PRODUCT REVIEW: Hana Titanium Flat Iron

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My opened package from Misikko
A few weeks ago I was contacted by Brian at Missiko, an online store specializing in salon grade Flat Irons and Hair Dryers. I have to admit that before this email I had never heard of Missiko, but then again I'm that girl who keeps the same hair styling products for years, so I really had no reason to search for a site such as Missiko. Brian asked me to test out a new Italian design flatiron from Hana, and to give my honest opinion in a review post.  I use flatirons almost everyday, so I gladly accepted and waited patiently for my item to arrive.  What arrived was way more than just the flatiron, first I received the package from Missiko in a boot-sized box...inside was everything pictured below:

Contents of Package
   Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes                                     
Hana Heat-Proof Pouch
Hana Eyemask with flower decor
Hana Travel Pouch
Hana Shine Shield Hair Product
Hand sanitizer and nail files
E.l.f. products
Tin Storage Container
Leather Pouch
Hana product information 
Silicon Heat Mat 
The Hana 1.5" Titanium Professional Salon Grade that was rated Misikko's Best Flat Iron

So here is my review! I did it with a video because there was a lot going on, and it was just easier for me to talk through it than take pictures and straighten at the same time.

Missiko sells all kinds of hair tools and by different brands.  I hear a lot about the CHI line and you may be interested in one of the CHI Straighteners or one of their curling iron brands

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  1. You go Shasie...You did amazing...I love how you came across and how you displayed the product...A++



  2. Way to go shasie :) great review... btw- what editing software do you use? I'm lpanning to do a video tutorial soon....

  3. Great review--- I am a straight iron aholic.... and you my dear, I LOVED getting to see you on video!!!

  4. Hey girlie! I use Windows Movie Maker. It's pretty easy, and I think I just downloaded it for free from the windows website.

  5. Thanks Dawn! I was nervous! haha

  6. Thanks girlie! Teehee, I felt so silly but I'm glad it worked out

  7. Great honest review! I loved that you used your irons virus those!
    I wish they made the flat irons in smaller plates, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

  8. This seems amazing! Great review ^^
    I would love to try it out :)

  9. I definitely recommend it. I feel that that side of my hair stayed flat longer than the other side.

  10. wow that package just came with everything huh...good review...i have locs so i don't think i will be needing one of those anytime soon but A+ gurly



  11. The Hana flat iron looks like it works great! The price point is pretty high though... Mine was like 30 bucks I got it 5ish years ago (Revlon) and it probably works about as well as your other one I'd say and heats up pretty fast. p.s. my letterheads shipped today! I'm so excited!!!

  12. Yea too high for me! It works great, but I can't justify the price unless it's on sale. Let me know when you get them! I can't wait to see what they look like!


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