Mike & Trini's Wedding - Arizona Post II

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just like old times! Michelle, Trini, & I
I love weddings, and even more when they are weddings of people I care about.  First my sister got married on October 1st, and then one of my closest friends Trini married the love her life on October 15th.  Usually I struggle with what to wear to weddings, but this time I easily picked this dress from my wardrobe. I've only worn it once and it was 3 years ago for New Year's Eve! Isn't her dress amazing?

Trini & Mike's wedding was one of the best weddings I've ever attended. It was gorgeous and lots of fun, and very emotional, you could just feel the love from the happy couple and all of their family and friends.  The three of us (Michelle, Trini & I) go way back, we all met through working at Air Products and have been friends for years, but now we all live in different states, so it was nice to get together, especially for a happy occasion like a wedding.
Amazing Church

Everything from the Church to the bridesmaids dresses was fantastic
I am such a big fan of bubbles over rice! We had bubbles at my sissy's wedding too!
I just love the vintage feel of Trini's dress!
Our table centerpieces and their wedding cake. Look at the cake toppers! They love their pups! 

Where the Bridal Party sat

They had a photobooth where we could take fun silly pictures! How do you like my blue hair?
Trini with some of her other Air Products' Guests! It was so nice to see everyone!

Doing an Argentinian Wedding tradition in which all the single ladies grab a string and pull. Whoever pulls out the charm that's a ring is the winner!

Sharing Cake!
Michelly and I roomed together and had a great time catchin' up

Me with Trini's Best Friend Elizabeth! I met her a few years ago and now she works for AP!

Cocktail Hour

Our table!

Mike and Trini's dogs: Peanut and Viking

Now it's time to Dance

I miss this girl!!

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  1. Beautiful pics!The cake was amazing!

  2. Looks like you had a great day! Congrats to your friend, her dress was gorgeous!! I love your dress too, you look great!! :)

  3. Judging from the dance floor photos, this wedding looks like a blast!

  4. How fun! You all looked FAB! I love that they had a table for their dogs! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Looks like a very chic wedding! You can also feel the love emanating from your shots.

  6. Thanks for the post Shas! So glad you could make it!

  7. Me too! Such a great time! Looks like you had fun on your familymoon! teehee

  8. It was chic!, Lots of love, lots of fun!

  9. Teehee well it was just dog centerpieces :-)


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