Saturday, August 27, 2011

Better late than never right? That's what I like to think when it comes to blogging.  I like to keep to one post per day on my blog, which leads to news being delayed due to waiting for an open blog posts (typically when I'm looking frumpy or not doing one of my features!) ha-ha.

Editor's Pick - Featured Blogger on Bloggers.com        
Yesterday I woke up to a swarm of Bloggers.com emails  from people following my profile and commenting on it...at first I thought I was being spammed..."What the heck was going on?", I thought to myself.  Finally, I got down to the first bloggers.com email that I received this morning from Bloggers.com themselves telling me that my blog and I were chosen for Editor's Pick on the homepage! We've (my blog and I--don't you love how I make my blog it's own entity?) never been featured on a large community site like that before, and for a site to have 1000s of blogs to be featured feels pretty awesome!  I believe it's just for a day, so I made sure to capture the following screen shot of me on the homepage :-).

First Article for FashionablyHouston
Some of you may know from some of my previous blog entries that I am now a Fashion Reporter for Fashionably Houston. My first assignment was vendor spotlighting at Houston's 5th Annual White Linen Nights in the Heights.  Here is the link to the full article on their site: http://www.fashionablyhouston.com/fashion/white-linen-night-vendor-spotlight/ and a screen snapshot below.

Blogger of the Month on My Modern Vintage
Ilana Morgan (featured on my blog for Fan Feature Friday here) picked me as her blogger of the month for August on her blog: My Modern Vintage. I was so thrilled when she asked me! I love  her blog and was happy to be apart of her blogging community for the day!

International Blog Feature on Cupid Speaks - India's Youth Platform
Akshita Jain, blogger and entrepreneur, contacted me a bit ago to ask if I wanted to be featured on her online magazine Cupid Speaks.  Cupid Speaks' mission can be summarized in the following statements:

The online magazine "Cupid Speaks" is a platform for everyone to voice their opinions and also a platform for people who are doing something special or living their dreams and passion. We provide you the platform and show case your skill to the world. We feature people in our special sections who are doing something creative, different and noteworthy. The only motive behind is to provide an acknowledgement to everyone who deserves it.

Of course I said yes! This "more than just an online magazine" site is great, and I really love being able to interact with people around the world!! Definitely check out and follow this site! :-)

Exclusive on Blog Showcasing Site: Glitterburned
I was able to be one of the first exclusive interviewees on Lauren's new Blog Showcasing Site Glitterburned.  There are a few typos that hopefully will be corrected in the near future, but you can get the gist of what I was saying in the meantime!

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  1. @livelifeinstyle Wow what an accomplishment!! You are so dedicated and work tirelessly on your blog. You are such an inspiration to a newbie like me! Keep up the stellar work.

  2. woww shasie :) thats so great!!! congrats babes

  3. awesomeee!!! Congratss

  4. Wow! Congrats on all your accomplishments! More power to you for your hard-work and dedication to your craft! So happy for you :)

  5. Girl you are doing your thang!!! Congrats!

  6. Thanks so much! This hustle is hard! lol

  7. Thank you Pheobe! I appreciate that!


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