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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Hump Day!!! I joined a group on IFB for Southern Fashion Bloggers and they started an idea called guest blogging, where we all blog on a topic, and share the links of all the other bloggers posting on the same topic. A really neat idea, and a great way to change it up! Here are the links of the other Bloggers

Slow Southern Style
Style Cakes
Nola More Chains

Knowing that we would be bloggin on Sunday outfits, I waited to post my Easter outfit for this entry. This is what I wore for East---er what I love to call RESURRECTION Sunday. I'm afraid Easter has become too commercial like Christmas, and we forget the true meaning of that glorious day. The meaning that after Jesus died for our sins the afternoon on Good Friday, he rose from the dead on the third day like he said he would. HE LIVES!! But since typing out resurrection is long, I will use Easter for the rest of this post! haha

Dress: Charlotte Russe (Circa 5 years ago)
Necklace: Wish Boutique
Belt: Nine West (Burlington)
Watch: New York & Company
Shoes: Bakers

The best part about this Sunday outfit, is that it was free!! Why was it free? Because it came from shopping in my own closet. I don't know what I was doing the last few weeks leading up to Easter, but time just got away from me, and I never went shopping for an Easter dress. I was bummed thinking I had nothing to wear, when I decided to shop my own closet. SURELY, with all of these clothes I had to have SOMETHING in this closet to wear!! So I hunted through my (recently swapped into my closet) Spring dresses and found this sky blue dress peaking out. What a perfect color for Easter!! The last time I wore this dress it was for my college graduation.

I love to wear dresses on Sunday, and Easter was no exception. I wear dresses to go to church, and then usually to brunch with friends. Wearing a dress on Sunday is a staple for me, I don't even think twice about it. Occasionally if I'm out of dresses, I may wear a nice slack/work outfit to church, but I much prefer the pretty dress with cute accessories and great heels. Growing up, my sister and I weren't allowed to wear pants to church, and I remember crying on some Sunday mornings because I didn't want to wear panty-hose! HAHA, but now that I'm older, I just shave and nix the tights and I'm much happier!

What do you like to wear on Sundays?? Here are a some of my previous Church Sunday outfits:

And sometimes when I don't go to church for whatever reason I still like to dress up for Brunches!! Here are some of my Sunday Brunch Outfits

What do you like to do on Sundays? Chill and watch Sports? Go to Church? Prepare for the work week? Let me know in your comments!!

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  1. I love every single one of these looks, but the blue dress is perfect!xoxo

  2. the blue dress is a beautiful shade. since i work on sundays, evening ill go to church and go home and relax
    Lydz xX

  3. I love the summary of church outfits :) I agree the blue dress takes first prize!!!


  4. I love your Easter outfit, the color of the dress reminds me of Tiffany's Blue. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. @Alina F. Thanks Alina! It's my favorite also!

  6. @Lydz xXNice! I imaging going to church in the evening is a great way to wrap up the weekend! Sounds great!

  7. @~Letty~Awee thanks! I definitely need to buy some more dresses. I love the blue one too!

  8. @The Cat HagHi Addie! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! It does remind me of Tiffany & Co now that you mention it! haha

  9. This blue suits you extremely good! Love the necklace!


  10. beautiful the blue dress!! :D


  11. @LA Thanks LA! I love the color of the dress and the necklace!

  12. @ChanelThanks Chanel! I love that it was free! I have received so many compliments on this need to go out and by a new one! haha

  13. Love your blue dress! I just love to laze around on Sundays :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  14. OMG that blue necklace!! So beautiful :) Great blog- following you!

  15. @WanderLustThanks so much! I'll be sure to check out your blog!

  16. simple and cute blog

    Have a look at my blog too, if you like just drop in

    Thanks and regds


    Cool Blogs

  17. You have nice dresses!! and you know how to wear them! I love the 2nd, 3rd and last ones.=)

  18. @AphroditeThanks Aphrodite! I love dresses. I can't wait to add some more to my closet!

  19. Really nice post. Loving your shoes!!

    J X

  20. @r.a.j.e. Thanks J! They are really comfy too!

  21. I LOVE that color blue!!! esp. for the spring!

  22. @Heather Thanks Heather! It's a great color!

  23. Blue necklace is great! I like that you have so much fun with your Sunday clothes.

  24. @Kristen Thanks Kristen! I do have fun getting ready for church!!

  25. tou are so beautiful !! i love your blog im fallow you baby (*_*)

  26. @LADY DAwe thanks so much! I appreciate the follow!

  27. You look very happy and chirpy. A lady of God too. How sweet. I especially like you in the black and white striped dress.

    Come visit my Paris, glam gal.

  28. @Susu Paris ChicThanks girl!!!I will check your blog!


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