Monday, May 16, 2011

Dress: Express
Crop Jacket: A'GACI
Necklace: Present I bought my mom for Christmas, but I borrowed for this outfit
Earrings: Vendor at Wheeler Baptist Church Fashion Show
Flip Flops: J. Crew

I wore this outfit all day on Sunday, but first I had it on with my neutral pumps from Payless for Church. I had the most amazing, life-changing experience at church yesterday. The kind you only hear other people talk about, or only thinks happens in movies, or people make them up. God spoke directly to me through the guest Evangelist Speaker that came to preach at our church for Women's Day. Now let me explain how this happened, so many things had to line up.

I'm back home in Pittsburgh, Pa for a week because I have training in West Virgina and it's only 1.5 hrs from my hometown of Pittsburgh. So I came to visit my family before the training. We weren't sure if we were going to go to church today, but we decided to all go as a family. So now I'm headed to my original church home in Pittsburgh. The guest speaker today wasn't supposed to speak, her sister (a Pastor) was supposed to speak but she was under the weather, so the Evangelist preached to us today. The whole sermon I thought she was talking directly to me, and near the end of the church service she stopped me and I said I really needed her "sermon" today, and she said "God meant for us to meet today and for my message to reach someone in this sanctuary", and then she proceeded to tell me, without knowledget of everything I've been going through a plan that God had for me in clarity, in which the plan resolved all my issues so clearly I just broke down and cried. She didnt' know me from Adam, but told me the words I needed to hear without knowing my issues, and my Dad was right there with me while she was annointing me with my message from God.

So to explain the first 3 pictures, I just feel so liberated and burden-free. God had answered my Mom's prayers for me, and he spoke directly to me through a preacher. So my pictures express my joy and happiness of the wonderous works of the Lord, and my victory in Christ!

After my amazing experience at church, I met up with my best friends from High School Brandon and Maggie. We went to a late lunch at Eat 'N Park and then went shopping at our regular mall. But this regular Mall has H&M, which I plan on raiding this entire week! Because there are no H&M's in Houston, so this is just the first of many bags from H&M during my trip home! I leave you with some great pictures of my family yesterday at church.

My Sister singing in the Choir for Women's Day

I also received the One Lovely Blog Award from Joey of everyday outfits and Kayla of My Greatest Hits! Thanks ladies! I will post some facts about myself in my next post!


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  1. i like the fact that you're still looking stylish even at church! nice outfit!

  2. that second photo is amazing - what a great dress!

  3. @jazzyphizz Thanks girl!! I was so happy to find it! I love the pattern and the color!

  4. @ZarnaHi!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Yes I had so much fun taking that photo!!

  5. i love that stunning fucsia dress! =)


  6. Hi Shasie! Wow girl you really rock that dress! It's gorgeous on you! Style maven you are!
    You asked me what is GBP. It's british currency. You can always google what the exchange is on dollars. Sometimes the European stores have currency exchange on their site. So you can change it and see what it would cost in dollars. You figure every 30 pounds would be about $50 dollars or so, so I checked fairly recently.
    Thanks so for keeping up with me!
    XO Carrie

  7. @Hope Adela PasztorHello! Thanks so much! I love this dress, now my new favorite Maxi! And thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. @CarrieHey girlie! Thanks so much! Style Maven, you're too sweet. And no problem with keeping up with your blog! I love your sets, they are very inspirational. Cool! I guess I've never seen it written that way, as GBP. Thanks for the info!!

  9. This dress is fab and I love the necklace you paired with it!

  10. Love the color of your maxi dress! :)


  11. Such a bright and bold color! So good...


  12. Beautiful dress!Love it!And it looks great combined with the short jacket!xoxo

  13. amazing colour, loving the crazy jump shots :)

    Lydz xX

  14. nice dress! i love the bright pink too!


  15. Cute dress! It's so vibrant and full of color! (:

  16. I love the dress, but not as much as I love seeing you so happy. You could light a room with that smile Shas! :) <3

  17. First I love your first picture! That dress is to cute too! I hate that there isn't a H&M in Houston when we are the 4th largest city! Anywho I have those moments at church sometimes too when It feels like the preacher is talking directly to me.

  18. maxi dresses are my absolutely fave. they're so classy!! gorgeous


  19. Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your comments! Normally I would try to reply to everyone individually, but I'm yet on another trip and in training, so my time is a bit tight! Thank you for all of your lovely comments!


  20. Love the dress and the jumping too!!

  21. lovely smile and what a beautiful dress! you really work that colour! Thumbs up!


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