Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Being silly at the Scott Gertner's Skybar. The bar was shut-down last year :-(

Mid-August 2009 I moved back to Houston, Texas after a year-long stint at my company's headquarters in Allentown PA. By September I was already re-acclimated and hanging out with my fellow co-workers who came to Houston with me. Also my good friends Javy and Paula came to visit me Labor Day Weekend, and I had a great time showing the city of Houston!

Maybe one day I'll get back into this dress!! Haha, for now it sits ready-to-be worn in my closet
 Channeling my inner Frank Sinatra/Italian Mafia.  We were having dinner night at my friend Colette's Apt and decided to have a photo op!

I will forever keep this skirt! It's my all-time favorite purchase from Target! Wearing Colette's (in the middle) Stetson Cowboy hat. Every since I've been looking to find one of my own!!
Paula and I at Christian's Tailgate for Karaoke when her and Javy came to visit me
I had the most amazing view of the city at the top of my apartment parking garage
Javy and I
 Left Look - I wore to a Comedy Show in Houston                       Right Look, I wore to the Water Wall & Kemah

Out at the bar Drinkery on Washington. If you can't tell I was really in love with Baby Doll dresses this month. I thought they were flattering for my figure
My first time at the Pasadena BBQ Cook-Off & Rodeo with my friend Leticia
These 3 pictures are from my visit with my friend Pablo when he lived in New Orleans
 Left Look - Baby Doll...again    Right Look - Out celebrating my appointment of project manager for a multimillion dollar project at my company.
What I Wore at the Museum of Natural Science. They have this really cool Sundial sculpture outside.
Attended my first PRE-SEASON game (I've been to reg seasons before) of the Miami Dolphins at the New Orleans Saints. We sat right on the 50 yard line, in the first row. I could almost reach out and touch Reggie Bush! haha
Wearing my fav mini from Bebe. They had the CUTEST mini skirts this year!!

OK I definitely took so many pictures in September. I took these photos for profile pics on facebook before my blog. Who knew 5 months later that I would be repeating the same poses when I created my blog!


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  1. WERK the looks! Love it.. Ha, honestly, any bar on the top floor of a building is always a lot of fun.. Especially the city views one gets..

    Love! ~Angel

  2. It looks like this was an especially fun time in your life!!! Very cute!

  3. HerLateNightCravingsSeptember 22, 2011 at 11:59 AM

    Rocking it as always!! Some things never change. ;)

    Loved the comment about being almost able to reach out & touch Reggie Bush!! A good ol' slap on the butt woulda done a boy good...maybe he wouldn't have been traded to the Dolphins! LOL!!! =)

    We added you to our 'Blogs We Love List' today. It was SO long overdue!! We just wanted to say thank you again for all of the love & support you show HLNC!

    XOXO ~
    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Love all the pictures! Especially the last ones! So beautiful and the blue top is super pretty!!!

  5. FashionmakeuplifestyleSeptember 22, 2011 at 4:56 PM

    I always enjoyed your throwback posts!! It looks like your such a fun girl to be around. Seriously need to meet soon! Great post as always doll.

    <3 Marina

  6. soo many things i'm loving about this post!! that cobalt top is super awesome. and the all-black outfit towards the bottom is beautiful too! annnnd that leather(?) dress at the top is amaaazing! you are lovely, my dear! <3

  7. Right, I totally agree. I love the skylines!

  8. Very fun! We went out all the time...back when I was "young" teehee

  9. Aww thanks Mendi, I really appreciate that! You guys are already on my Blog Roll :-). Teehee I know right about Reggie!

  10. Thanks! I love that top, very nice color!

  11. Thank you! It was a series of different days in September 2 years ago :-) before I started my blog

  12. Thanks Lindsey!! teehee I think it's supposed to come off as leather, but it was actually some really light material that was shiny :-)


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