PRODUCT REVIEW: Glam Chicks Hoop Earrings

Monday, November 07, 2011

GlamChick Earrings - POParazzi Bling $25.00
I met the lovely Courtney Ferguson of Glam Chicks at Cupcakes & Cocktails.  She was selling these amazing pieces of jewelry that I just had to have! Have y'all noticed that Big Hoop earrings are coming back in style full force? But they are coming back with a twist! No longer are they just rings of metal, but they come with their own bling.  I have to admit that ever since I started watching Basketball Wives I've wanted to start rocking large hoops, and now here's my chance!

Me browsing GlamChicks Table with Courtney Ferguson and Ms. Kim of Best Choice Cosmetics. Photo courtesy of Lexi from Steed Media Group
Courtney was nice enough to gift me a pair of earrings to try out and review, and I gladly accepted.  Over the next week, I wore these earrings on various occasions. Their first debut was Halloween Night in New Orleans but silly me didn't take a picture with them on with my mask :-(, but I received so many compliments that night on my earrings it was crazy! They were a huge hit! Next I wore them out to a girl's happy hour with my Fedora and then out with friends for a birthday celebration this past Saturday. 

My $5.00 Mask from CVS to join in on New Orlean's Halloween Festivities
Next I wore them out to celebrate my friends birthday celebration this past Friday. Once again, lots of compliments, and they really went well with my hat and the way I had styled my hair.

In my honest opinion you can't go wrong with these earrings, especially this specific pair.  They pretty much go with anything, and their darker color allows them to blend in with your attire & hair, so you could get away with wearing them to work.  They are surprisingly light, so they do not pull on your ear.  Trust me this is very important as I have a pair of danglers that every time I wear them, I can't wear earrings the next day because my lobes are so sore! My only suggestion to Courtney would be to maybe change the clasp on the earrings. These ones were ok, but I think there would be less chance for them to pop open with a clasp of this type:

I will definitely be picking up additional pairs, as it was hard enough just to choose these ones! I want the other styles and colors too, and price points are great, and it looks like some of their earrings are on sale for $15.00.  Pick up a pair for the Holidays! Here are ones that I plan on adding to my jewelry arsenal in the VERY near future:

You can shop Glam Chicks via their website:!. Also follow them on Twitter & Facebook!

Disclaimer: No funds were given to me to write a review on this product, and my thoughts are my honest opinion.


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    Love the earrings, btw.

  2. Love the peacock feathers and spike hoops. :)

    Heel in Mint

  3. great pics Shasie love the earrings!
    XX Ilana

    Frankie Magazine giveaway at my blog!

  4. those peacock hoops are amazing (at the bottom)

  5. Girl I've been wearing them almost everyday!

  6. I definitely want some of the spike ones!


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