In The Garden - Help Feed the Children

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thursday afternoon 10 representatives from my company, Air Products, attended the 3rd Annual Kids Meals Harvest Luncheon.  My office volunteers every year at Kids Meals.

"The mission of Kids' Meals, Inc. is to end hunger among children by delivering nutritious meals to the doors of children in need, free of cost, year-round."

You know we really take things for granted...when I get "hungry", I get in a grouchy mood but I know eventually I'll eat. These kids go day to day not knowing when their next meal will be, without the ability to obtain food.  It's disheartening. While making ham sandwiches for the children we learned that some of them will only eat one side of the sandwich and save the other slice for dinner...Could you imagine trying to survive on a ham sandwich for an entire day?
Realizing how much I take things for granted, I've decided to implement the following into my daily lifestyle.

1. Don't Waste Food
           a. When ordering food at restaurants order light and THEN if I'm still hungry order more
           b. Take home leftovers
           c. Only buy food from the grocery store that I'll eat in a reasonable amount of time before it expires
2. Donate all canned and boxed foods that I know I'll never eat
3. Volunteer More
4. Donate More
5. Participate in Clothing & Food Drives more readily
6. Bring awareness of this tragedy in our own back yards to my friends and family

Air Products Table #27

This room is called the Peach room. It's unique because the sides of the room are mirror images of each other

What I Wore: Pants, Handbag, Vest - NY&Co, Sweater - Charlotte Russ, Earrings - Mint, Hat - Target, Boots - Aerosoles

If you live in the Houston Area and would like to help out Kids Meals, they are always in need of the following items. If you have a resource for any of these items, please call Margarita Ledesma at 713-695-5437.
  • Vans for food delivery
  • Tires (for more information please contact our office)
  • Water Bottles
  • Fans
  • Window air conditioning units
  • extension cords
  • gas cards for the delivery vans
  • gift cards for grocery stores
  • printers
  • computers
  • office paper
  • lunch bags
  • sandwich bags
  • any office supplies
  • 30 gallon storage bins
  • chest freezer (large)
  • meat storage bins
  • carts
  • hair nets
  • aprons
  • plastic gloves
  • grocery sacks
  • spatulas
  • mixing containers
  • industrial mixer

They also need
Office volunteers - answer phones and general office work
Food prep volunteers - help us to make sandwiches and sack lunches for delivery
Food delivery volunteers


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  1. What a great cause, that's awesome that your company volunteers every year to help feed the kids, makes you appreciate what you have and to be thankful.
    Your outfit is so chic. The bushes are cut really neat.

  2. Love your list! Beautiful pictures and you look great :)

    Heel in Mint

  3. You took some amazing pictures...and you look the hat!



  4. What a wonderful cause, and the setting is gorgeous! PS: Did you get my email? ;)

  5. Thanks Steph! Yea as soon as I walked by this garden before the luncheon I told myself I have to come back on the way out to take photos! Yeppers! I just emailed you with my responses! Can't wait to see your post!

  6. Thanks Dawn! I'm so obsessed with hats right now! long as I have this weave in! teehee

  7. Thanks girlie! It's so saddening to me to think of all the food wasted on a daily basis and a little baby can't eat.

  8. It really does. I love that at Air Products that they let us take a few days a year off to volunteer and do something good for the community! Aren't they though?The bushes are cool!


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