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Friday, August 19, 2011

I admit, that I used to be THAT person at the airport. The person who looked frumpy and sloppy.  The person who literally rolled out of bed, threw on clothes and drove to the airport to catch a flight.  One of the main reasons for this haphazard appearance of mine are the times of my flights. I always book early flights. I think the earliest flight I ever took was 5:10am from Pittsburgh back to Houston in May...needless to say I had to be up at 3:30 to get to the airport. Most airports don't open until 4am, so there was really no point to leave any earlier than 3:30, but who the HECK cares what they look like at 3AM!?!? I sure didn't.

I found out quickly that lots of people care what they look like in the airport at 4am, and I found myself jealous of the well-dressed ladies that were catching the same EARLY flight as me. And I mean stylish...You'd think they were headed to a fashion industry job or about to walk down a runway. Scarves, hats, heels, accessories, stylish luggage, etc. I asked myself, "Isn't flying a part of my life? And don't I live life in style??" It was after my last flight in May that I decided I wanted to try and look half-way decent for my flights, no matter what time they are. Now I'm still not wearing heels and going all crazy (I am not running from gate to gate or all around the airport, or standing in a long security check line in stilettos or wedges, or any pair of shoes that require a minimum standing time), but I could throw on some bling. 
I had to take 2 flights home to Pittsburgh on Thursday, so I stocked up on my magazines.  Picked up the September Issue of Glamour and it got me through both flights and I still have pages left to read!

This top I've had forever, and it's so great for flying because it's loose and comfy and when I was cold on the plane I pulled my arms in and used it as a blankie (My own personal snuggie...maybe not?)

Made it home to my parents' house and played with all 3 of the cats. This is Jingles the 2nd. Isn't he adorable!
I also have been having a bit of an instagramming obsession lately...and directed this obsession on my poor helpless kitties. Enjoy!

My nephew Jingles the 2nd. He's my sister's son.

My son Tobias Maguire the 3rd with mamma

Toby again sprawled out on the carpet. I swear all the do is eat, sleep, and poop and have antics around the house

My sister Emma (Emma Lou). She's the Queen Bee of the cats. The boys don't mess with her! haha


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  1. Couldn't agree more! It is so important to feel good - and part of feeling good is looking good! I dress comfy but well-kept and it makes a total difference in my mood.

    Also? If you have flight problems, you are much more likely to be taken seriously at the ticket counter if you look nice, versus if you look like you don't care at all!

  2. When it comes to flying I def. fly in style but super comfy.
    You Look great and I'm loving the black on black!!
    Btw your cats are soooo adorable!!!!


  3. That's me the lady in the 5 inch heels in the airport at 4am. I am always traveling and its always at some god forsaken hour in the i support everyone getting dressed at all hours and for everything, that includes a trip to the grocery im the lady in the ball gown in target the best part of my life happens in my head <3



  4. Cute kitties! That top looks perfect for an early flight!

  5. I usually where legging on the plane, but several layers of tops, because I am ALWAYS freezing on planes... I try to make them look cute and fortunately a layered look usually works! I am find wearing wedges and standing for basically ever, but I often wear a cute ballerina flat.

    PS---- i love your cats! Soooo cute!

  6. You look great! And it's still a comfortable outfit for travelling.
    Your kitties are so adorable! :)

  7. aint they adorable :D
    I wear yoga pants and some random tee on flights.. heheheh but then ive to carry a cardigan always... this seems grt naa!!

  8. I love to pass my layover time in airports people-watching. And, I would've definitely been checking you out in this fly travel look!!

  9. Dawn Gibson-ThigpenAugust 20, 2011 at 9:09 PM

    This is one of my favorite post of yours..Veryyyy inviting...I would say..I smiled through all the while I was reading...:)

  10. i hate early flights but when i go to rome i always take them, not so early as you! my flight outfit dipends on how many hours, if just 1 as for rome as evry day but if i have to fly many hours i want to be comfortable

  11. I used to feel the same way!! I still don't dress very fashionable but I definitely put more effort into than I used to hehe

  12. Exactly. The more "scary" you look the more you are watched! hahaha

  13. It's great! I love that I could use it as a blanket

  14. Ooooh yea cute flats would really take it up a notch! Thank you, I love my cats so much!

  15. teehee, yea girl it's all about comfort!

  16. Yay!! So glad you liked it!!!

  17. Very true. I've never been on a longer than 5 hr flight, but if I was flying to Asia or Australia or something, I would definitely have to rethink an outfit!

  18. Yay! haha, after awhile I was tired of people looking at me because I looked crazy! haha

  19. I tooootally agree with you on the flying in style thing!! I used to wear comfy clothes, but then realised that smart clothes can be comfy too! We have flown from NZ to the UK 5 times in the two years that I've lived here - it's a 26 hour journey usually - and I feel so much better looking smart. Your top is perfect for a flight, I want one like that!

    Sadie x

  20. On the way to and from vacation I was proud of myself because I wore a maxi dress, and thats dressed up for me.

    On the way home from the funeral, I wore Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajama pants, and a t-shirt that said "Just Sayin'" (which didn't match the pants btw). If you want to make friends at an airport, wear Ninja Turtles pajama pants. I think I even got hit on...:P

  21. Very nice! I love the turtles! I used to watch them all the time, and me and my 3 close friends in college called ourselves the turtles and we each were one of them. I forget which one I was though...lolol

  22. Glamour is a great airplane or beach read because there's never anything too heavy in it... great to read when you know you're going to get distracted or might fall asleep!

    Cute outfit!

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