Styling Adventure for the Kentucky Derby Oaks

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A few weeks ago my friend Robin, asked for my opinion on a few dresses she was considering to wear to the Kentucky Derby Oaks event in May. I provided my opinion on her choices, and then provided some of my own, and also created this following Lookbook set on Polyvore.

Kentucky Oaks
I basically wanted to just put together some looks for ideas to go shopping. So today we went shopping. We went to the Houston Galleria Mall. We ventured into tons of stores, but to our surpise, not a lot of stores were carrying pink right now. Maybe by the first of May the stores will start to have more pink items, but right now it was scarce. And if we did find pink, it either wasn't the right material, or length. Here is Robin inside Macy's, eager to find her dress!!

And here I am trying to take an artistic photo in the mirror and capture all 4 of us girls at the same time! lol Didn't work out too well because I'm totally blocking Robin.
And here is Amy making fun of my artistic photo attempt! HAHA I love my friends!

Dress: Target
Shoes: Aerie Gellie Thong Sandals
Handbag: New York & Company
Necklace: New York & Company

If you can't tell by now, I love this handbag...a it will probably be in a few more of my posts! I know gellie (is that how you spell it?) thong sandals may not be as popular as they were 3 years ago, or when I was a child! But I love these little sandals. They are a neutral, translucent hue and go with many a outfit, AND they are great to wear poolside! I will keep the gellie shoes dream alive!!

Anyway back to looking for a dress for Robin. This was actually her second store (Macy's). I was a little late meeting them at Nordstroms. At Nordstrom's she actually found a dress she liked but wanted to keep looking, which I always advise.

Shopping Tip #1: Do not buy the first thing you see, try putting the item on hold and continuing to shop in other stores. Most stores will hold the item until the end of the day or for 24 hrs. This is a great policy, especially if you are trying to find an item within a certain budget.  This allows you to keep your options open!

Shopping Tip #2: Compare everything to the item you covet. When you find an item that you absolutely covet, and fits within your budget, put it on hold.  Continue to shop, but when you look at new items, if they don't make you feel better than your coveted piece, don't bother trying it on. You have to like what you buy, and it's just a waste of time!

After Macy's we ended up at White House Black Market and BCBGMaxAzria. I really loveBCBG dresses, I just wish they weren't so expensive. $325 for a dress that's barely there? I don't think so! Of course their dresses were amazing as always, but they also weren't really in the derby style as pictured to the left.

I did, however, pick up the last BCBG Spring 2011 lookbook/catalog! Whoo Hoo! Score for me! This little book is thick too! I have to add it to my stack of fashion magazines and "recently received via contest" win Instyle's New Secret of Style Book pile on my bed!

Last but not least we stopped by Guess by Marciano and Arden B.  Robin found this great dress in Arden B, but you could tell she was still thinking about her first dress at Nordstrom.

She was going to buy both dresses and make a final decision at home, once she found a hat (You know how fantastic the hats are for the Kentucky Derby) but at Arden B it's exchange only!

Shoppint Tip #3: Always make sure you ask the associate what their return/exchange policy is! If you are buying an item to make a decision later you want to make sure you'll be able to return in, and not just receive store credit...unless of course you want store credit! :-)

It was a great day of shopping. Not only did I help Robin look for a pink dress, but my friend Amy who was also on the trip asked me for style and shopping advice too, so I got to help the both of them! And of course I can't go to the mall without shopping for myself, so I definitely left with a few bags of my own...I have to say I've never paid attention to the jewelry pieces in Arden B, but I do like them alot, and I decided to snap a few pics of them in the store for your viewing pleasure!
Unfortunately I do not have a picture of Robin in the final dress she picked out, but it was great! It was a one-shoulder white dress (with ruffles across the shoulder) with pink flower print. It was very nice! Maybe I can find it online, of I can have her send a pic soon! Here are more photos of the outfit I wore today for shopping. I like to be easy, breezy, and casual on a shopping trip. I do not like fussing with a bunch of garments and heels when I'm walking around a lot and trying on clothes! 

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  1. It has always been my dream to go to the Kentucky Derby with my big floppy hat and pseudo-sophisticated style. Maybe I'll pretend to have my own fashionable event :) thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks for the advice Shasie! :) I *never* luck out as much as I did today!

  3. @Camille - I think I would love to go one day too! Looks like fun, and I always love an excuse to dress up!

    @Amy - No prob girlie! You sure had some great finds!!

  4. Love the dress and the accessories are gorgeous!

    PS: Thanks for the sweet comment!


  5. seems like you had such a wonderful time!Love your dress!xoxo

  6. Totally in love with your dress!!!You look great!

  7. the first few dresses are so bright and lovely.

  8. gorgeous dress hun x

  9. I love all the nude pink dresses you've picked out at the top of the blog, they are so summery!
    hope you had a fun time, there's nothing like a good shopping trip!!


  10. Thanks ladies!! Polyvore is a great site. I love putting together sets on there.

  11. great photos and outfit :)


  12. I love that yellow bracelet - and you all look like such fun. I want to go shopping with you!

  13. @Claudia - thank you! Do you have one? Feel free to post your link, so I can check out your blog!

    @Kristen - Yea me too, I may have to go back and buy it,they actually just featured it on their facebook page! We definitely had a blast!

  14. I love the looks you put together at the beginning. On the section with the close-ups of the different pieces of jewelry, I loved the last necklace--the rock or ice pieces--very pretty.

  15. Such a cute dress and love that it is from target! Totally agree that it's much better to go simple with your outfit when you go shopping.


    Britt + Whit

  16. @Mom - Thanks! that was my 2nd fav piece after the bracelet. I love lucite jewelry

    @Britt + Whit - Thanks ladies! Some of the best clothes are cheap! I'm definitely a frugalista!

  17. this is something i have never ever read.very detailed analysis.

  18. Thank you. Hopefully that means you liked it.


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