THE GIVEAWAY: Vintage Scarf

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I was so excited when Paula Horlick CEO of The Vintage Scarf contacted me to host a giveaway on my blog for my fabulous readers! I love scarves, and their vintage pieces are beautiful!! The scarf we are giving away is the one picture above. On each end is a picture of a little town with trees, and the print and color are perfect for the Spring!! Here are some more snapshots of the scarf.

Please only comment if you are going to enter the giveaway.

Official Rules
1. Add The Vintage Scarf as a friend on facebook (It's a friend request not a like page, they no longer have a "like" page. Ignore the you have to know her personally that might come up)
2. Follow me via Google Friend Connect or bloglovin (if you don't have GFC)
3. Comment below that you followed with your facebook name, google friend name, or via bloglovin

Extra Entries
1. Follow The Vintage Scarf on Twitter
2. Like Live Life in Style's Facebook Page

Good Luck! This giveaway is open until May 31st!!

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  1. Beautiful scarf!Congratulations on hosting this giveaway!xoxo

  2. Gorgeous scarf!
    Facebook- Autumn Champlin- (waiting for friend confirmation)
    google name- Autumn
    Twitter- achamp04
    Liked- Live life in Style's facebook page

  3. fan of you on fb with my indieelectronicalternate page. and already following on here. :) this is me entering! :)

  4. just liked you too under my real name: danielle audain :)

  5. Hey lady!!! I don't use GFC.... but I follow you on Bloglovin and liked you on FB!!! I went ahead liked The Vintage Scarf on FB....... the scarf is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  6. @Alexis of NorthOnHarperAt Alexis, no worries! That counts! Thanks!

  7. Hey Shasie! Absolutely love the scarf (im gonna tell my readers about your giveaway). Facebook name is Sophie Fredericksen or Fashion Without Borders. Google Connect is SAF.

  8. following :) Stephanie Rae Stephanie Rae's Nail Designs on Facebook thanks for the giveaway :D

  9. That's a really pretty scarf, good luck to everyone who is joining the giveaway. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. Hey! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!

    Its a gorgeous scarf- I entered in every way. :)

    Good Luck to everyone else entering!!!

  11. Gorgeous, darlon! What a amazing scarf!!!! Thank you very much for visiitng and for your sweet words:)


  12. This scarf is so lovely! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Added The Vintage Scarf on FB, "Liked" Live Life in Style on FB, & following you via bloglovin :)

  13. This scarf is so cool and I like that it's vintage, added Vintage scarf on FB and I'm following you on GFC. I think this scarf would look great with so many outfits.

    Thanks for checking out my blog

  14. beautiful one!! hope everyone have good luck to win the scarf!!

    Have a nice day honey!


  15. Shasie thank u so much for ur comment!.
    Let me tell u this scarf looks just perfect. Great Giveaway.

  16. I follow you on fb (Te Resa)( I "like"); I ask the friend's request to Paula M Horlick (TheVintagescarf) on fb; I follow you on twitter (@T3R3S4_); I follw you on bloglovin and I follow you on GFC (
    my e-mail:


  17. Hi - We are following you with GFC as Her Late Night Cravings and I just liked you on Facebook (as Jayme).

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  18. YAY...giveaway them..Ok already following you everywhere!!

    Enter me please!!! Kisses beautiful doll!!!


  19. hi Shasie,thanks for your reply.Can you to use the Google Translator for your own PC,ok? But i'll write in english language too sometimes...hugs!!

  20. Shasie, I also believe in partnerships between our blogs, from time to time I publish a your post on my blog and if you want you publish on yours something of the mine and if you
    have time, of course, what do you think? I even got a title called Blog Friends. And I write in Italian because i'm studing one day I want to know the Italia and Portuguese that is my own ididoma and in English because half of my visitors are American!hugs

  21. I am now following and I have added Vintage Scarf on Facebook and my name is Reyna De La Paz please enter me!

  22. hi, i cant follow you in the FB but i maked all steps to the giveway,ok?

  23. That's so exciting that someone approached you to host a giveaway! Quite an interesting pattern on it.

  24. Now this is a beautiful scarf my dear! I'm already following hon blog loving & now FB! -xxoo

  25. Hi Shasie! I am a GFC follower and my Fb is Lydia Neihya Hibbing.
    Much love,

  26. Wow, fantastic giveaway! Love the scarf, pretty.

    Kisses xX

  27. Added as a fb friend ( Christal Kay)
    following via bloglovn' and GFC ( name
    liked on twitter and liked the facebook live life instyle page!

    Fingers crossed =)


  28. I am following you already everywhere....sooooo I want that scarf!!!
    btw tommorrow I'll start my giveaway!!!

  29. thanks for following! I follow you via GFC and sent a friend request to the Vintage Scarf.

    House of Shoes

  30. pretty scarf, I'm following your blog already, hope you can visit my blog too. :)

  31. I wish I could really win this scarf I am already following you in facebook (pau lg) or ohmydiorblog, twitter and everything you just asked!!
    beautiful giveaway!!

  32. I am trying to enter your contest and hope this comment will get to you before the deadline date of May 31st but if not, there's always the next time. Love

  33. Oh my goodness Vintage cars are my obsession!!1 Love them ALL!!! well not all, but you know, loL!!!!

  34. I'd love to win!

    Followed you via Bloglovin' b/c blogger is having problems and your GFC box isn't coming up :( Added The Vintage Scarf on facebook under my real name- Alexa Curtis. Via Bloglovin' my name is A Life in the Fashion Lane. Also followed The Vintage Scarf on twitter and followed Live Life in Style on facebook under the name A Life in the Fashion Lane. Followed The Vintage Scarf under fashionamour1. 2 extra entries for me :)


  35. Ok, did it! I'm following you on Blog Lovin' and I requested Paula M. Horlick as a friend on Facebook! :-)

  36. I started enjoying scarves then seemed to get drawn into vintage. And now really appreciate the history and what to look out for. I go to Shoreditch for scarves and also Peekaboo in London. Online I tend to watch some great ones come up but they sell quick. I have my scarves displayed in my bedroom and my special ones I have framed around the house. It is difficult to get them framed well as they have to mounted in a special way, but they look beautiful on the wall, especially with a wall light.


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