots and coats - the longer you wait the deeper the sales will be.
  • FEBRUARY: Cameras - New models come out now, so you can scoop up last year's at a discount
  • MARCH: Perfume -Go after Valentine's Day and you'll be able to score a sweet deal.
  • APRIL: Sneakers - The countdown for bikini season begins. Sales off more incentive to hit the gym
  • MAY: Sweaters & Cashmere - Prices can be reduced by as much as 40%
  • JUNE: Men's Suits - Pre- and post- Father's Day sales mean low prices on clothes for him.
  • JULY: Makeup - Head to Nordstrom's annual sale for rare discounts on department store brands
  • AUGUST: Sandals - Retailers slash prices to clean out their stock.  Plan for next summer or a mid-winter getaway
  • SEPTEMBER: Airfare - About eight weeks before Thanksgiving, prices start taking their final descent
  • OCTOBER: Jeans - Anything that didn't sell during back-to-school session is now cheaper
  • NOVEMBER: Bathing suits - They can be as much as 90% off as retailers make room for holiday merchandise.
  • DECEMBER: Bridal - It's the slow season for weddings (but get in now before the holiday proposals) via InStyle/November 2011 issue

Happy Shopping!

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  1. very useful information :) 10x

  2. Thanks for this Shas. Looks like I'll be scoping out the stores next month so maybe I can finally get my dslr :)

  3. GreetingsfromTexasJanuary 11, 2012 at 2:05 PM

    Excited to have found your blog and a fellow Houston blogger! =)

    1. Yay! Happy to meet you too! I'll be checking out your blog!

  4. haha,,,thank you for those tips!!!

  5. Great post! I've marked Feb and July for some MAJOR shopping!



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