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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

First I want to say how excited I am to see that this blog is growing, and that my network of great fashion bloggers is expanding! I have met some really great men and women in this biz, and I hope to continue to meet more! This week I was featured on 2 different blogs: Gia Says That and The ABC's of College.

GIA SAYS THAT INTERVIEW - Click HERE to see the full feature
You may recognize Gia from her feature on my blog last Friday for Fan Feature Friday! Here is a snippet of my interview on her blog:

When I asked her to define her style she said "My style would have to be described as MCT - Modern, Classic, Trendy. I like basic classic pieces while mixing in a few trendy items.  I also steer to shopping in mall stores, versus thrifted or vintage shopping so that's where the Modern comes in"

THE ABC's of COLLEGE INTERVIEW - Click HERE to see the full feature
Catherine of the ABC's of college emailed me to be interviewed for her blog and to offer some advice for fashionistas in college. Her blog is great because it offers lots of tips for college students! Great ones I wish I would have had before, and during college.  Here is a snippet of my interview on her blog:

Growing up, were you always into fashion & beauty? Also, describe your personal style over the years and how have they changed.
I've always been more into fashion than beauty. It really wasn't until college that I started experimenting more with makeups, and beauty products. My style has definitely changed over the years. I used to wear mesh, zip-up hoodies over every top I owned with a cute pair of jeans and heels. After awhile I started exploring more skirts, and now I wear a lot of dresses.


A few weeks ago I received 3 blog awards, and I've been backdated so badly on my blog, I'm just now getting the chance to post about these awards! I received the "One Lovely Blog Award" from Kayla of My Greatest Hits and from Joey of Everyday Outfits. Kayla's blog is great because it's relatable to many girls. The things she's doing now many of us can relate too...interviewing and just living life. I first met Joey on IFB. She was one of the first 3 bloggers that I connected with on that site, and we've been great blogger friends ever since. She lives in the UK and has a great blog, and a great personal style!! For this award I need to list 7 facts and pass the award on to 7 blogs.

I also received the "One Adorable Blog" award from Shay of Just Me Being Me Shay G Blog.  I believe Shay found my blog through one of the fashion communities like lookbook.nu, and we became fast blogger friends. I like her blog because it's real, and like she says, it's her being her! For this award I need to list 10 facts and pass the award along to 10 other blogs.

I will not bore you with 17 facts (plus I don't even know if I could come up with that many after listing some for previous awards) so I'll just do a total of 10 but still nominate 17 blogs!

1. I have a huge crush on Tom Welling - He played Clark Kent on the Smallville Television Show

2. I'm trying to keep myself on an actual shopping budget. I can't even wear the new purchases that I already have, so there's no point to buy more.  I need to just be more patient and put more frugal in this frugalista.

3. I'm from Pittsburgh, PA so naturally I came out the womb bleeding Black and Gold for the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!

4.  I have a pretty boring shoe collection (as in colors). So one of my fashion goals for this year is to expand my shoe collection...ok already going against fact #2!! I don't even wear all the shoes I have now! haha
5. I'm obsessed with reality T.V. Shows and some are just trashy tv like the Basketball Wives. Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, but some are actually good like Keeping up with the Kardashians and all spinoffs, Holly's World, & Kendra and too many more to list. I can't help it , just can't. They crack me up and keep me entertained.

6. I'm officially addicted to Domino's Meat Lover's Pizza. Papa Johns used to be my fav mainstream brand, but ever since those Domino's commercials and they changed their recipes, Dominos has won out with taste!!

7. I have too many clothes to keep them all out at one time. I have to transition every season with everything! Clothes, shoes, & handbags because I can't keep them all out. I have  a huge closet, 2 big dressers, and tubs of clothes, and under the bed storage, and just realized that I still have clothes at my parents' house in Pittsburgh. THIS IS NOT MY CLOSET BELOW...lol

8. I'm obsessed with fantasy/sci-fi films like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and I'll even through Twilight into the mix.

9. I also have a crush on the actor who played Lex Luthor in the Smallville Series, Michael Rosenbaum, but only as a baldie. With hair I don't like him! haha
10. I have 979 friends on Facebook and 109 of them are Bloggers and Designers!!

Sharing the Love!
I am giving the One Lovely Blog Award to the following 7 Blogs:
1. Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger
2. Nubia's Nonsense
3. The ABC's of College
4. Jeimy's Fashion Love Affair
5. North on Harper
6. The Boston Fashionista
7. InStyle

I am giving the One Adorable Blog Award to the following 10 Blogs:
1. Gia Says That
2. Frills and Ruffles
3. E's House
4. Shen Dove Style
5. Economy of Style
6. Girl on Shuffle
7. Koi Story
8. Sincerely Sabrina
9.  by Pierina
10. Her Late Night Cravings

Check out my previous award posts to see what blogs I previously nominated
1. Blogger Awards
2. 7 Facts Blog Awards (Blogger Awards II)
2. Blogger Awards III

Enter My Giveaway to win a free makeup kit from Nique Cosmetics! There will be 15 winners!


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  1. NotafashionbloggerJune 9, 2011 at 9:50 AM

    Ooooooooooh thanks Shasie!!!
    Apart from your love for the lex luthor character we are twins!!

