Breaking The Rules

Sunday, November 13, 2011

While at Audi Fashion Houston, I had the pleasure of connecting with fellow Houstonians in the Fashion Industry. One of them was LeRenda, a professional makeup artist and blogger of Royal Beauty Designs.  LeRenda invited me to a Fashion Show last Sunday entitled Breaking The Rules.  Little did I know that one of the designers showcasing at this event, I had also met at Fashion Houston: James King. He was showing his kYng line.
My friend James King, Fashion Stylist & Designer
Such a small world that those two knew each other and then we were all reconnected at this event. The show was great! It featured looks from the following 4 boutiques & designers:
  • BillieJeanz
  • Washington Ave by Kaye Washington
  • Naibzel Shek by Sheka Gomes
  • kYng by James King
During intermission the audience was entertained by a b-boy group called Trainwreck Crew. Their moves were supa dupa fly! (do people still use this expression?...oh well). I loved the uniqueness of all the clothes and the attitudes of the models. 

What I Wore
Beret: From my sissy
Vest: H&M
Dress: Bisou Bisou
: Aerosoles
And no the "orange" wristband was not apart of the ensemble, that was my entry to the event pass! teehee

Here are some of my favorite looks from the evening

Here is a video montage of all the looks from the fashion show with the following background songs
"Dope Girl" - Brooke Valentine & "Beggin" - Madcon


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  1. What a great vest on you Shasie and thanks for sharing photos from the show! Looks great! I especially love the hot pink and gold one!

  2. love your look!



  3. You look nice really love the whole outfit

  4. I love love love the red dress. damn girl you are working it

  5. Cool photos! Thanks for posting! :-) Nice look too!!!

  6. Isn't that nice! One of my favorites!

  7. Thanks girlie! I love mixing edgy and girlie

  8. Your recent posts seriously make me want to pack up and move back to TX. Way to represent, Shasie!

  9. Girl come on down!! There's always room here in Texas!

  10. FashionmakeuplifestyleNovember 19, 2011 at 10:32 AM


    Houston has the most fabulous events ever. Can I move with ya? Love it you get to attend all this amazing places and meet new and exciting peeps. Awesome girly.

    <3 Marina


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