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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I want to take a moment to talk about music and where it's going today. Earlier today I said I was having a "Blog Writer's" Block, but after watching a few music videos tonight I discovered something to discuss...MUSIC.

I feel like I've gone through crazy stages of music tastes. When I was in middle school & high school I was really into Boy Bands.  My favorite band at the time was  the Backstreet Boys. Not only were they more attractive than the N*Sync boys, but I thought they were way more talented, and less poppy.

 How about you? Were you an N*Sync or Backstreet Boys fan? Oh and remember that group that tried? 96 Degrees?
Along with these pop boy band groups emerged single girl pop star artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, and Jessica Simpson. Britney was the first of the wave. From the jump I thought she was an OK singer, but an even better dancer, yet  in my opinion no one could hold a candle to the voice brought by Christina. She soon became my favorite (it also helped that she was from Wexford, Pa a town near my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA).  Yet even though I thought Christina was the better singer, I couldn't stop myself from loving all of  the poppy songs released by Britney. I mean, you have to give the girl some credit. She had some really good songs! I remember jamming too Toxic,  Crazy, Gimme More, Oops I did it again, and many more. I miss the old Britney...all this auto-tuning, though catchy, is getting old.  Christina won her place back as my favorite with her singing performance in Burlesque...not the acting. The movie itself was pretty horrible, but the musical performances were amazing!

Who do you think is a better singer? Better performer? Sorry Mandy and J. didn't make the list.

Both of the above ladies have gone through some crazy ups and downs in their careers, both attempting comebacks, relationships, having children and dealing with immediate, long-lasting fame.  But I think the girl who has done it all and humbly and the best is none other than my favorite artist BEYONCE!!! I have been such a huge fan of Beyonce ever since I heard Destiny's Child "No, No, No" track. I stayed a fan when the group dwindled down to B and Kelly, then when they replaced the original other 2 girls with 2 more girls, then one of those girls quit leaving Destiny's Child to just be B, Kelly, and Michelle. Eventually the group ended and they each pursued a single singing career.  Beyonce has lasted for many years and I swear there isn't one thing she can't do. MY ONLY ISSUE with B is that ridiculous collaboration she did with Gaga to Telephone. UGH!

At the time when D.C. was huge, I really can't think of any other girl groups that were trying to compete? Maybe Blaque? I believe TLC was already established so there was no competition there. TLC would always be popular.

Who was your favorite female artist while growing up?

I could go on and on about all the groups I listened to in grade school, but I didn't start listening to rap really until Senior year of high school and into college. I started off listening to Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Then this artist Eminem came out that sealed the deal.  I'm glad he got over that Slim Shady goofiness. Now I know rap gets a bad rep for always talking about drugs, alcohol, and sex, but not all of the songs are on this topic. It sux though, because the majority of them are. Even today I feel guilty listening to songs with tons of cursing bleeped out words & indecent lines but I love the beat of them! I can't help but love driving with that bass going! And nothin' gets me pumped in the gym like listening to rap! However I am realizing that I'm slowly moving out of my rap phase as I've started listening to Sunny 99.1 on the way to work. This station plays a mix of work appropriate music and oldies! hahaha.

I will give props to Lil Wayne and his latest music video for How to Love. It has a really strong message and I think he did a great job with it. Yet right after he performed that song at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards he jumped right  into one of his curse-filled tracks and I had to mute the television for the annoyance of the amount of times they had to bleep out his performance!! Grrr, like seriously? Must all your songs have bleep this and that and then you  get up there and Thank God for your success?? Hey, I'm in no position to judge since I listen to these songs, but I'm pretty sure GOD isn't smiling about Lil Wayne's lyrics...

Do you listen to rap? Do you feel guilty for listening to it? Who's your fav rap artist at the moment? 

Bieber fever? Really? Is the boy really that great? First of all he's 12. I guess he can dance and play the drums, but when he lost to that girl last year (A girl who had REAL talent) the world flipped out and sent mean mesages to her for beating out the Biebs in best new artist category.  I mean the boy can stay on key, but there's no powerhouse voice there, no tears are evoked when I hear his kiddie music....I just don't get it.  And he has a gf now and girls are still over the top about him. I think they like his looks more than his lack of talent.

