Friday, October 14, 2011

What I Wore: Day 2 Fashion Week
Dress: New York & Company
Peeptoe Booties: Miss Sixty (Burlington)
Lately, I've been into "recycling" my clothes. And by recycling, I mean re-wearing. There was a time when I would have bit off my own arm before repeating outfits...but not only does this become expensive, but it's really a ridiculous way of thinking.  Anyway I've only worn this dress one other time and it was back in 2009!! Ha!

Houston Fashion Week Day 2 Review
Featured Fashion Houston designer, Aries Milan, kicked off Day 2 with her 'Kate Kills Pretty' collection.  I loved her funky style. It reminded me of Betsy Johnson designs, but more ready-to-wear.  The styling of her models was also fun with their crimped big hair!  Here are my 3 favorite looks from her collection:


Following Aries Milan, local Houston designer, Cesar Galindo, and contestant on the Fashion Show, treated us to his CZAR by Cesar Galindo, Spring 2012 Collection.  The looks were edgy and full of stripes, dots, and bright colors. His collection had me wishing for a short Fall/Winter! 


After Cesar's show there was a 30 minute intermission. After refilling my beverage and mingling, the shows were ready to start up again. Outside of the male models that walked the catwalk in the Project 360 show on opening night, the shows have been dominated by female looks and models. Saks Fifth Avenue's "Best of Fall/Winter Men's" collection spiced things up a bit. The looks compiled by numerous brands at Sak's were extremely polished. I now have a permanent image of what I would love my future husband to dress like! haha.


Carmen Marc Valvo's show shut-down the second night of Fashion Houston. His show featured amazing silhouettes, from rompers, & leotards to extravagant evening gowns. The gowns were stunning in Spring pastels.  They were absolutely my favorite pieces of the night!


For this blog posts I decided to share some of my favorite looks with you directly in the post in addition to my photo slideshow.  OHHHH and I learned that it is very difficult to stand in a crowded press pit, in a dress and heels, amongst so many photographers and all of their equipment. Yet, even though it was a challenge, I still chose to wear dresses every night.

Here is my Video Montage of Runway Looks from the 4 designers. I chose two songs for this vid; "Dedication" by Lloyd & "Someone Like You" by Adele. Enjoy!

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! I am sure you had a lot of fun! <3<3

  2. cutee boots !! and well even I used to think till sometime that I shouldn't repeat clothes !! But well that's history now, by time I think I have become wiser :D

  3. I think the looks from Carmen Marc Valvo were my favorite... and you look lovely!

  4. I am liking ur dress a lot!!!!

  5. Cute dress.. I wanted to attend this but couldn't . Great pictures


  6. Gorgeous dress! It's quite simple and minimalistic, but the flower design makes it very unique!

  7. I love the draping of this dress!

  8. Aww you'll have to make sure you go next year

  9. Haha, definitely being wiser is better for the budget!! Thanks!

  10. Definitely did! It was a great night!


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