  2. Congrats on all your new, exciting and fantastic happenings! You deserve it! Muah!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA It's so weird that I like him, I guess I just go for the bad boys sometimes. I think it was more his personality! :-)

  4. Aw Shasie, congrats on the awards and features and thanks so much for my award! :) I am really loving what you're doing with the facebook page for bloggers!

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  5. Big ups on the features and the awards!! Thanks mucho for passing it on

  6. Thanks Shasie! Oh my, I remember Smallville! I loved the first 2 seasons, drifted off in season 3 and 4, ignored it for the rest of the show, then finally came back for the series finale! I'm more of a Green Arrow girl ;)

  7. agree with a lot of points, i also have so many things, clothes,shoes, bags and don't know where to put them, also trying to have a budget for shopping, but difficult today a bought also at the airport, guess what? a new bag i really neede it!

  8. I asked a question on my blog about Airport shopping hahaha

  9. Congrats on all the blog awards and features, you are the recipient of much blogger love. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. Thanks Addie! It's so cool to be recognized by other bloggers. It means a
    lot to me!

  11. I feel super honored to be included!!! Forgive me if I don't actually act out the award for a bit... I am so slammed right now--- just doing my best to get by!!!!!!

  12. Girl I know! I received these about a month ago, that's how behind I was on
    them! Life gets in the way sometimes! :-)

  13. Congratulations DOLL on your blog awards YOU and your BLOG completely deserved them. I love how your personality truly does comes through your posts and I believe this is the main reason why your blog is growing so much. Is nice to know you and hope we can stay friends and fellow bloggers for a long, long time.

    <3 Marina

  14. Aww I hope we do too. I'm glad you see my personality, because I always tell everyone, I'm the same person in every aspect of my life, from fb, to blogging , to work, to my social life, etc I act exactly the same across the board. So it's also good to know my personality doesn't turn people off! hahaha Thanks so much for your sweet comments girlie! I look forward to when we can meet in person :-)

  15. Congratulations honey!!!You deserve it!!!

  16. Oh...I was hoping that was your closet. I looks like mine.(tee hee) Thank you, Shasie for entering the contest to win the Couture Sweater by Danielle Celeste (me) on Lv fabulous blog, Food Fashio and Flow. If you would like to tweet about the giveaway or blog about over the next two weeks, I'll give you more entries. Let me know. I wanted to folow you but GFC is being tempermental this evening. I hope you win.<3

  17. Hi Danielle! Sure I'll tweet about it and post it in my blog. Yea it
    sometimes disappears, but you can use the follow button at the top of the
    page if you want :-) Thanks so much! I hope I win too! hahaha

  18. Oooohhh you've changed to Disqus! Pretty neat! I'm also thinking after reading the comments on your Fashion Bloggers group.

    - Awww no need to thank me, you deserved the award :)

    - Haha I love how #4 contradicted #2. I know what you mean, though. Join me on shopping ban? We can chide each other if we fall off ;)

    - Omg I'm following this fake reality documentary thingy called Made in Chelsea. I heard it's a bit like Jersey Shore (I've never watched that). Mindless (Or rather, non-existent) plot, good-looking people, great fashion, too much fake tan...so NOT me, but I'm stuck watching it because I just want to know what happens next! Oh Shasie, what kind of era do we live in :( Yes, I'm watching them, but it upsets me that I do. Am I losing the plot here?

    - Re your comment: Yes, how rude was that man! Don't be touching my stuff grrr...

    Have a great weeknd, love!

  19. Yep, I'm loving DISQUS. Now I get to reply to you guys and you actually get
    to see it! And I'm replying to you right now via email, so I don't even have
    to be on my page to do it! Girl I definitely need help on this shopping
    ban! I'm paying for so much other stuff right now. I'm planning my sister's
    Bridal Shower, and flying to her wedding, and then my best friends wedding,
    and then planning the bachelorette party, so I need to stop spending

    I totally agree with you on reality tv. It's like why am I watching this!!
    And I ask myself that all the time, but I keep watching! BUAHAHAAHAHA

    Mmhmm you were nice to the dude I may have flicked him off lolol

  20. Nice thanks for mentioning me sweetie.... great Blog...

  21. Thank you Shasie! :)
    You're such a sweetheart! <3


  22. And also shasie,i wanted to ask you, if i put disqus on my blog, will the previous comments be deleted? :)

  23. You're welcome girlie! There's a feature on DISQUS under tools on the DISQUS
    website called import/export. Once you link up your blog on their site you
    can import all comments, and it will keep all your blogger comments on all
    your previous posts justs switches them to DISQUS format :-) Hope that
    helps! If you have any more questions let me know!

  24. Thank you very much, darling!!!!!!!

  25. That's a whole lot of parties/weddings! I love weddings, though! :D
    Well, if you're really serious, just start now. Like now! Immediately. I wanted to buy something on eBay the day I started my shopping ban and was so tempted to start the ban the next day, but I stopped myself and said NO! Now means now! Tomorrow never comes, trust me haha
    It's hard, not going to lie, but I make a conscious effort to remind myself I'm on a ban. Like when I went to town today, I just kept that in mind. You can do it, too, Shasie!

    HAHAHA glad I'm not the only person annoyed at myself for watching reality tv, but not being able to stop.

  26. Shasie! Your so amazing! Thanks so much :) xx

  27. Frills and RufflesJune 12, 2011 at 9:06 PM

    OMG you are so sweet! Thanks for adoring ME!


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