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Welcome to another installment of Fan Feature Friday! Today I introduce to you Laura Bray of Wrinkle In Time Vintage.  She is a teen stepping into the world of fashion and business! Enjoy learning more about Laura!

Name: Laura Bray
Age: 19
Occupation: working part-time at a bookshop
Hometown: Central Coast, NSW
Current Location: South Coast, NSW
Blog URL (if Blogger):

Let's talk about your giveaway that you are sponsoring for the wonderful readers of Live Life in Style. You are offering a $30.00 gift certificate to your store, is that correct? Yes! This is correct. I would love for one of your lucky readers to be able to spend $30.00 on anything on my Etsy store.  Hopefully whoever wins will see something they like and give it a well-loved home.

Wrinkle In Time's Giveaway  on my blog will launch on Monday, July 18th! Make sure you stop back by to Enter!!

How did you come up with the name of your blog? Well the name of the blog sort of came from the idea that when you wear vintage it transports you back to where the piece originally came from. Whenever I wear authentic vintage dresses I always feel like I belong in the middle of a Jane Austen novel.  I suppose "Wrinkle In Time Vintage" is all about 'wrinkling' the lines between reality and a little piece of my Austen day dreams.

What is the main focus of your blog? The main focus of my blog is to show what I wear on a day to day basis really. But lately we've also been discussing some current affair issues like the burqa and the issue of weight in the fashion industry.

What are your future goals for your blog? I would really love to just keep expanding my blog and for my readers to grown and grow. I've always had this pipe dream of seeing my blog's name published in a magazine, so I guess one of my goals would be that!

You also own a store, please tell us more about it and what you sell: I sell things that I hand select from my local charity stores. I've never bought stock over the internet or sight unseen, I like to know that each item that goes into my shop has something special about it, and that it has been hand-picked by me because of this special quality.

Do you have a favorite item that you are currently selling on your Etsy shop? I am in deep love with this jade green evening gown I found in a thrift store the other day. It's floor length and velvet with satin sleeves and a back's so gorgeous! It's not in the shop yet because I'm currently fighting an internal battle with myself over whether to keep it or not.

The banner on your blog is too cute! How did you come up with that? I actually drew it myself! I adore foxes. I think they're just the cutest things ever, so one day I was doodling and thought "Hey, that actually looks pretty cool!". Then I transferred it digitally and presto!

Do you always wear vintage clothing? Half of my wardrobe is vintage. I usually wear one or two pieces in all of my outfits that are vintage...except shoes. I never wear secondhand shoes, feet kind of freak me out a lil bit.

What is your favorite decade of vintage apparel? 1950s definitely. I actually studied the period of 1950's fashion of my major work for Extension History at school. I think it is so amazing how the fashion reflects the mindset of the people so well. The war was just finishing and so all these amazing new liberating fashions came around that really displayed how free everyone was because the war was over.

What are your favorite accessories for outfits? Shoes! I'm not even sure if they count as an accessory, but I'm saying shoes because they're the only thing I can I say I definitely have too many of!

What do you like to do in your free time? I am such a closet nerd...well not even closet, I'm just a nerd. I love reading, which probably explains why I work in a bookshop. So I read a lot, and play with my dogs. And if I had my way I'd just watch Mythbusters all day long. I cannot get enough of that show!

How does fashion where you live now compare to other places that you may have lived or visited? At the beginning of this year I was lucky enough to go to Europe for a month and I cannot even begin to tell you how different it is! I live in a small country town where fashion is the last thing some people are concerned about. In Paris, people really cared about what they put on their back...everyone had so much pride in their appearance, but not in a conceited way. Europeans seem to understand that the way you dress yourself reflects on your personality.  A lot of people in Australia just don't seem to grasp that concept.

What are some of your favorite fashion blogs to read? I recently stumbled across an Australian blog called "Shine by Three'. I am now completely obsessed. Also one of my good friends has her own fashion blog called 'My Mothers Diamond Ring' and her blog is a constant read of mine.

Do you make any of the items that you sell from your store? No...unfortunately! I wish I was that clever but the biggest item I've ever sewn was a pin cushion.

Please tell us about your prom dress and chocolate biscuit routine, ha-ha: Ok, well the prom dress is in reference to my favourite ever thrift find, which was this amazing sky blue 80s' prom dress with a tulle skirt and everything. It only cost me $4 and it fits like a glove. One afternoon I dragged my best friend out to a field and literally just ran around it for about an hour while she took photos of me! And as for the chocolate biscuits...I think that's fairly self explanatory. I mean who DOESN'T like chocolate biscuits?

You seem to really be into poetry, and words of wisdom. Who are some of your favorite poets? I would say I'm much more into literature than poetry, although my favourite novel of all time (The Road by Cormac McCarthy...if you haven't read it already go do so right now) is quite poetic.  Some of the passages are just so breathtakingly beautiful. But that's not to say I don't appreciate poetry, I just prefer novels because they let you escape into a whole other world.

Some of my favourite quotes; "Keep carrying the fire" - The Road. This quote is so inspiring, it always reminds me that no matter what the circumstance, if you have a passion and a fire for what you're doing, as long as you keep that fire lit, than you'll always find your way.

Would you like to add anything else for my readers? If you ever meet me in person don't be surprised if I'm a stuttering, shy twit.  I'm so bad at talking to people in person, I get so embarrassed and start stumbling over my words...I'm so much better on paper!

You can find Laura and Wrinkle In Time Vintage on the following sites:

Hope you enjoyed reading up on Laura! Make sure you go show her some love, by visiting her blog and store! :-)


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  1. She seems like a really motivated girl. I love her sheer black skirt.

  2. NotafashionbloggerJuly 15, 2011 at 11:30 AM

    I like her answers! I am off to check her blog!

  3. OMG! Love the person you featured. What a cool sense of style.....I love hearing from young women and understanding their points of view.....

    Get Up & Go

  4. Wrinkle In Time VintageJuly 15, 2011 at 7:53 PM

    Thanks so much for interviewing me Shasie :)

  5. you are a great interviewer love what you are doing by featuring all these less known bloggers! I really love discovering new blogs! Go girl!

  6. Good job honey!!!Great interview and amazing etsy shop!

  7. great interview Shasie I love that you feature so many Australian bloggers it is great as I sometimes feel a little left out being at the bottom of the earth lol :)
    Hope your pattern making course goes well :)

  8. :) finally the disqus loaded on my computer,i have been trying to comment on your blog for so long :(
    Loved her,
    she's so unique,shasie :D
    great feature

  9. Girl I had the same problem when I first tried to comment on blogs with disqus. For some reason it seems to fail in internet explorer, but works very well in Mozilla. Not sure why...hopefully disqus is working on a solution, because I love using it! Glad you enjoyed the interview!

  10. I love that I get to feature bloggers from all over the world! I love diversity and I love learning about different cultures and how they may be similar or different to what I'm used to. It's great! I'll have to let you know about the class!

  11. Thanks Federica!! Yay, glad you like her shop!

  12. Hi Tania! I'm so glad you love this feature! What is your blog url?

  13. You are most welcome Laura! I enjoyed interviewing you!

  14. Isn't it great! I've had learned so much about different people with this Fan Feature Friday. I really love doing them!

  15. Yay!! I know you'll like it!

  16. Yea she is, that's my fav look too!!

  17. She looks so sweet and her style is great! Love the interview ^-^

    Ps: join our giveaway

  18. FashionmakeuplifestyleJuly 18, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    Great style so unique!

    <3 Marina


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