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For the 5th Installment of Fan Feature Friday, I am featuring a girl that is very different, compared to the ladies of all my previous Fan Feature posts.  She is a fashion designer, who studied fashion in school and is very into High-Fashion Designers. Continue on to read more on Diane! :-)

Name: Diane De L'Orpaz
Age: 22
Occupation: Fashion Designer/Stylist/Blogger
Hometown: Bangkok Thailand
Current Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Blog URL (If Blogger): 

How did you come up with your blog name? I have always felt like society puts so much pressure on being perfect, especially in the fashion industry.  Perfectism was my definition of that. Perfectism, obviously, isn't really a word and it was my very own oxymoron. Perfect, but flawed.

How would you describe your personal style? I don't believe in defining my style. Style and Fashion,to me, have no boundaries and no specifications.  Style and Fashion for me go hand in hand they are constantly altering and shifting into something fabulous and beautiful everytime. I am a fashion victim, definitely not a daywear kind of person.  I feel faceless; in say a T-shirt and Jeans. I love to dress up anywhere and everywhere I go!

What made you become a fashion designer? I think just the fact that I was so exposed to fashion growing up; my mother is a fashion designer and artist. I remember going through her office when I was little, and going through the stacks of Vogue in her bedroom. Once I asked my mom to read me a Vogue for bedtime, or so I'm told. My poor defenseless Barbies were over accessorized and changed at least 3 times a day. I would style and design pieces for my mother to alter or sew for them. Though, they did have the ultimate wardobe that every girl could only wish for, they had more clothes than I did (I dare them to complain). My mom definitely tried to steer me away from fashion in my teenage years when it was very clear that's what I wanted to do.  I think it was because the industry is tough on so many people, and you have to shift and change rapidly and immediately and concurrently with fashion its trends. I actually want to be a Fashion Editor of a High Fashion magazine like Vogue or W magazine. I think that would be really be something that would bring into play all the aspects of fashion; that is something I truly want to do.

Diane with Neil Barrett

Do you have any fashion icons? If I had to choose it would definitely be Anna Dello Russo. I think she is the true representation of a true fashionista.  She ultimately pushes the limits of fashion to where no one else would even dare to. When Helmut Newton called her a "Fashion Maniac" he was spot on. I truly love what she does and what she stands for.

Who is your favorite Designer? I have so many! My list always grows too! I am always on the lookoug for new and emerging high-fashion designers. My all time favorites are Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, and Balmain's Christophe Decarnin, especially when he is teamed up with Emannuelle Alt.

How did you come up with the Fashion Bloggers Suitcase feature on your blog? I travel a lot, and after my 'One Blogger, One Suitcase' post which essentially talks about how I have been living out of one suitcase, for almost 8 months now and I haven't been able to do the 'unpack, repack' regime which I usually get to do. One of my readers asked me to a post on what I pack, especially for long-term trips, and that's how the post was born.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: I am French Moroccan, but I was born in Israel and grew up in South East Asia. I consider Thailand my Home.  I think seeing and being exposed to so many different cultures, forms, and manifestations of fashion from such a young age helped me to see how every person and culture takes on fashion differently. That is why I say that Fashion knows no limits. That is what I love. The influence of cultural exposure is what impacts and inspires me as an artist and it definitely shows up in my work.

Do you follow celebrities on twitter? And if so, who is your favorite twitter person to follow? Yes, I follow 2 celebrities: Tyra Banks, just because I think she is a sensational business woman and model and Ian Somerhalder.  I am co-coordinator and head of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in Thailand for which I am currently designing a line for. All money will be donated to the International Ian Somerhalder Foundation and its cause. Oh, and I follow Eddie Murphy, who is my favorite celebrity to follow; his tweets make my world a better place, he is hilarious!

Can you go into more detail on the ISF cause? The IS FOUNDATION THAILAND aims to advance efforts for inspirting Thailand and it's residents to make a difference.  The ISF cause is separated into 3 aspects: Habitat, Environmental, and Animals. The IS Foundation aims to distribute funds and resources towards global conservation, green energy development/deployment, preventing extinction of endangered species, stopping animal cruelty, empowerment of no-kill shelters, deforestation, reforestation, and much, much more.  ISF really appeal to me because it is dissimilar to a lot of charities and foundations I have worked with; which essentially concentrate on one aspect.  ISF touches and influences many issues. I am one of those people who want to do a million and one things at once and I think that is what appealed to me the most. (WOW! Sounds like a great cause! That's cool that you work for them. I'm also someone that does a ton of things at once! You'll have to keep us updated on ISF)
You say you love fashion illustration and as a designer I'm sure you have many illustrations of your own. What was your favorite fashion item that you've ever drawn? Ever since I was little I have loved fashion illustration. My mother is a fashion designer and has been for the past 22 years. I would love to go through all her illustrations and do my own. Which at 8 or 9 years old, I can tell you they were not very good. When I went to study fashion design I took an illustration class and that's when I really got to develop my own style and technique and my favorite fashion illustration of mine. I actually have 2, and they are very recent ones I did for fashion week outfit ideas.

