Beaded Headband & Favicon

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I apologize for the fuzziness of the following pictures. I tried a new "setting" on my camera called "low-lighting" and they looked great on the camera screen, but when I uploaded them, they did not come out as planned

Bow Tank: NY&Co
Necklace: Vendor at I-Fest
Striped Capris: Express
Pumps: Chinese Laundry (DSW)
Headband: Aldo Accessories
Watch: NY&Co
Earrings: My I've had them forever, don't remember where I bought them from

This would be my Wednesday work outfit.  As I always say it's hot here in Houston.  It's been 100 degrees at 5pm, so it makes it difficult to dress for work, because one wants to wear the least clothes as possible. But then when you get inside the A.C. systems are on full blast, so then you're freezing because it feels like the artic tundra. I get around this by always leaving a jacket and a cardigan in my office.  Just walking from my car to the office I work up a sweat in this humidity!

Anyway due to the bad quality of these photos, it's hard to tell that these pants are actually pinstriped and that there is a ruffle to bow neckline on the top.  I tried something different with my hair. I call it a semi-poof.  I hairsprayed the heck out of it so that it wouldn't sweat out, and magically it stayed in place all day. I also wanted to wear my hair like this to show off my headband from Aldo. I've had it for a few months now, and decided it would go perfect with my outfit today. The only thing I have to say about it, is you have to be careful pushing it back because the beads will catch your hair and it kinda hurts! haha

Outfit Details

I also created a favicon for my blog page today!  So it should be displaying in your browser right now! You can follow these steps to create one for your blogger page too!

A favicon is a custom icon associated with a webpage or website that appears next to the http address in the URL window of a browser. The favicon will also occupy open tabs in tab-enabled browsers, and will display next to bookmarked links. Favicon combines the words "favorites" and "icon." Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 introduced the ability to display favicons, followed by other major browsers. Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari and Konquerer are among the many browsers that support favicons.

1. Created the favicon on and download it to a folder on your computer. There are youtube videos for how to create your favicon on, if the website doesn't explain enough!
2. Host the favicon on a image hosting site that supports .ico (the file extensions for all favicons). I used Be careful with imageboo because  a lot of crazy ads and stuff will pop up since it's free.
3. Follow this tutorial on how to insert this favicon on blogger. I'm sure there are other tutorials out there for other servers, but since I use blogger this is the one I used

Only a few days left to win the below scarf via my Vintage Scarf Giveaway! It's closing May 31st!


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  1. Love the headband!!! (Even if everything else is a little fuzzy....)

  2. @Alexis of NorthOnHarper Haha! Hey girl! Thanks! Yea and I was way to lazy to go back out and retake I figured I'd just put a disclaimer! haha

  3. I like that headband and the whole outfit! Your pictures are actually better than mine that means that I definitely have to go for a new camera.
    Shasie what is a favicon???????????? I didn't get it....

  4. I enjoy your heels as well as that lovely hairband!

  5. Your headband is so pretty and what a cool necklace. I love your strappy heels. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. Cute headband! Love the shoes and I see you getting your America's top Model on with the! Nice!


  7. Oh, I see your favicon! Thanks for the little tute. I want to get one, but I don't really have an icon for my site hmmm...will think of something
    I like your outfit! Too bad the photos didn't turn out well. I think the low-lighting setting is for indoors. I dunno, so many functions on my camera that I've yet to explore haha

  8. @Francesca RHey girl! A favicon is a little icon used for a webpage to display in the url bar or a tab, or in your favorites list :-) I wanted to get rid of the Blogger B and make it more personal to my blog :-)

  9. @aki!Thanks for the compliment and stopping by my blog! I'm glad you could actually see my heels clear enough to like them! haha

  10. @Brooke's ClosetThanks Brooke! I'm so excited to have one!

  11. @Style & Poise haha hey Roni! Teehee, yep I've been tryin to change up my basic hand on the hip!

  12. @JoeyHey girl! Yea it must be for indoor. I definitely need to experiment with this camera more!! It has so many functions even just for being a little point and shoot, I've never played around with it :-)

  13. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful pieces of jewelry. It was nice to see the pieces from your Grandma Gillespie on display. I'm sure she will be smiling each time you wear them. I love the beaded headband--simply love it.

  14. Nice Doll... *)

  15. @MaryHi Mom! I'm glad you liked the Arsenal post. I can't wait to take care of grandma's jewelry. A few pieces I will have to use the cleaner on, but I'm so excited to start wearing them

  16. Great all black look, hon!Love it!xoxo

  17. @Alina F.Thanks! I just wish the pictures had come out better :-/

  18. Fantastic post!!!!!
    HI! My name's martina and I come from Utaly! I'd like you visit my blog and if you want... follow me! I wait you and your tips! obviously if you follow me, I do the same with yours! ;DDD
    Glamour Marmalade

  19. such a great black outfit. like it =)

  20. @MartilaMiHey girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll definitely stop by and check yours out!


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