WHAT I WORE: Beanie with a Brim

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Remember in this post, I talked about how I purchased a beanie from Target right before my road trip? I also bought this cute grey one at the same time. I love them both, and I really love these ones with the brim!  I finally took out my weave that I had put in for my sister's wedding. One of the main reasons for leaving it in so long was the ease of wake and up with minimal hair maintenance, but it was "time". And anyone who's worn extensions, a wig, or a weave no what "it's time" means. But anyway I wasn't sure I could still pull off these cute hats with my short haircut, but I think it still works!

Beanie: Merona (Target)
Dress: Elle (Can't remember where I bought it from)
Coat: Some brand from Burlington
Scarf: Don't Remember
Leggings: New York & Company
Boots: Colin Stuart (Victoria Secret)
Gloves: Christmas Present from Parents

I wore this look out to Trivia night with some of my co-workers last Wednesday.  We had a table outside, and since it was 50 something I bundled up in my coat above, but this is what I was wearing underneath. One of the easiest looks for me to wear during the Winter is leggings, tunic/dress, and boots.  It's easy,  doesn't take much effort and I can run out the door and still look chic. And that's exactly what I had to do Wednesday because I very minimal time between Boot-Camp and evening activities. :-)


What is your go-to look in the Winter?

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  1. cute beanie you look so snug n warm in that coat!
    It was incredibly hot today in Oz so hot I was sick. Does Texas get very cold at all?


  2. My go to look fot the winter is tunics and leggind and boots or sweaterr and jeans and boots.

  3. I just love the brimmed beanies!! I have two of them!! And love those red velvet gloves! Perfect for this time of year!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. FashionMakeUp LifeStyleDecember 12, 2011 at 5:31 PM

    You look so warm and comfy on this outfit girly and love brimmed beanies! Can't get enough of them.

    <3 Marina

  5. YOu look nice and cozy! Love the beenie!

  6. Love the red velvet gloves! Such a great way to make a simple outfit POP!

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    Stay Cinched,
    Cinched at the Waist

  7. Thanks Jayme! Aren't they festive and fun the beanies!? I love having a pop of red against my coats, it's a nice touch!

  8. Great minds think alike! hahaha

  9. cool outfit, great accesories, of course follow you back...

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