Really? If I was 5, I'd have a crush...
And WHAT IS UP with the crazy, dramatic artists today? I liked Lady Gaga for about 2 songs when she first came out...that just dance song and pokerface...after that and all of her gimmicks I couldn't take it anymore. I mean something is very creepy about her. I'm not saying being different and creative makes you creepy. I'm all for uniqueness and variety, but something about what she does seems so fake and actressy. And she even said she's a "performer" so everything is always so the incubating egg last year, the ridiculous shoes, the meat dress, and last night as the guy...she's just awkward for me to watch, I really feel uncomfortable.  And all the copy-cats out there...Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Kesha. All FOUR of these ladies are very talented. What did they think they wouldn't be able to sell a record unless they dressed like a Circus Clown gone bad!?!?!
Lady Gaga looking Ridiculous
This picture speaks for itself...Thank you Kesha for proving my point!!

Saved the best worst for last! This one gets a big WTF - WHAT THE FASHION!?!?!?
Why can't people just sing?? Why does it take all this craziness?? I mean I literally feel so annoyed when I see these gimmicks, and people buy into this stuff like it's the coolest thing in the world? Really!? I wouldn't dress my worse enemy in these looks.

Anyway, this was my random post about music. I love music, all kinds! Symphonies,jazz, big band, oldies, movie soundtracks, blues, r&b, "select" rap & hip-hop, poppy, musicals, opera, cross-over country, alternative, etc. I just wish the future quality music didn't look so bleak.  I actually roll my eyes now when I turn on our local "urban" station and hear a song about a guy wanting to get a girl in his bed, or he has all this money and I turn away no matter how good the beat is...just can't take it anymore. And all of this's like 3D movies! OVER IT!!!!!

Let's get music back to being about music!!


What are your favorite genres of music? Are you concerned with the direction that music is taking?

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  1. Omg, Shasie great great great post, I love music I'm more of a R&B kinda girl but I listen to anything good really!! That new lil Wayne video is sooooo moving (My next week Music Monday)...... I was a big Backstreet Boys fan and I couldn't get enough of Destiny's Child. Girlllllllll don't get me started on that Lady Gaga and Kesha, smh hotttt mess but I love Katy Perry she's so cute and I think she looks adorable in everything/anything she put on. I'm not sure what Ms. Nicki Minaj be wearing most of the time but I must say she's def. a trend setter and a great female rapper...... But, I agree music is not what it use to be.
    (OMG, I feel like I just wrote a novel LOL)

    Btw, thanks for always stopping by blog and thanks for this amazing post!
    You already know I adore you/your blog!!!!


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  3. Great post! I use to love listening to Destiny's Child, Christina, and Britney. Totally different music than they play today. Music has changed so drastically.

  4. Did you see the music Award last Sunday? that was amazing!

  5. I do sometimes feel guilty to listening to rap but I love to dance to it. :(

  6. Still enjoy the Backstreet Boys a lot. Not much into any of the female artists you mentioned, though I recognize Lady Gaga's artistry and enjoy some songs, the lyrics can be pretty offensive. And I HATE urban R&B--sorry-Usher, Chris Brown, Rhianna, Timberlake, can't stand Kanye. Don't get me started with Bieber. They are ALMOST enough to make me go country. Almost. I'd rather listen to classic rock, classic pop and Motown.

  7. I can't like without music!!

  8. Oh my god! ok What in the world has happened to artists who were known for their artisitic talent in MUSIC! these days i feel like its who ever can be the craziest or wackiest.

    As for boy bands I listened to BSB a lot because my baby sister and I shared a room and well i had no choice lol.

    I was more a Tamia, Destiny's Child, IMX girl : )

  9. What an awesome post!!! I love you already :D Backstreet Boys was my sister and I's favorite boy band. Hated N'Sync. Girl, you're taking me back. So many fond memories. Yeah I don't know what these kids are listening to these days! (I'm 24 btw sounding like I'm 40 LOL). Miss the music from way back when *tear*

  10. Definitely a backstreet fan--and at 26, I still am. I saw them in concert in May and it's like I was 15 again...I absolutely love it!

  11. I listen to Spotify, Pandora and Adult contemporary radio stations alot because though I'm still in my 20's I just can't relate to most of the music on urban radio stations these days. I love all types of music and am slowly branching out beyond the 90's "conscious" Hip-Hop and classic R&B I typically listened to for years. Other genres I enjoy include Pop, Electronica, Country, Jazz and Classical. I could talk ALOT about the issues I have with the music industry, but the state of mainstream Hip-Hop in particular is very disappointing to me these days. There are mainstream artists that I really like, but overall the genre could stand to be a little less materialistic, less misogynistic and less negative and more uplifting overall. I'm definitely over the whole auto-tune thing as well!

