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Monday, July 11, 2011

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I have partnered with The Vintage Scarf for a number of things on my blog: giveaway, discounts, & sponsorship. Not only are the products amazing, and great accessories for any budding fashionista, but the price points are fabulous!! Now it's time to introduce you to the fabulous Paula! The woman behind The Vintage Scarf & Miss Magnolia Resale.

Name: Paula M Horlick
Occupation: Founder/CEO of The Vintage Scarf  & Founder/CEO of Miss Magnolia Resale
Hometown: Scott City, Kansas
Current Location: Bella Vista, Arkansas
Website(s): www.thevintagescarf.comwww.missmagnolias.com

Tell us more about yourself: Well, I just turned the big 50! Wow, where did the time go?!?! I am divorced and the names of my "babies" are Peanut (a black cat) and Colby Jack (a dog). I am also a certified caregiver for my 90 year old mom and other clients during the week. (That is great! Bet that takes lots of time and attention!)

How & when did you decide to create your own online boutiques? Some time ago, I started selling things on eBay and got hooked. It gave me something to do on the weekends.  I decided to start my own site to sell things and launched The Vintage Scarf about 3 years ago. Miss Magnolia's was just started and I do have an eBay store for that site.  Consignments sell better on eBay than they do on a personal website.

What inspired you to go vintage with the items you sell?  I have always loved vintage. It's both classy and fun at the same time. I wanted a niche business and vintage was it.

Shasie's Picks of Animal Print Scarves from The Vintage Scarf

                                    $12.00                                                       $25.00

What is the hardest part about starting your own business? It is always a learning process. You definitely learn as you go!

What are some of your favorite items from The Vintage Scarf? They are all my babies, and each one has their own history, therefore each one is special.

Do you have a team of people in the business with you? Me, Myself, and I

Shasie's Picks of Designer Scarves from The Vintage Scarf
                                    $25.00                                                      $25.00

How has being your own boss changed your life? (Since you left Corporate America to start these ventures). My advice for anyone is "Have a Back-up Plan". You never know what could happen.  Business can be very slow, and that is why I still work.  I am a certified caregiver and I've decided to go back to school in August to obtain my Certified Nurse Assistance (CNA) degree.

What are your goals for your businesses? To grow! My scarves have been at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, The ThYck Group of Chicago, & HerPanache.com Launch Party.  We are also the proud sponsors of The Real Housewives of Chicago and of course your wonderful blog.

Shasie's Picks of the Floral Print Scarves from The Vintage Scarf
                                 $18.00                                                        $20.00
                                   $15.00                                                        $20.00

My readers have heard a lot about The Vintage Scarf via my blog posts and giveaway, so tell us more about Magnolia Resale. Miss Magnolia's is site that sells contemporary and vintage fashion. It is an all encompassing boutique.  From vintage lingerie to designer clothing, you can find anything on the resale.  We have so much to sell on there, while keeping up with the ever-growing Vintage Scarf.

Any plans to start-up a 3rd online shop? LOL, I don't know what I would sell!

On what other social media sites can we find The Vintage Scarf and Magnolia Resale?
Linked In - I have my own group on there, called The Vintage People.
We are on twitter: @vintagescarf, @missmagnolias
We are on facebook: The Vintage Scarf  & Miss Magnolia Resale

How does it feel to be a big part of making sure scarves never go out of style? It's hard. There is a certain target market out there, and I am still trying to find it.

These patriotic scarves would have been perfect for the 4th of July! Must order for next year!

                              $14.00                                                          $14.00

When you wear a scarf, what are some of your favorite ways to style them? And with what type of clothes? When I am not wearing my scrubs, which are my favorite, but I don' think a scarf would go well with them, I wear mine as a belt or tied on a purse.  What's great about these scarves is that you can still wear them in the summertime.  They look great styled with a pair of shorts or with a top, tied around your neck.

The vintage scarf also sells jewelry. How do you choose which pieces you want to sell on your site? I am thinking of moving all the jewelry to Miss Magnolia's Resale, but for now we sell scarf clips, slides, buckles, button covers and brooches.  You can use the clips, slides, & buckles to hold your scarf in place...and of course they are vintage!

Here are some of the brooches and slides sold on The Vintage Scarf. I bought the first brooch for my Mom for her birthday!
                                          $9.00                                                $5.00
                                     $6.00                                                    $7.99
Is there anything else you would like to add for my readers? We have a newsletter for both websites.  Please come join us.

Paula also has a blog for both The Vintage Scarf and Miss Magnolia's Resale. You can check them out here: Just Talking Scarves
Miss Magnolia's Resale

Well I hope all of you had a great time learning more about Paula and her business! Please support her ventures by taking advantage of the 20% discount she is offering for all of my readers on The Vintage Scarf using code: Shalanda20 at checkout. :-)

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  1. Those scarves are really nice. I'm going to head over & check them out


  2. GirlinsunglassesJuly 11, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    I love scarves!! and these looks amazing! Great price & quality!!
    Thanks for sharing!! XOXO

  3. NotafashionbloggerJuly 11, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    Wow this is a great interview and I adore these scarves!! You know that you are right? Some of them are very similar to the mango maxidress!!

  4. FashionmakeuplifestyleJuly 11, 2011 at 6:57 PM

    Great interview and the scarfs are just beautiful.

    <3 Marina

  5. I love that you have a partner whoo
    and Ive given you a blogger award


  6. Love you endeavors! Love the scarf...love the leopard, pattern and flag scarf :)


  7. another nice interview! I love the American flags scarf!!!! <3

  8. Love the interview and all these wonderful items!Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great scarfs! I adore the one with the american flag :)

    xxx London


  10. yay! let me know what you buy! Great prices, and great items

  11. teehee, they are, aren't they?

  12. I love them! I'll definitely be ordering more!

  13. Thanks so much for the award missy!!

  14. Isn't that cute! I would have loved to have had that for the 4th. Oh well I'll have it for next year!


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