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Welcome to FAN FEATURE FRIDAY! Today I have for you a lovely lady named Sadie. She is a blogger and jewelry designer.  Read on to learn more about Sadie and where you can find her fun crafty pieces!

Name: Sadie
Age: 28
Occupation: Web and Social Media Coordinator / Freelance Writer
Hometown Location: South Wales, UK
Current Location: Wellington, NZ
Blog URL (If blogger):

How did you come up with the name of your blog and how long have you been blogging? I’ve been blogging since April 2011, so about four months. And as my blog was going to be a bit about everything, I thought What Sadie Did was quite a fun, universal name! (It's cute! I like it!)

What made you start blogging? I’d never even looked at blogs until April, but one dull afternoon I started reading some beauty blogs and then found craft blogs and travel blogs, and I thought “I should do this”! I haven’t looked back since!

When did your love of fashion and jewelry start? Ooh probably in my teens. I always loved clothes, but as a child with two younger sisters, Beth and Alice, we all wore what Mum put on us –often matching outfits! We have a joke amongst us that my youngest sister, Alice, spent her whole high school years wearing one particular  coat that was handed down to her from Beth and then myself when she grew out of her own!

Sadie with her sisters and her neice
How have you adapted to life in New Zealand? Are you a Lord of the Rings fan and have you gone out scouting for the locations where some of the scenes were shot? Life in New Zealand has many similarities to life in the UK, but also a lot of differences. One thing I’ve adapted to is the less variety and higher prices of clothes and shoes, and also the VERY varied weather here in Wellington. The city had a snow storm last week, then we were bathed in sunshine four days later! Yes I’ve seen all of the LOTR films and been to several of the locations. The studio that created the films and effects is actually here in Wellington. We’re all VERY excited at the moment because filming has commenced on the Hobbit and so we’ve been spotting celebs! I’m yet to spy Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, Evangeline Lilly or Stephen Fry, but I did see James Nesbitt and Martin Freeman on the beach, and had my photo taken with Sir Ian McKellen at a charity cricket match!(That is really cool! I love Orlando, and would have been dumbfounded to take my picture with Sir Ian McKellan)!

How often do you make it home to visit your family? In the first 18 months of being here I was lucky (or mad) enough to visit home five times, for a month at a time – it’s SUCH a crazy-ass journey, 26 hours to London then a 3 hour drive to Wales!! This year I haven’t been home since Jan-Feb, though, as it’s possible I’ll be moving home for good later this year…exciting!

How does fashion in New Zealand compare to any other places you have lived or visited? Fashion here is very simple and laid back. In the boutiquey-type shops you’ll find a lot of clean, simple cuts and Kiwis like a lot of black in winter. It really changes from city to city though; Auckland is a lot showier than Wellington, and Welly has an ‘alternative’, bohemian feel to it at times.

When did you start getting into crafts? Did you teach yourself how to do most of the things that you make? As a child I used to try and make my sisters play ‘arts and crafts club’ with me, (which they still mock me for today!), so I’ve always liked making things. I got into felty things just before moving to NZ and began experimenting with jewelry just a few months ago. And yes I’ve taught myself everything, it’s fun experimenting with new ideas, though I think my ever-expanding boxes of beads and bits drive my boyfriend crazy!

You attended your first craft show recently? How did that go? It was daunting but great fun. I really enjoyed putting my pieces out there for people to touch, feel and give me feedback! It was fun to see what people were interested in, what they didn’t pay much attention to, and what they bought. I’m doing my second market this Saturday as I enjoyed it so much! (Cool, can't wait to see you post about it)!

What do you use for inspiration to create your pieces? I guess whatever bits and bogs I can get a hold of inspire me. I use a lot of vintage, salvaged trinkets and fabric in my pieces--some of them I've held onto for ages until something felt 'just right'. I like colourful, interesting, fun jewelry and so everything first comes from an idea of something I want to wear myself. 