  12. my music taste has changed recently too! i used to listen to lots of pop and hip-hop, whereas now it's more indie. but i still gotta indulge in my top 40 hits, lol! and the VMAs are seriously ridiculous for their fashion.

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    TJMaxx Satchel Giveaway!

  13. I loved The Backstreet Boys AND N'Sync. Although I listened to both Christina and Britney, I am a bigger Britney fan. I love her album Femme Fatale, I listen to it all the time! I don't know I like a lot of different types of music. I guess it depends on my mood!

  14. I was a serious Backstreet Boys fan. I loved Britney but hated to admit it when I was little. I was so in love with Destiny's Child! I would dance to their songs all of the time.

    Now, instead of mainstream music, I love indie-rock, not-so-known bands.

    I really love Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, and Modest Mouse!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  15. I wasn't into music growing up, well, wasn't allowed to be, but that's a long story! Nowadays my favorite is Katy Perry, and it doesn't hurt she's up there with Michael Jackson on #1 hit songs on one cd. I've never seen her look ridiculous like that though, that makes me laugh!

  16. A young Kristen was SO INTO Janet Jackson. I must have played Rhythm Nation about 7,853 times. I remember forcing my dad to listen to it because it was such an "important album". Said the 8 year old. Oh Janet, wherefore art thou? Bring your 90's awesomeness back to music!

  17. I completely agree with you! I was also a huge Backstreet Boys fan, and I loved Britney as well! :D

  18. No way NSYNC was DEF better lol Oman I was IN LOVE with Lance Bass. My dad always said he was gay but my 13 year old self did not want to believe that. But my dad was right! lol As for Britney Spears I was never her biggest fan until she went nuts then I totally was a Britney fan. She showed real emotion and something a lot of woman can relate too. But her music now..LOVE IT. Poppy dance music! Can't get enough of it! Okay Justin Bieber I'm sorry is a weird kid. Throughout the VMAs he just looked confused until Chris Brown (who didn't even sing) performance. That was the only time he showed any enthusiasm. I might get backlash for it but I just don't get him....or even think he's a cute kid....

  19. Hahaha, NSync had some good songs, but I still loved my BSBs. BUAHAHAHAHA that's funny about your Dad knowing about Lance! Beiber is def "weird" I don't get it at all!

  20. Girl I love me some Janet Jackson. I could listen to her tracks all day too! Hahaha your poor Dad!

  21. I definitely like Katy Perry's songs. They are great, just these outfits gotta go! hahaha. SHe is very talented without all that getup.

  22. BUAHAHAHAHA CLoset Britney Fan!!! Yes girl DC and BSB on rotate all day!!! I have to still get into indie-rock, I'm sure I'd love it, because I love all kinds of music. I just don't know any artists, but I'll have to check these ones out!

  23. That's true, mood really does make a difference. RIght now I'm really into Adele and Adeleesque artists and I always listen to the Adele station on Pandora

  24. Can never go wrong with top 40!! Yea VMAs are over the top!!!

  25. Sure thing girl! Get it! Lots of issues with mainstream...ESPECIALLY RAP/Hip-hop. What is spotify....I've never heard of that.

  26. I wanted to go see them too. Is that they one they did with New Kids on the Block? I was so mad that Kevin didn't participate in the tour!!! How was the concert!? What songs did they sing?

  27. MOTOWN!! Yes I love oldies, but goodies! Yea Lady Gaga is talented, but just too much craziness...can't take it! hahahaha

  28. I did! I watched them. They have changed so much from when I used to watch them! I didn't know half the celebrities!

  29. Yes girl, so changed. I'm so glad I still have music from the glory days because sometimes I just have to take it back to quality music!

  30. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  31. Yea it really is. I kept hearing about it, so I had to look it up! Katy is gorgeous, and she's very talented, hahaha, but I think some of her looks could have been skipped! buahahahaahaha.

  32. Yes, it was the one they did with New Kids. It was great! They sang all their hit songs and they sounded great (like they never left). Very entertaining and very good night :)


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