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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

In chatting with a friend of a friend at Kona Grill Happy Hour back in 2009, I learned about an event called Mixirs and Elixirs that was hosted by the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  I was instantly intrigued because I love museums, I love mingling, and who doesn't like a nice cocktail every now and then? And then to mix them all together sounded like my type of event.  So I started going to this event in which I was able to dance under the dinosaurs, snack, and dance to a variety of live bands every week.  But my favorite Mixir is their Halloween edition.  Mixirs & Elixirs ends at the end of the Summer, but they always have a special one the Friday before Halloween. It's superduper fun, and everyone comes in costume. I've been attending this event for 3 years now, and each year it keeps getting better and better!  This year they had real food like sliders and cookies, a professional photography booth and caricatures.  We danced all night to an awesome DJ in the hallway, and to a live band in the dinosaur exhibit.
What I Wore: Taj Mahal Costume
I actually bought this costume last year, but you know how you try on something in the store, and then it looks horrendous when you get home? Well that was this costume, and that is why I did not wear it last year.  For the last few years I've been recycling the same 2 costumes: Pirate and Gangster Mama, and wanted to let those have a break this year, so I forced myself into Taji (that's what I named her...I know I'm silly). Taji was just a tad too tight and too short, so I wore leggings with it and hoped that the scarf would hide the too close fit. The costume also came with gold bangles and a head dress.  I thought the costume was very pretty and I was excited to do the makeup for this look. I youtubed the following video and used this clip as inspiration:
I didn't have green eyeshadow or sequins so I improvised! haha
Here are some snapshots from the evenings and some of my favorite costumes that I came across. 


Which costume is your favorite from my pictures?
Tell me what you dressed up as for Halloween! Also I'm asking my fans to post their Halloween costumes to my fanpage on facebook: www.facebook.com/livelifeinstyle


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  1. What fantastic costumes! And what fantastic eyeshadow! Love how your Taj Mahal turned out. My favorite costume has to be the Cruella Deville costume, only because I attempted that costume one year with my dalmation baby, but her's turned out much sexier. I ended up ditching my wig 'cuz I felt so not pretty!

  2. Seems like you had so much fun hun!! Your costume fits you perfectly!

  3. Looks like fun! I love your make-up and costume!

  4. love your eye makeup, how stunning!!! what a great array of costumes!

    great post,
    have you entered our giveaway?

  5. beautiful makeup! and i love the firefighter costume!

  6. Now this looks fab! Nice!

  7. I like yours, I was going to make one like that, somehow I gave up...you look fab:D

  8. Great photos!wowww!come to see my blog,my life in Naples,Italy
    you can also win my Gucci giveaway


  9. You look gorgeous in blue! Love your outfit.

    Heel in Mint

  10. Hi Shasie!
    I love halloween party, i can see that you had fun, that party looks great. Amazing halloween outfits, and your make up is stunning, blue shadows contrast very well with your skin tone, you should wear it more!

  11. I love the eye makeup!! The crazy colors are right up my alley. The more colors, the better.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. I soooo want that bag you had and I saw another.
    looks like fun. I h8 I didn't go out for Hween! UGGGHH...

  13. Hahaha this looks like it was a lot of fun! Love the costume by the way..

    Love! ~Angel

  14. FashionmakeuplifestyleNovember 4, 2011 at 1:28 PM

    LOL Great costumes!!!! Girly you looked GORGEOUS and did an amazing job on your makeup!!! LOVE

    <3 Marina

  15. Learning from all the makeup bloggers I follow!! wink!

  16. Aww well there's always next year. That clutch is fun great for going out!

  17. Yea that's my first time wearing that many colors. I love it!

  18. Thanks soooo much!! It was a blast. i love wearing costumes!

  19. Aww, yea I love this Taj Mahal look!

  20. Thanks Kileen, wearing that makeup look was super fun!

  21. Thanks Annina!! I received an email from the group you work with. Thanks for sending them to me!

  22. Hahaha, it was a great choice, I love it!

  23. Aww too cute for trying. hahaha, I like that one too, I like the mustard and ketchup also

  24. Looks like you guys have a blast at your parties. Very awesome costume ideas too!


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