Target Cropped Top

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I bought this cute shirt from target recently. I really love the clothes in Target.  Cute stuff and reasonably prices, and clearly I will be the first person in line at my local Target for the Missoni for Target line to hit stores in September.  Also in Clothing Store news, H&M has confirmed their expansion to Houston, Texas after the launch of their Dallas Texas Store!!! They are already scoping out 3 malls in Houston for the location of the store! Finally! No more massive H&M shopping trips every time I go home to Pittsburgh! Now I'll have my own local H&M!

Shorts: H&M
Peeptoe Pumps: Bandolino (DSW)
Crop Zipper Back Top: Target (I think either Merona or Missoni...haha)
Tank: Lace tank from Charlotte Russe circa a zillion years ago.

I took these pictures while at home in Pittsburgh, and forced myself to pack light for my 5 day trip home. (Why? 1. Because I'm cheap and tired of paying checked bag fees and 2. My connection from Atlanta to Pittsburgh was so tight that I just knew my checked bag wouldn't make it to my next flight in time, and I didn't feel like waiting for someone from PIT to bring my bag to my house!).  But anyway the point of that statement was in reference to my shoes. I probably wouldn't have worn these shoes with this look, but I had a choice of 4 shoes and thought these looked the best!

Also I apologize guys for not announcing the Wrinkle In Time Vintage Giveaway Winner on the 19th. With the traveling home for my sister's bridal shower, I totally forgot! Ha-ha. I will pick the winner today via, so stay tuned!


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  1. First I LOVE this top from Target. You always look so put together…and forget it I have to check my bag….Its called not being allowed to bring products onto the plain like Aerosol containers! My hair does not look like this in the am haha and even still - I pretty much have a bad hair day 3 out of 7 days of the week.

    I have to say I like the shoes. Especially for the summer. A little peep toe action is make you look sexy…I'm sure you turned a few heads :)

  2. Well, I love those shoes!

  3. I think the shoes look great! It is rumored that we are getting an H&M here in Colorado! Woot woot! I am stoked! Love the cropped top from Target. I haven't shopped there much in the past year or so. I got a Target credit card when I was 18. It just brings back too many memories of overspending. ;-)

  4. Even I love shopping in target... its fun there and you can trust the quality :D
    hope you are having grt fun with ur parents!

  5. You look so cute! Packing for trips is always such a stress for me! I am about to spend 10 days in NY (for fashion week and normal work) so I have accepted that there will be a checked bag.... whether I like it or not!

  6. NotafashionbloggerAugust 23, 2011 at 12:55 PM

    I like this cropped top and the shoes were the right choice!

  7. FashionmakeuplifestyleAugust 23, 2011 at 1:43 PM

    Me too girlie...Absolutely love buying clothes at Target is totally cute and affordable!! You're rocking this look doll. LOVE IT.

    <3 Marina

  8. Love the top! We dont have a Taget in the UK :-(( Alot of bloggers feature clothes from there! We will check out their website for fabulous finds.xx

  9. HerlatenightcravingsAugust 23, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    Great top!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. ooh! Very pretty top! I like your outfit!!

  11. Great outfit, and I can't wait to see what the Target /Missoni collaboration brings!!

    Sadie x

  12. Packing is SO AWFUL. I am going on a trip in a few weeks and my bag can only be 30 pounds (small plane). What?!?!?! 30 pounds??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

  13. Teehee, thanks girlie!! Right normally I do check, but I think i was able to get away with it because i was going home, and knew I could borrow stuff from my mom and sister, anywhere else I have yet to figure out how to get away with just a carry-on! haha

  14. Thanks! They are uber comfortable. They were supposed to be my wedding shoes, but they made my dress to highwater...:-(

  15. BUAHAHAHAHAHA, girl I have a Target card now and I try not to use it. I hate going into Target for one thing and I leave with the whole store. I didn't go in for clothes at all but this caught my eye! yay! I hope you do get the H&M there, great store!

  16. Thanks Bee! I had a great time. I love shopping in that store!

  17. Oh yea...10 days would be very difficult to not check a bag for! haha. Ooooh whatcha doing for fashion week?? Can't wait to see blog posts about it.

  18. Thanks Marina! I know they have great stuff at great prices!

  19. Aww that definitely is a shame! They need to get Target over there ASAP!!! Yea see if they ship overseas. There stuff is really reasonable.

  20. Thanks so much, and thanks for stopping by my blog! I will check yours out soon!

  21. sfhjkasf;lasfjkasjfklasfjl;asfj;als <--- that is what I type when I'm flabbergasted. 30 lbs!!! NO freakin' way. You need to get those vacuum seal bags! haha!


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