Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome to another installment of Fan Feature Friday! Today I have for you the adorable blogger Tanja of Never Dreamed About This Blog.  Enjoy reading up on this budding fashionista!

Name:  Tanja
Age: 14
Occupation:  student in academic high school
Hometown Location: Bosnia - Herzegovina
Current Location:  small village in Switzerland

How did you come up with the name of your blog?  I thought so many weeks about my blog name! And one day, I was sitting in my room, I had the idea. I looked to the sky and I said I've never dreamed about it -I just changed the "it" to "this" because it sounds better for a blog name.

How long have you been blogging?  I blog now for about 7 months :)

Who are some of your favorite Fashion Icons?  My all-time Fashion Icon is Emma Watson. But I like the Olsen-twins-style too!

You love to travel, what are some of the locations you have on your list to visit?  That's a really good question! I would like to visit the big cities from America like NY, San Francisco and LA. I would also love to visit Tokyo, Paris and Milan. To say it easier: If I have a chance to travel, I would go everywhere!

Is your travel list inspired by your love of fashion?  Some years ago as I wasn't really interested in fashion it wasn't. I just wanted to visit every country and city! I want to do this today too but I would like to visit the big fashion metropolis first. They're so inspirational!

What are your favorite fashion magazines to read and why?  I  love to read VOGUE or TeenVogue because they inspire me in so many ways! I really love the shootings they do.The sad thing about Switzerland is: You couldn't buy TeenVogue here. And VOGUE is so expensive! I just can't buy them here!  Another magazines I love to read are  the 20 minuten friday and kinki. 

Do you like to vintage/thrift shop?  Yes, I do! I love everything that's cheap and cool to wear it. I love second hand shops the most, they have always great things!

What kind of mainstream stores do they have in Switzerland?  The mainstream of shops is usually normal. They just sell normal clothing, everybody can wear. They don't have big second hand shops and vintage clothes because not many would shop in them. I am happy we have Zara, Mango, H&M,...

Is it mostly cold in Switzerland and does this affect your outfit choice?  Hm..I don't know. But this summer was really cold, about 20 degrees. Sometimes it really affects my outfit choice but sometimes I don't mind if I'm freezing to death if I want to wear THIS outfit and no other!

Describe your personal style: My style is a mix of everything. I love pairing trends with freaky clothes together, clothes that wouldn't anybody wear here in Switzerland (Yeah, I'm good known in my village for my freaky style).  The fact is, the trend from America comes about a half year later here, so I wear this season American style what a half year later are all wearing here. The problem is they don't know this, yeah, maybe the don't really know what  blogs are.Here are all wearing the same things, so I'm sometimes even into the eye.

Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers?  I  have so many favorite fashion bloggers! Here are some: being selma, beware of my heels, brown platformday by divafrom the blockinto the foldstardust and rosesthe fancy teacupthe girl never gets older and thebeadayse.

What are your goals for your blog?  I  just hope I can inspire others.  I don't really have goals, I hope they come alone with the time.

What is your most prized possession in your wardrobe?  Ouh, I don't really know. I get so much branded things from my bigger two sisters, they always give things to me, if they don't wear it anymore. I think my most prized possession in my wardrobe is my Diesel, Longchamp bag and Ralph Lauren shirt. And my All Stars pairs (They aren't cheap here in Switzerland!).

What trends are you looking forward too for the fall/winter 2011 season?  I  really like the sweater trend! Look on a fashion blog and you'll see SWEATERS!I think this fall's trend are colored jeans and I like it too! And like every fall/winter, I love colored coats!

Do you plan on pursuing a career in fashion?  No, not really.  My parents aren't the sort of parents who say: "Do what your heart likes, even if you don't have the big chance to get out great!" They just always say me I should do things I'm good in and I can finance myself in live and won't really be ill (my dad has broken some parts of the spiral column because of the hard work). They always say I should think about my future and don’t make gambling of my live. But if I would have the chance for a career in fashion I would say YES! It's really my passion and I couldn't be happier to be in this business. Anyway, I think I'm going to study history and journalism ( French, English).

Thanks Tanja! It was great to interview you, and so young but already into Fashion. That's great!!
You can find Tanja and her blog on the following media sites:
Lookbook -
Chictopia -
Blog  -


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  1. OMG she is adorable I love her style and her rings are beautiful!
    thanks for sharing
    XX Ilana

  2. beautiful pics :) I'm going off to visit her :)
    Thanks for sharing shas :)

  3. Gr8 interview! Gr8 style for a TWEEN!
    Thanks for sharing...

  4. FashionmakeuplifestyleOctober 24, 2011 at 2:53 PM

    She's absolutely gorgeous

    <3 Marina

  5. Yea I love that shot with the rings. Great collection!

  6. You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed!

  7. I just want to thank you again! I was so happy you featured me, that's so nice! Thanks again :)


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