What I Wore - Halloween Fedora

Saturday, November 05, 2011

So I've really been on this huge hat kick this Fall. It started with a random trip to Target in which my eye caught a burgundy cloche.  Then perusing blogs I saw a lot of cute looks with bowlers and fedoras.  Now I already owned an actual fedora but it's a pinstripe gangsta one from a Halloween costume, and I never wear it outside of with that costume...so I wanted a real one.  I've been in love with Fedora's forever. I'm a huge Frank Sinatra fan, a big fan of movies from the '40s, and of course a fan of the Original Gangster looks with the Tommy guns.  During lunch on Friday before Halloween I shopped at Burlington and picked up this Fedora.  It came with feathers which I really didn't like, but this one fit the best. I have since taken the feathers out of this hat, as you've seen during it's debut in some of my posts earlier this week.

Hat: Burlington
Black Sports Over-Top: New York & Company
Burnt Orange Lace Cami: New York & Company
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Cavender's Boot City
Trench Coat: New York & Company

Of course since it was Halloween weekend I had to wear orange and black! Also this particular Friday it was a bit brisk for Houston in October, so I was wearing long sleeves and a trench. With the addition of the trench to my outfit I felt a bit like Inspector Gadget or Dick Tracy.  Also it's pretty clear that I've had an obsession with wearing my cowboy boots over the past few weeks.

How would you wear a Fedora?


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  1. I like how it looks on you :) Fedoras don't look all that great on me :-/ That's a really cute fedora!


  2. NotafashionbloggerNovember 6, 2011 at 2:47 AM

    I love the borgart-ish style!!! That fedora is fabulous! i want one too!!

  3. Ooooh very chic! You look great in that fedora! I've no idea how I'd wear one, tbh. I can do can-can hats, but fedoras I'm a bit stumped for ideas.

  4. Haha! :) This is such a cute outfit for Halloween. I love the look of fedoras. I think they also go great with casual outfits, like a pair of skinny jeans, a chunky sweater and some curls in your hair, to make the outfit a bit more interesting.
    Love your idea! :)

  5. Love it! I adore using hats during the winter, and the mix between the hat and the trench is just amazing! ^^

  6. Aren't they great! yea mean like Gene Kelly and Humphrey Bogart really made the Fedora a staple. I love it!

  7. Teehee, well I want to get a bowler hat like you had! The red one, but I'm not sure how I'd style that, but I definitely want one!

  8. Ooooh I like that style idea! Curly hair with a Fedora! Sounds so cute!

  9. Love your fedora lady! Hats are always a fun accessory to wear in the fall.

  10. You look so adorable! I need to get some more hats in my stash.

  11. Cool post!




  12. FashionmakeuplifestyleNovember 7, 2011 at 5:48 PM

    Doll looking super gangsta but a very fabulous one of course. I love wearing them and usually pair them with jeans or a long maxi dress. Love your look girly.

    <3 Marina

  13. Aren't they though! I am steadily exanding my hat collection

  14. Thank you!! Definitely get some, they are fun!

  15. Hahahaha, gotta love my gangsta poses! love those ideas, I did the Maxi dress one with it a few posts ago! It's really a chick look!


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