Sunday, October 16, 2011

My 3 new Houston Blogger Friends. We were all in the photography pit as press for Fashion Week. From left to right: Monica, Magen, & Ray. Definitely check out their blogs!
I was pleasantly surprised during Fashion Houston, when it came to light that some of my friends struggled with knowing/choosing what to wear to a fashion show. I even had another friend this weekend ask me "What does one wear to a fashion show?" Interestingly enough, what to wear to a fashion show is something I never ask myself. I just always pick something and go, but I decided to do a post on this topic to assist my readers with this daunting task.

There are a few directions one can go when it comes to choosing a look for a fashion event. Here are my 4 categories:

1. Standing Out
2. Designer Garment
3. Fitting in
4. Trending

Standing Out
Typically this individual is wearing something that no one else is wearing, or an item that really stands out. Examples of this category during Fashion Houston were bright orange suits, hats with lace veils, big feather fascinators, leotards, & bold gloves just to name a few. Others might be in bedazzled, almost Dancing With The Stars ensembles. 

If you are going to a Fashion Show featuring looks by a designer (i.e. Michael Kors), it's a nice gesture to wear a garment made by that designer (if you can afford it).

The easiest option for me when it comes to dressing for a Fashion Show is wearing a dress. I love dresses. They are easy, all-in-one outfits and I only have to focus on styling my accessories to the dress. I like to add great shoes and a cute handbag and fabulous jewelry pieces. I really don't think a girl can go wrong showing up anywhere in dress. I WOULD avoid wearing the prom/homecoming style dresses...to me, this represents someone trying to relive their past...their very "when I was young" past and personally I'm just not a fan! haha.

These ladies above definitely get a YAY for their dress choices!

 NAY!!!These looks are great for homecoming, prom, or in a more adult style even a holiday party, but I really don't like these for Fashion Events...I don't know....just don't!
With all of the amazing trends popping up everywhere, both men and ladies are able to diversified their looks for attending shows. Some popular trends right now are cute skirts and shorts paired with funky tights,  and leather leggings, dark jeggings or skinny pants paired with off-the shoulder tops or tops with dolman sleeves. Handbags are definite must to complete your look for a fashion show.

Check out some more of the great fashions worn by guests on closing night of Fashion Houston. 

Style Tip: No matter what you wear to a fashion show, if you wear it with confidence and own it, you will fit in!

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  1. Great tips! Our fashion week in CO was, less impressive. Almost everyone was in an LBD (except me, of course, awkward). Lovely pics! That metallic cutout dress is superb! Looks like fun!

  2. FashionmakeuplifestyleOctober 18, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    ABSOLUTELY agreed with your last Style Tip......

    <3 Marina

  3. Right! If you wear it! Rock it!

  4. Totally not awkward! Standing out is always great! Aww well I'm sure next year will be better!!

  5. That's a great picture! I love it!

  6. I Love your comments and observations! It should be quite an eyeful going to the opening of MN Fashion Week for me!

  7. The pics are quit awesome look like a Fashion week, thanks for posting these quit colorful snaps, and these also show that how can we mange your dresses as a party and other shows


  8. Great tips. Thank you for sharing!


  9. Nice party and adorable outfits. The blank t shirts are so cool to see. I also like to wear blank t shirts. I normally get all my blank tops at wholesale from:

  10. I've never had much of an issue picking outfits for fashion shows but I still appreciate this article because it gave me a detailed view of what people really wear. When I'm in the moment at an event there's no time to analyze every single person.

  11. Great guide, i am love going on fashion show and this post being really helpful to dress up.

  12. So helpful for tonight! (If this rain passes quickly!


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