Thursday, August 25, 2011

irst I want to announce the winner of the Wrinkle In Time Vintage Clothing Etsy Shop Giveaway! The winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to use at the online store courtesy of owner Laura Bray of Wrinkle in Time Vintage Blog.

Congratulations to Shannon Visconti for winning as her first entry was number 30!!!

I started this blog in February of 2010, and I have completed showing you all of my looks from then through December 2010. One would think Throwback Thursday would be over then right? Not Quite! I have more looks in store for you. I will now go further back to show you my looks from years past. But first, let's finish up 2010 with a look at what I was wearing in January 2010.  I love wintertime in Houston...the weather is just wonderful!! I mean some days it gets cold enough for a heavy peacoat, and every now and then we'll have an ice day or a slight flurry of snow, but for the most part one can get away with  wearing sweatshirts, jeans, and light jackets. I especially had fun in January 2010 because I was able to go ice skating on the lake at Houston's Discovery Green Park!

Chillin' like a villain. I think I either wore this to work, or to bowling?

I wore this out to a wine and cheese party. I was really obsessed with babydoll dresses last year!

Picture on the Left - Me ice-skating at Discovery Green. Picture on the Right - Me having fun on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

I love this little army jacket! This is all I had to wear to stay "warm" in January here in Houston!

Eating for the first time at RA Sushi, cute little place!

Welp, that's all I could find from January 2010! Next week I will be going after December 2009 pictures! :-)


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  1. I love that you have taken so many photos.... and I love watching your styles transition and growth!

  2. Dawn Gibson-ThigpenAugust 25, 2011 at 8:07 AM

    Good looks!

  3. Yum, that food looks awesome!

    Don't forget to enter my Coach purse giveaway!

  4. i heart thowback thursday! lol I love seeing what you wore a year the boa is a clear winner hehe

  5. You are just too too cute! You have a face like an angel! Kiah

  6. ice-skating! lucky girl you look like you are having fun! that food looks yummy too!
    XX Ilana

  7. Looks like great fun, Shasie!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking all things French

  8. Hahahahaha, that boa. I had so much fun on bourbon street!


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