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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm excited to tell you guys about my partnership with DuO Houston.  The details are still in the works, but I will be featuring them on my blog to bring you their take on the latest fashion trends! You may remember reading about DuO Houston from my blog post: DuO Houston Fashion Show. I'm a big fan of their store and it's one of the first boutiques I started shopping in once I decided to try out boutique shopping. 
Last Friday I met up with DuO's Store Manager Ruben Flores & Assistant Store Manager Christina Silguero.  Christina took me on a tour of the store starting in their Moss department. DuO owns another store in the Rice Village area called Langford Market, and the Moss Department is basically a concept store of Langford Market.  The looks from the Moss collection are more mature with a lot of floral themes, very feminine.  They even have a separate jewelry line from the DuO collection comprised of more hand-crafted jewelry.  The line is geared for the Mom or teacher, but the line can be worn by anyone!

Christina and I both picked and styled a few outfits from the Moss Collection to share with you. Up first is a the first look I styled. I'm totally obsessed with cropped tops, and this top is perfect for the Fall with the feather pattern and the colors.  I like to pair neutrals together, and thought this tan skirt would be the perfect complement to this top. It allows the top to stand out, but also brings some color to the look. And last but not least I choose this fun floral necklace.


Christina styled this second look. This style of dress is pretty much perfect for any shape or figure on a woman. It's very flattering, and the print is fun! She chose this heart-pearl necklace to go with the dress and it's perfect final tough. Finally you can have fun with the tie belt on this dress styling the bow in many different ways!

And here is my second look! I definitely picture the girl who wears this pairing it with a pair of black opaque tights and some lace-up black booties!

For Christina's second look, she gave us a pants outfit. I love the floral blazer, it's loose and fun. The khaki jeans are perfect with the green of the tunic shirt, and I love the braid detail on the built in belt.  

And here are the fab looks that were put together by the lovely workers of DuO for the Moss Collection room.

Stay tuned for more DuO Houston Posts. If you can't wait until the next one, check out their Facebook pages:
DuO Houston
Moss Houston
Langford Market


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  1. What a cool store! Lovin' all the vintage-inspired pieces. Congrats on your new collabo!

  2. Congratulations on the collaboration. The store really has some pretty things. My fav is the cardigan with the yellow lace skirt.

  3. Love the blue and gold dress! congrats on the collabo!!

    Check out my blog for a chance to win some Leopard print loafers!

  4. wowww!!! love all of them!!!


  5. That was my favorite mannequin too! :-)

  6. Thanks Rach! I entered! Good Luck to me!

  7. cool shasie :) the peices look fab!

  8. So cute! Do you know any good places to goclothes shopping online ?

  9. Thanks Madeleine, actually I don't do a lot of online clothes shopping, because my weight fluctuates so darn much. But I have ordered from before. I order shoes from Victoria Secret Online, along with pjs, and bathing suits. Other than that, I don't do a lot of online. Sorry I couldn't be a bit more helpful!

  10. glad to see another city doll who appreciates fashion. love the blog...

  11. Those ensembles are so chic! I love how you cinched the waists with belts!

    Stay Cinched,
    Cinched at the Waist


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