Leather and a Jumper

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jumper: H&M
Leather Vest: H&M
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Earrings: Vendor @ Fashion Show 

I bought this Jumper from my H&M shopping spree in December, and this vest a few years back when I was in Atlantic City. I love this vest, it is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. I've also decided to step up my shoe game, by buying more creative shoes. I found these pair for a great price at TJ Maxx in Morgantown, West Virgina (while I was there for my training), and scooped them. Of course I wore them the very next day, and now they are in a box full of stuff being shipped back to my apartment in Houston because I didn't have enough room for all the stuff I bought in my suitcase! Haha. Oh well, what can I say?
Outfit Details

Also while shopping in H&M back in Pittsburgh, I spotted this fabulous, stylish girl at the cash register in front of me. I asked her if I could take her picture to show off her style to my blog followers! I loved her look!

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  1. Shoes and jumper are so hot!

  2. Love the touch of leather. You can't go wrong with some leather. You look great.


  3. I love the leather! Looks great on you.

  4. I absolutely love this look!That jumpsuit looks great on you!Great touch with the leather vest!xoxo

  5. I love that vest!!! And the shoes!!!

  6. awesome! love the vest, i have one that looks like that!


  7. Looking good! Love the jumper and the shoes!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Awesome!! I love leather vests, they're so classic & go with literally EVERYTHING! Great jumper as well, H&M always has such amazing pieces, right? :)


  9. Love this look! Hype for sure :) Jumpers/Rompers are so much fun! The other girl has such a cute style :)


  10. What a great shoe find! I love your jumper. And that was so cool of you to get the shopper's picture. Every time I am out and about in that situation and want to take a pic of someone for my blog, I totally chicken out. Thanks for sharing this! She does have good style!

  11. Love your outfit! and those wedges are cute! I'm following. Thank you so much for the lovely comment.

  12. Love the leather waistcoat! Great look.
    raje xx

  13. Cute outfit. Your wedges are super cute!!


  14. You look so pretty girl!! The wedges and that leather jacket are to die for!! Love everything...You look fierce doll.


  15. I really love that top:-)

    Btw, I am on Fashion Industry Network as Meredith Cavaness Corning. What's your name on there? Send me a friend request~Meredith

  16. @Roni - Thanks! I really want to step up my shoe game!

    @Judy - Thanks girlie, I love the way this romper fits

    @Fairidah - never can go wrong with leather, real or faux! haha

    @Sophie, @Venoma, @Alina, @Francesca, & @Marella - Thank you ladies. I appreciate the compliments

    @Denise - cool! I think everyone should have a great vest like this one!

    @Jayme,& @Irene - Thanks ladies!!

    @Mallory - They really do and amazing prices! I'm also shocked at how cheap they are and the quality of clothing is pretty good for the price! I love H&M shopping sprees!

    @Lydia - Right! I definitely love rompers, but I had to find the "right" jumper for me. I don't think I can pull off the full flower print ones...but a two-tone or solid color one works just fine.

  17. @Frannie - This was the first time I actually asked. I was nervous and thought that she would think I was a freak, but now that I have my business cards, it's less creepy! haha

    @Inez - Thanks so much for following girlie! I really appreciate it, and I love leaving comments on other blogs, so I'm sure I'll be back again!

    @R.A.J.E. - You know what I love? Is that you guys call vests waistcoats! I absolutely adore that about people from the U.K. with their terms! Thanks for the compliment

    @Prissy and @The - Thanks ladies!!!

    @Marina- thanks so much for your compliment! I always love when you can stop by my blog, cuz girl I know you stay busy!!

    @Meredith - great! I will look you up on there!

    @Stacey - Haha, I know right, because I don't really do edgy that often. Every now and then it comes out! It may come out more with the more great shoes I find!

  18. Love your vest and shoes Shasie :) x

  19. Love the color and style of your shoes!

  20. i lked your blog and your style,casual chic,urban, romantic sometimes.
    i'm following you and
    I invite you and everybody that loves fashion and news things too!- to visit my blog that is new and i'm learning how make him:

  21. @lee-lee - thanks girlie! I'm going to wear the heck out of these shoes I know it!

    @J'Adore - thanks so much!

    @Claudia - Hey girl! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following! I really appreciate the love! I will definitely check out your blog!

  22. Very cute Love the pants

  23. Love your blazer and shoes! It gives your whole outfit a stylish "edge."

  24. @Shen DoveThanks Shen!! I was so excited to wear those shoes with anything just to rock them! haha

  25. I just discovered your blog and it is so divine...I really adore your blog name,, very original. You are definitely rocking that leather vest...simply amazing xxx

  26. @Karin Karin thanks so much! I really appreciate your compliments on my blog! I always love when new people stop by!!


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