Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stacy walking in for her Shower!

Maid of Honor and Bride-to-Be!

Mom with her two daughters

Stacy with her friends/bridesmaids

Stacy's Ensemble:
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Target

My sissy looked amazing in her white dress! I didn't know what she was wearing because she received the dress while I was in Houston as an early present from my Mom. They were going on and on about it, and I couldn't wait to see it, so when she walked in the room I was so ecstatic. She was so pretty, I almost cried!!!! It will take everything I can to not cry during the wedding. I don't want to be standing up at the altar like a blubbering idiot! ha-ha.

The theme I picked for the bridal shower was a "Fun Message Bridal Shower". Basically you come up with a word or phrase for the number of guests attending that's related to wedding/bridal shower stuff and assign each guest a letter of the word or phrase. The guest then buys the bride-to-be a gift that starts with their assigned letter.   I racked my brain for a phrase that had enough letters for the guests and made sense and would be sincere, when finally I thought of the invitations I created for the shower. Their theme was called "Love Never Ends" and I counted the letters and the phrase was a perfect match!! And it had a strong message. I was the only one who knew the phrase because I even kept it a secret from the bridesmaids who were helping me with the shower! I wanted them to be surprised too!

My Sister with her Bridal Shower presents that spell out the phrase "Love Never Ends"

My DIY Banner in her wedding colors (Burgundy, Black, & White)

I owe the idea for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Banners to Lyndsey Marie of A Lovely Little Blog. She had up a blogpost one day on a baby shower that she helped plan for a friend and she had the cutest DIY Banner for it! I emailed her asking her how she made it, and then I made a bunch for Stacy's shower. Here are the others:

CONGRATULATIONS! As you can see we had tons of food!

One of the tips for this shower theme was to spell out the Bride's name above where she will sit to open presents.


We also played bridal shower games like bingo, and word scrabble

Stacy's Cupcake Tree. The cupcake toppers are rings and hearts!

The memory table with the signature frame and the shower guest book.

Floating Burgundy Rose Candle Centerpieces

The dessert and snack table

Sissy's Engagement Ring from Eddy

This really amazing fountain punch bowl that I ordered from It also lights up!

I made letter name tags for all of the guests beginning with the first letter of their first names.

Gift Opening Time!

My mom had the letter L and bought her Lingerie, and I had S and bought her a "Sister" book with great messages about sisters, and I created a photo book with pictures of the 2 of us over the years, so S for Sister! She received some really amazing gifts from everyone, but just too many pictures for this blog post!
Forgot to snap all the Bridal Shower Favors while they were all together! haha, but this is what they looked like

Stacy with her friends and bridesmaids

Stacy with her family (Aunt, Mom, and Sis)


Me and my littlest cousin Rosabelle (on my Dad's side)

My sister and the guests said they had a wonderful time, and at the end of the day, that's all I could ask for to give my sister for this very special and important time of her life. It meant so much to me to be the Maid of Honor and to be able to throw her such a great party! Next up...Bachelorette Party!!!
Group Photo

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  1. Stacy looks great!I bet it was such a nice party!It sure looks that way!

  2. Looks like a blast and your sis looks great!

  3. This is one beautiful bridal shower, your sister looks so radiant and happy! :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. That color blue looks very nice on you and love your sister's dress! Congrats to her!


  5. Awww the party looked amazing! You did a great job, Shasie! I love the idea of the gift-buying according to the letters that form the phrase Love Never Ends. Both you and your sister look lovely in your outfits! The colour of your dress really pops!

  6. What great photos and such a novel idea for your guests! Your sister looks amazing and you two LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE!!!! When I saw her picture, I would have sworn that it was you. It is, indeed, a lovely white dress deserving of much attention!

  7. hearty congrats to her and to u as well!! grt pics gal!!!

  8. Oh wow! The resemblance among your mom, sister, and yourself is strong!!

  9. your sister did indeed look lovely in her white dress form Hand M too bad we still dont have one here : (

    Awww its seems like such a wonderful party too with cute little cupcakes!

  10. Shasie--love this clever idea with the "Love never Ends" theme. It's so brilliant that I might have to steal Everyone looked so lovely and you did such a good job with the details of the your little gathering! Hope you and everyone had a great time :)

  11. NotafashionbloggerAugust 22, 2011 at 3:37 PM

    I don't know if it will accept my comment so I'll keep it short!: I love your dress and the pictures are sooo cool!

  12. What a fun party and all the lovely dresses and ladies:)

  13. Aw you are the perfect maid of honor and event planner, Shasie! The entire event looks so beautiful and well-thought-out. The message idea is brilliant! Also, you come from a family of very lovely ladies :) Congratulations to your sister! Thanks for sharing pictures from this :)

  14. so wonderful, in the us you do so many thinks for the bride that in italy we don't you!!!!! lovely good job shasie and i like a lot the dress of your sister

  15. Yeah,you both look great,and your idea for LOVE NEVER ENDS,so meaningful,so delightful to see all of your pretty smiles,This BRIDAL SHOWER is wonderful ,best wishes,

  16. Thanks Alina, it was really great!!

  17. Thanks Alexis, I just loved her dress!!!

  18. Thanks Roni!! I will relay the message :-)

  19. Isn't that such a great bridal shower theme idea. I had a hard time choosing one, but this one was so unique!! Thank you girlie for your compliments on our outfits!

  20. HAHAHA, really? Because I still don't see it. Even when we were younger people always thought we were twins, but I still can't see how we look that much alike! :-)

  21. Haha, Thanks! Everyone says the older I get the more I look like my Mom. Everyone used to say I look more and more like my Dad

  22. WHAT!!! They actually got rid of your H&M!! OMGoodness I would have protested!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you girlie! I love cupcakes, and thought I would change it up from a cake, and save cake stuff for the actual wedding.

  23. Thanks so much Pheobe!! I really loved the theme, and I couldn't wait for Stacy to see it! I could hardly contain my excitement! Go ahead girl! :-)

  24. Thanks Hallie! It was lots of fun!

  25. You're welcome girlie! Thanks so much for the compliment on the ladies in my family!! I love them very much, and events like this bring us even closer.

  26. Oooh we do? What do you guys do for the bride in L'Italia?

  27. Your sister looks amazing in that dress. And my sister's name is Stacy, too, spelt the same way! Awww congrats to her!

  28. FashionmakeuplifestyleAugust 23, 2011 at 1:47 PM

    AAAWWWW....such gorgeous pics doll!!! "Congratulations" to your beautiful sister. All of your ladies are looking absolutely Fabulous!

    <3 Marina

  29. HerlatenightcravingsAugust 23, 2011 at 5:17 PM

    Aw, looks like so much fun!!! Congrats to your sister!!! Everyone looked beautiful!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  30. aww it looks like the party was a huge success!! glad i could help at all!! the banners turned out great and i love how you made the presents spell something out too!! love your sisters dress!! so pretty!!


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