Thursday, July 07, 2011

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June 2010 was yet another great month!
  • I celebrated my friends' engagement to her boyfriend (who is also my friend)
  • I hosted my first game night at my apartment complex community center
  • I went on a cruise vacation with my friends 
If you've never been on a cruise, typically the dress for dinner is "dressy". This was one of my favorite dinner looks. The dress is from Target
What some may call my Grandma bathing suit, but I loved it!! I still have it, but it's too big for me now!

Before we got on the cruise ship in Ft. Lauderdale, we actually went a day early to hang out in the town. This is what I wore to explore Ft Laudy.

Later that night, we drove the hour to Miami and went out there, requiring the change to the red dress. The sailor outfit is what I wore to get on the cruise ship the next day.

One of the nights out on the ship. I've had this top since forever, and I LOVE wearing it.  The sparkling green bathing suit coverup was purchased from H&M. I felt as if I was channeling Sex & The City. lol

As you can see this floppy hat got lots of wear during this cruise! Must protect one's self from the sun!! On a cruise you typically have one night where you have dinner with the captain, and the attire is more formal. I chose to wear this dress from Express for that dinner.

Another night out on the cruise ship. We always went to the same club on the ship. It was lots of fun! The second look, I wore for our shore excursion tour of Grand Cayman Island. I thought we would be doing a lot of walking so I choose to wear sneakers, but I had flip-flops packed!
One of my favorite rompers! Favorite, but the most difficult when it comes to having to go to the bathroom, due to all the buttons. This romper is from Target.

This cruise was 5 days, so we had 4 nights of dressy dinners.  Here is another dinner look:
This entire outfit is from Express. I love these shorts because of the sailor buttons, which are mostly hidden by the embellished tank.

Another granny bathing suit, but I was way more comfortable in one pieces at the time. I don't think it looked too bad?
This is in the waters of Grand Cayman.

Wearing my fav bathing suit of the trip. This overpriced tankini from Victoria Secret.  This was on the beach of Cozumel, Mexico.
Before hitting the beaches of Cozumel, we toured Cozumel's terrain via ATVs.  This was our tourguide, and I had a HUGE crush on him! Teehee...Love our hats? See a fashionista can still look fabulous even on an ATV getting muddy!


 As you can tell, I clearly had a weave put in for the Cruise. I didn't feel like dealing with my hair in the water and in the heat, so having the weave style was perfect for the vacation!!

Well, there you have it folks! All my looks from June! Do you have any favs? 

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  1. That 1st dress is super cute and you are wearing that bathing suit girl! Kiah

  2. I love your first dress for cruise wear and your pink tiered dress is fab! where is it from?

  3. OMGoodness, so as I keep scrolling down, I'm like "oh! that's cute! remember to mention that in your comment!", but after saying that to myself 15 times (and looking foolish talking to myself all alone in the office), I just have to say that ALL the cruise looks are spectacular! I love that green dress with the hat, I love the nautical top, I love the pink dress, I love them all! You are such a pretty, pretty lady! And a lucky one too! I've never been on a cruise (unless you count the $10 booze cruise in Mexico with my worthless ex--I don't, I swear that was everclear and Koolaid--nasty!). But when I do, I am going to consult with you on what to wear!

  4. I think this is my favorite month so far!!! You look fab in every outfit--- and I mean it. Plus I love the long hair!!!!

  5. Lovely outfits! You look stunning in every single one of these! :)

  6. The first dress looks ridiculously great on you...PERFECT fit!!
    I actually like the first "grandma" bathing looks like it can double as a cute sundress.
    Lucky you...I wish I could go on a cruise!

  7. Hey! Thank you! It's from Express. I think they bring it back every summer, because they had it different colors. They had gray and black also. Hope that helps!

  8. Thank you!! I love my granny suits!

  9. Haha, you are too funny!! I'm glad you liked all of the outfits! Believe it or not I had a hard time packing for this cruise, because we were doing so many different things each day, I was actually really stressed, so any assistance I can offer you when you take a cruise let me know!

  10. I miss my long hair!!! I'll be getting another one in the Fall for my sister's wedding. :-)

  11. I actually did wear it as my bathing suit and coverup. It fit well and supported me, so I loved it! I want to get a similar one for my new size! Thanks for the dress compliment! I really love that dress, the start of the mixed print trend!

  12. FashionmakeuplifestyleJuly 7, 2011 at 4:37 PM

    My Goodness girl you are definitely one busy lady!! And WOW...The first dress is just gorgeous on you...and wow can't believe you got it Target. I like them all but my other favorite one is the green number where you're def channeling Sex In The City DOLL!
    Absolutely love your throwback posts! :)

    <3 Marina

  13. NotafashionbloggerJuly 7, 2011 at 4:42 PM

    I like all of these outfits but the express dress is simply fabulous on you!

  14. I Goodie 2 ShoesJuly 7, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    Ok hummm where do I being! I just love all the pics! Sailor~outfit is tooo CuYuTe!
    Lil Black dresses are a must! AND you look amazing!
    U look Gr8!

    (s/n tooo many favs to type! haha)
    btw, I love your blog...


  15. every next look is prettier than the first... great styling!

  16. Thanks Marina! They are my fav too! I love looking back at what I was doing last year, and it gives me ideas for remixing. When I first saw that dress at Target, I was like...Can I pull this off? At that time mixed prints hadn't caught on the way it has now, but I bought it anyway, and ended up loving it! It fit really well! Teehee, I think I just finished seeing Sex & the City 2 and they had so much sparkle going on in that movie!

  17. Thanks!! I love that too! It fit really well, even better with the belt!

  18. Haha, thanks so much!! It's an evolution of a trip! :-)

  19. hey, hey, hey! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Aww you are so sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed these looks and my blog! It means so much!

  20. So many great looks. I love the dressy evening dinner looks (how I long to be on a cruise!) and I really like the pencil skirts. You have some lovely patterned shirts in there too.

  21. Wow! I basically loved all of your outfits! I especially like the dress in the first and last picture with the shoes and accessories the whole outfit is perfect. Your red dress is really nice too! From what I've seen of your outfit posts I've noticed that blue, grey, and red are really flattering on you. I have a hard time pulling off red IMO but my husband loves it on me...

    A cruise sounds like so much fun. I want to go on a cruise to Greece someday.

  22. Awww I loved the elegant outfit you put on when you went on a cruise, so sweet! :)

    The Cat Hag

  23. Soooo cute! I can't believe that dress is from Target?! It's THE BOMB.COM and it fits you perfectly. Great find! I love your headband in the 3rd picture.FAB!

    Looks like you had a fabulous time! (and of course you looked fabulous, too!)

  24. I've always wanted to take a European cruise too!! Hopefully one day!

  25. GirlinsunglassesJuly 8, 2011 at 10:36 AM

    Gorgeous with every outfit!! great inspiration for summer days, thanks for this post :)
    Kisses, and have a great weekend!

  26. I love every single one of them. You look beautiful!

  27. Thank you Berty! I really appreciate that!

  28. Your welcome girlie! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  29. Haha!! I love that!!! Thank you girlie! I had a great time!


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