Do you have any fashion icons? I’m a curvier lady, so I like to see what the curvier celebs are wearing for inspiration. I think Jessica Simpson is gorgeous, and I like to see what Kim K wears too (though I wouldn’t always agree with what both of them wear!). I also LOVE Gossip Girl and have recently become addicted to Pretty Little Liars and love the wardrobes both casts wear. (I love watching PLL, hahaha, I just wish they would solve it already!!!)
How would you describe your personal style and what influences it? I guess I’d say that my personal style is feminine, classy and interesting. (You're style initials are now FCI)! I love dresses, high heels, faux fur, animal print and patterns. I’m influenced by my body shape, as I would love to wear certain trends like skinny jeans, but have to remind myself that there are plenty of other options I CAN wear! I also love how clothes can make you feel fabulous and cheer you up on a grey day.

I guess you are still in the Winter season living in New Zealand. What has been your favorite Winter trend so far?Yep we’re still in winter, though spring starts on the 1st of September, YAY! My favourite winter trend has been huge high platform ankle boots. Shoes are my obsession!
OK, so you have to explain your thing with pink flamingos! Why flamingos to represent your blog and your brand? Hahaha! I love flamingos, I may be a bit obsessed with them! They’re just so fun, PINK and tropical – they can’t help but to be cheerful! When I began making jewellery I was keen to use the word ‘flamingo’ in my shop name, but my boyfriend didn’t agree and it was he who came up with ‘Shh By Sadie’ (becase my initials are SH). So I had to get the flamingos in there somewhere! (Ahhh I always thought you were telling us to be quiet! teehee!)

Do you plan to make any jewelry pieces inspired by your new love of birds? Yes definitely! I have been planning a beaded parrot necklace for a couple of years, but am yet to sit down and design it! That’s definitely one thing that must get done soon!

You also like to travel. Where in the world would you love to visit that you haven’t been to before?Yes I do love to travel. Since following so many American bloggers like yourself, it’s really made me want to do a road trip around the States. I’ve been to the States a few times but definitely have so much more I want to see – like Hawaii!! (Right! It's amazing how many places there are to see in your own country. My goal is to try and see a lot of the US cities before heading overseas)

What do you miss the most about fashion back home? Heels!! And friends who wear clothes as flamboyant as I do! I’ve been the dressiest in the room for most of the 2.5 years I’ve been here! But as I remind myself on these occasions, I would always prefer to be overdressed than underdressed! ;) (Great rule of thumb, I totally agree!)
Thank you Sadie! It was a pleasure interviewing you. I think you are my first New Zealander! I've had a couple people from Australia for this segment. I'm sure all of my readers enjoyed learning more about "What Sadie Does" ha-ha.

You can find Sadie, her blog and her jewelry on the following sites:

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  1. This was a real treat Sadie and Shasie (ohh that rhymes :))

  2. I love, love, love sadie's blog! And she is sooo beautiful!

  3. What a great profile, she has an awesome sense of style!

  4. Partikularrak PartikularrakSeptember 3, 2011 at 11:09 AM

    You have a lovely fan. You received an award from me. You can see here:

  5. Thanks so much girlie! I really appreciate the award!

  6. Glad you liked it! Hope you check out her blog!

  7. isn't she though? How fun to live in New Zealand!

  8. Hahahaha yep it does rhyme! lolol

  9. OOh yay, thanks so much for this!! That's funny about the 'Shh' be quiet! ahahaha :)
    And I agree about PLL - too many red herrings all the time, just tell us what's happening!

    Sadie xx

  10. You're welcome!! Everyone loved it! hahaha, yea stupid PLL! I couldn't wait so I had to look it up and ask my friend how it ends! lolol

  11. I absolutely love Sadie, she is one of my fave bloggers! :)
    Her crafts are so cute from her Etsy store!


  12. loved this interview love Sadie she is so sweet and lovely!

  13. I love her pieces too! Especially her earrings!


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