Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Short-sleeve Button-Up: New York & Company
Tank: Merona Men's Tank Tops (Target)
Necklace and Earrings: Gift from Robin
Bracelets: Gift and Burlington
Jeans: Target
Pumps: Marshalls
Watch: New York & Company

Went to my first professional hockey game on Saturday night. It was really fun. I am a Penguins fan, but not a "Hockey" fan so I don't know all the rules of Hockey so Amy's Mom was explaining the rules to me!! I especially enjoyed the hockey fights and slamming players into the wall. That was fun to watch! We ended up losing the game in overtime...but it was still fun!

 Who knew there were cheerleaders for Hockey??
Afterwards we met up with our friends that were at the Houston Dynamo Soccer game!

Outfit Details

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  1. What a great idea (FB)! I find IFB sooooo confusing. I love the green in your outfit as well. Looks wonderful on you!

  2. Love that green! the chunky accessories are gorgeous.
    Never been to a hockey game but it looks great fun!

    Sadie x

  3. @Frannie PantzHey girl! Thanks! I have 16 bloggers apart of it already! Just send me a friend request. Thanks! I loved the green too, so fun!

  4. @What Sadie DidThis was my first Hockey game too! It was lots of fun! I would definitely recommend it!

  5. GIVE ME ALL the GREEN Please!!! I love Green...U look gr8!
    And you all had fun I am sure!

  6. @Brooke's ClosetGreen is SUCH a great color! We had a blast. I would definitely go to another hockey game soon

  7. love the pop of green in this outfit! so cute!

    love from San Francisco,

  8. I love the lime. Just love it.

  9. You look great. Love the colors!

  10. @BomaThanks Girlie! I appreciate you stopping by my blog

    Live Life in Style

  11. Hi! Hockes is s much fun - I went last winter to a game. but the were no cheerleader ;) I like that you put green with the jeans, but this time I don't like your jewellery, sorry. It looks kind of.. cheap?


  12. I love that green statement jewelry Shasie!
    Isn't hockey a bit tough? I never seen a hockey game, just chunks of it, and I was impressed on how hard they were hitting each other. Then I saw a rugby game and thought that it was even harder!

  13. Love the color of the shirt!Looks great on you!

  14. I feel GREEN too!!!Cool look!

  15. great casual outfit for a night like yours :)

  16. @Kristina - Yea cheerleaders at Hockey Games are weird. I appreciate your honestly. I only wear "non-expensive" costume jewelry. It fits my personality and budget better :-)

    @Francesca - Thanks girlie! I love it too! So bright and colorful and perfect for Spring!

    @Irene - Thanks so much! I really like the way it looked on my too. I was pleasantly surprised as I haven't worn this top in years

    @Alina - Thanks!!! It's a great color isn't it?

    @Frederica - Green's a great color! I want to get more pieces in my wardrobe that are green

    @Mariloe - Thanks girlie! Yes it was the perfect look for a Hockey Game

  17. Very nice! Love the green accessories! Green may be your color. ;)

  18. @High Heels & Good Meals - Thanks missy! It just might be!

    @Economy of Style - Thanks girlie!

  19. Love it!! Green is such a unique color-- most people totally over look it!! This shade is really perfect for your skin tone. :)

    I've never been to a hockey game either, so I would totally be just as confused as you! Glad you enjoyed it though!!

  20. Love your greeen blazer. You know I'm a fan of

    I live in Baton Rouge. Its about an hour from NO. I go there pretty often. Where do you live? We definitely should meet up.

  21. amazing your look, i really love it!

    have a nice day!

  22. @Mallory In New YorkSuper confused! But it was fun watching them slam each other into the walls! Yea people do steer away from green, I'm not sure why, but I love it!

  23. @ChanelBlazers are great aren't they? Oh ok, yea sometimes I have to to Baton Rouge for business meetings downtown with the state governments. I was just there a few weeks ago. I will have to let you know the next time I'm in town


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