The Bridal Party

Monday, October 10, 2011

My sister's bridal party from left to right: Julie, Amie, Stacy, Me, & Melissa
My sister's colors for her wedding were black, white, and burgundy. I love that we all had different dresses and that 2 of us were in one color and the other 2 in another. When I first bought my Maid of Honor dress I had "lost weight" and when I went to get it altered...well...let's just say it no longer fit, but in the end it turned out perfectly! Isn't my sister's gown just amazing? She looks like Cinderella!!! And she was the first one of all us to get dressed and ready to go. I helped her into her dress which took all of ten minutes and then spent another hour working on my dress and helping the other bridesmaids with theirs...hahaha. Our dresses had way more issues than the bride's! But alas, I guess that's how it should be!

Getting our makeup done!


Then to kill time, my mom and I went crazy with taking photos!

Details of my Sissy's Wedding Dress!!


 Ok and last but not least the Men

Ed (My sister's husband and my new brother)'s family

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  1. awww she looks beautiful...CONGRATULATIONS....

  2. You all look great! She does look like Cinderella :) Congrats to her!

    Heel in Mint

  3. Your sister is looking beautiful..loved her wedding dress's gorgeous! :)
    Congrats to her!

  4. Awwww, everybody look absolutely beautiful!!

  5. Thanks Za, she was a gorgeous bride!

  6. Your sis looks so gorgeous. the dress makes her look like aprincess!!! even ur dressw as so pretty :)

  7. Aren't weddings the best? I love them. They are such happy, fun occasions. Your sis (all the maids, but especially the bride) look beautiful.

  8. I love weddings! You sis and your whole family look super happy!

  9. I LOVE my MOH dress! I think it's one of the best bridal party dresses ever, and it was very flattering for my figure :-)

  10. Thanks Kristen. I can't wait until the professional pictures come out!

  11. Thanks Pheobe. We definitely were. We had a few deaths this year, so it was much needed to have a happy even occur in our lives!

  12. So sorry to hear about the deaths in ur family. Ure definitely right though: weddings always brings the happy!


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