WHAT I WORE: An Afternoon at Macy's

Monday, January 30, 2012

My birthday is coming up on February 9th, but I don't waste anytime planning on what I want to do for it, or picking out an outfit. A few weekends ago, I spent a considerable amount of time at Macy's trying on dresses. At first I was only pulling potential birthday dresses...but then somehow I digressed to grabbing any dress that I thought was cute! haha. I often take pictures in a fitting room when I'm trying on outfits for multiple reasons.

1. To remember the item I'm trying on if I want to come back and buy it later
2. To see what I "really" look like in an outfit, because dressing room mirrors be tryin' to play people!
3. To send to my friends for their opinions and votes

So I don't think I've ever shared my fitting room pics on this blog, so I decided to do it this time around! Enjoy! Which dresses are your favorite?

I've mentioned in a few other blog posts that I'm super obsessed with Jessica Simpson dresses! This blue dress I almost bought in December for New Year's Eve. I love it! It's such a fun party dress!

I love the jeweled piping on this dress, it adds another slimming factor! 

And I digress into this cute for the Spring purple sun dress. I love the embellishment on this dress, and it's figure flattering! This is definitely on my list to buy!

I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS MULTI-COLOR Dress.  It's an understated sexy, and there are many variations of which I can wear it...sleeves up, sleeves down, and it's just so fun to spin around in. Perfect dress for the upcoming Spring!


How fun and easy is this dress? Don't really have to do much with this halter! The color-blocking at the bottom gives it an added umph. It's flowy, & comfortable, and very easy for that "Run out the door still need to look cute" look. 

Can you tell that I'm ready for Spring/Summer? We are having another "cold front" here in Houston right now, but just a week ago we were in the upper 70s! I think this little dress is so cute with it's teal hearts. I love the fit of it, as it minimizes my stummy!

I love the bib neckline on this dress!

Here are some other dresses that I wanted to try on, but they didn't have my size:



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  1. What a great idea! I have never taken photos of myself in the dressing room, but maybe I should. I really like the dress with the color-blocking. I think it is very modern and flattering.

  2. u look sexy in d 1st dress.. : )
    Nd even I take my picz in d dressing room to see How would I look in the outfits :D

  3. OMGosh Shasie! I LOVE that purple dress on you SO MUCH!!! And the multicolored one as well as the red color blocked one. So excited! My bday is in a week! Here's to Aquarians!!!!!!

  4. you look wonderful I think I love the very colourful one and the black one with the three stripes at the hem line...im ready for summer/spring too!

    1. Yea I love the black dress with the colorblock on the bottom

  5. I would go with the heart print one Shas! suits your figure perfectly and looks gorgeous! my birthday is coming up in Feb too hope you have a good one!
    XX Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  6. Shasie this is such a fun and great post doll. So awesome you're making us part of your bday celebration to be!!! I like them all but loving the second one (black with the bling bling) you look stunning. Also loving the black one with the turquoise hearts!!! Looking lovely doll.

    <3 Marina

    1. Thanks Marina!! they are all so cute! I want to buy them all! teehee

  7. I love it! I thought I was the only one that thought dressing room mirrors were trying to get over...lol!


    1. Oh no girl! They really be tryin to play someone! hahaha!


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