Here are some of Diane's Illustrations. I asked her to send me some because I love fashion illustrations too, and figured you all would love to see her work! 

Paris outfit: Giambatista Valli F/W 11/12 Fur Cape Coat, Dsquared Leather Washed Pants F/W 11/12, Dsquared Ice Skate Shoes also F/W 2011/12 and Valentino Couture 2009 Lace Mask

New York oufit: Dsquared Fur Collar Coat F/W 11/12, Dolce & Gabbana Felt Hat and Pants F/W 11/12, Jason Wu S/S 11 Shirt, Burberry Prorsum F/W 2011/12 Clutch, Jil Sander S/S 11 Shoes.

Tell us a great fashion tip you have learned over the years? "It's my first job to make myself up. You should put on your passion on yourself before translating to other people....Fashion is always uncomfortable. When you get comfortable, you never get the look" ~Anna Dello Russo

What do you use for Fashion Inspiration when putting together an outfit? Inspiration is everywhere, Fashion is everywhere! You shouldn't look in one place for it! That way your inspiration is monotonous and whatever you look for, for inspiration will be too. It can't be forced; you just have to deliberate things differently.

What's your favorite shoe brand? Oh, how I love, love, love, love, love shoes!! You can never have enough shoes! When I go shopping for clothes, or anything for that matter I am more likely to come back home with shoes. I honestly cannot choose one favorite shoe brand. I love Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Dsquared's crazy heel designs, Luxury Rebel, Giacomorelli, Guissepp Zanotti, and Alejandro Ingelmo.

Picture of Diane meeting Giuseppe Zanotti

How does the fashion where you live now compare to any other places you may have lived or visited? I am in Tel Aviv right now, and I love dressing up no matter where I go, or what I do. People don't do that here, sometimes people look at me like I fell out of the sky because I'm wearing power (exaggerated) shoulders, half-tint sunglasses, or a color blocked outfit.

You are also a stylist, who have you styled for? I recently attended Luisa Via Roma's Firenze4ever event and styled various looks along with the shoots for the event, which was by far one of the most amazing experiences I have had as a blogger! That's when I decided it would be something that would be perfect to do along side fashion design. In essence, I want to be a creative consultant for a high fashion magazine; style photo shoots for magazines. We'll see where it takes me!

Do you speak more than one language? If yes what are they? If no, what languages would you like to learn? I speak English, Hebrew, and French. I definitely want to better my French and learn Italian

What are your favorite fashion magazines? I love high fashion magazines. Vogue is my favorite magazine: Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Vogue Nippon and American Vogue. I love WWD, W magazine, i-D Numero, and L'officiel.

Would you like to add anything else for my fabulous readers? Keep an eye out for my upcoming IS Foundation line which will be coming out soon.  All money raised will be donated to ISF and its cause.

Thank you Diane for your interview! It was very cool interviewing you, as you are doing so much a 22 and definitely big things in your future! I know my readers will enjoy reading and learning about you!!

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  1. Oh, her style!She s my favorite!xoxo

  2. Lovely and talented lady! I adore her illustrations - I'd frame them.

  3. NotafashionbloggerJune 10, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    Shasie I am together with fede of I love shopping with fede and we are really impressed by this interview not only she is gorgeous but she is also very smart and sensitive.
    Beside I am in love with her red leather jacket and Fede with her clutch!
    xoxoFrabcesca + fede

  4. Gorgeous! She has great style, and so talented. Wow. Lovely feature.

  5. What an interesting interview! You asked all the right questions and her answers were very informative and interesting. I loved it! She seems like a very smart lady. Beauty and brains and FASHIONABLE! I'm going to check out her blog. I love her illustrations.

    Good work, Shasie! My more favourite FFF so far :D

  6. I know right! That is some skill right there, they look so real and cool! I would definitely frame them too!

  7. Hi Ladies!!! So great that y'all hang out! Isn't she wonderful? I'm so glad she wanted to be featured because she was a great find for this series. I figured you would all enjoy her and her talent, and her great answers! Have fun in L'Italia

  8. Super smart, I loved reading her answers to this! I'm so glad I could feature her. And I love how her answers were detailed. I felt like I was a VOGUE interviewer interviewing a famous celebrity! I loved it! glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Shasie, you did a very great interview!!!
    She is very beautiful and stylish!!!

  10. Thanks Hallie! It was great to interview her! I loved all of her answers

  11. i love her blog!

    i'm subscribe to it. lols

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    <3 Marina

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  15. hi there! cute blogspace you got here!
    I Think your profiles and photography of people is just fabulous!
    Fashion Designing Institute

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  17. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Haha, I can't take credit for
    these photos, they ladies I feature submit their own photos, but I'm glad
    you like her shots! This is one of my favorite features for my blog! I'm
    also glad that you like my blog!


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