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You guys have no idea how excited I am that this feature on my blog is really taking off.  I'm booked all the way into September with amazing, stylish people for you!! I love all of my fans, and appreciate all of their lovely comments on my blog everyday, and it makes me so happy to feature them for your viewing pleasure!! For my 4th installment of Fan Feature Friday, I have Gia of Gia Says That. Her blog is so comical to me, and her style is very unique. I love checking out her posts and her comical commentary! Here's Gia:

Name: Gia Kashyap
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Current Location: Mumbai, India
Blog Url (if Blogger):

How did you come up with the name of your blog? It took me five minutes to decide on the name of my blog. This might be funny, but I talk a lot, so I wanted to include the word "say" in the title.  I just ended up with this name and didn't think much about it. I had started my you-tube channel a long time ago, in July 2010, with the name giasaysthat, and decided to shift to blogger around January 2011 with the same name. :-)

What are your goals for your blog? I don't really have any "number of followers" goal but I do have goals when it comes to reaching people. I really want to change the way people look at fashion in my country. Coming from India, there are only a few top brands available here, and to be extremely honest, the fashion scene in my country is not that great.  I would like every girl to feel special about herself and dress up as well! :-). I am starting out with a "BLOG-MAKEOVER" feature where I will be giving any blog a makeover if they request it. It's like a haircut, you know? It makes you look totally different! In this case it's your blog!

What other social networking sites are you on via your blog?

Describe your personal style: Girly, laid-back, sophisticated, & quirky.  I dress up everyday depending on the way I feel. I love vintage "look-alike" jewelry and I depend on them! Florals might be "very grandma" but I adore them. I love colors such as: Violet, beige, grey, etc. I do not believe in wearing high heels everyday, I find it silly. I believe in comfort. I like wearing footwear in which I can hop around and run around! :-D (We can definitely tell that you like to be comfy based on your barefeet picture above! How fun!)

When out in public, what is your classic "what not to wear" look that you see other ladies doing? BLING! Anything in excess is not good, and when I see people wearing a lot of BLING, it turns me off!

What's YOUR favorite go-to accessory? My accessory is my heart-shaped hair grip...I use it to pin my bangs!

How many pairs of shoes do you own? I do not really own a lot because I had to throw a lot of them away, but right now I have 35 pairs of shoes.

What are your favorite fashion blogs to read? I don't really have any particular favorite blog, and I read a lot of blogs and every blog is so unique...I am not being diplomatic here...HAHA! But I love Steffy's Pros and Cons and your blog of course  (Thanks GIA!!) . There's a huge list!!

What inspires your daily looks? "My mood" inspires my daily looks. If I feel lazy I throw on an over-sized shirt, with flats and messy hair! If I feel like Audrey Hepburn, I wear a bun with a black dress and a pearl necklace! Haha!

How does the fashion in your current location compare to any other places you may have lived or visited? If you see the fashion in India, it's extremely colorful. Girls here wear a lot of kohl on their eyes and they love bangles.  We have a few top brands that are available here and it's amazing!! It's more on the quirkier side with a lot of colors. It's not the usual India you see in the documentaries or on a T.V. show. India is extremely just have to be in the right place :-D.  I love Bangkok and when I visited there, I fell in love with it! The girls there are extremely well dressed, and 60% of the population there are females! (Gia, I need to move there, I'm tired of silly men!). They have an amazingly cute dressing style and the clothes there are so cheap! Shopping there is fun!

How do you pack for vacations/trips? I carry a lot of clothes, and a lot of back-ups! I never forget to carry my favorite red nail paint by Maybelline called Gabrielle.

Do you like to follow trends when it comes to putting together an outfit or shopping? Let's take the feather hair extensions trend for example-I do not like it at all, so I won't really follow it. It depends on the trend! If I like the trend, I will shop for it, but I won't follow it blindly. I never think before I purchase something that I am going to match it with something else, I just purchase it. But when I'm ready to wear it, I get a lot of ideas on how to style it. :-)

Do you have any fashion tips that you've inherited from your family? My mom loves colors. She loves bright colors and I am opposite. So I have learned to love bright colors from her. :-)

How did you discover hot chocolate and cheese pizza!?!?! Haha, This is a good question! I had gone out with friends and we do the random-est of things! I love hot chocolate, liquid chocolate is so yummmy, and I decided to pour it on my cheese pizza! My friends were so shocked!! They thought I was weird, but trust me, it tastes so good! :-) (Gia I used to eat reese's peanut butter cups dipped in melted nacho cheese! So amazing!)

Would you like to add anything else for my readers? Thank you SHASIE for this opportunity! :-) I love "LOVE" your blog and I am forever going to be your loyal blog lover haha!! (Wow, Gia that means so much to me!! I adore your blog too!!) If you guys love Doughnuts + Humour + Randomneess + Fashion + A Blog Makeover, try checking out

GIA, this was such a great interview! You have such a unique personality and style, and I'm so glad I got to share it with my readers! Loved, loved, loved your answers! We'll have to discuss more about our weird food groupings, and get everyone else on board!!

Remember, if you would like to be featured for Fan Feature Friday, you do NOT have to be a blogger, just a fan/reader of my blog.  Please send an email to me at

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  1. Love her style!She is so cute!Love this feature!Great idea!xoxo

  2. Her style is great! Love the dresses, so cute!
    Have an awesome weekend girl :)

    Kisses xX

  3. Her style is super cute. And yes, I totally know who Lucy Lawless is -- she's in Spartacus now! :) That's quite the compliment, she's aged well.

  4. How cute is Gia?!?! I really like how different all of her outfits are - she has a very versatile style. Also, LUCY LAWLESS!

  5. Shasie--- thank you!! Great interview and Gia is adorable!!!! Just messaged her to beg for a blog makeover.... a girl can dream!

  6. Shasie,You have posted it so neatly and in an organised way haha! :P
    Thank you for the feature!I love you for this!
    and A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who read it!

  7. love this! super cute!


  8. @Alina - Isn't she just the cutest! I love her!

    @Michelle - Glad you enjoyed her looks! Hope you have a great weekend too!

    @The-Loudmouth - Haha, yes she has. I think she is gorgeous, and she has an amazing new zealand accent. I've been wanting to watch that show, but I think it comes on STARZ or HBO or something that I don't have

    @Kristen - Haha Lucy Lawless is one of my fav actresses! Xena is and still is my fav tv show!!

    @Laura - Thanks so much for liking this feature. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about GIA!

  9. @GiasaysthatAww girl,you are super welcome! It was fun to interview and feature you in my blog!!

  10. She's funny and stylish, nice interview!^^

  11. @S Isn't she fun! Lovely girl with a good heart!

  12. She is really cute and has great style!


  13. I love the fun, whimsical looks. She's great!!

  14. What a lovely find, Gia sounds awesome! :)

  15. AAWWW...She's lovely I'll definitely check her out. I love the way she descrbes her personal style and how she wants to changed for the girls in India..You go girl!!

    Shasie Congrats doll on this amazing feature in your blog is truly fantastic :)

    <3 Marina

  16. @Mom - right? her looks are so unique

    @Leah - She is, def follow her blog

    @Marina - I know that's so inspiring, and she's thinking beyond herself when it comes to her style. Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the feature!!

  17. @LV ISn't she! I'm glad you enjoyed her interview and style


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