Spring Fashion Shows

Sunday, April 10, 2011

HFIG Spring Fashion Show Roll Calls (2:33)

As promised I am now posting on my experience at 2 fashion shows this weekend. The first one was from the Houston Fashion Indepence Group.  They featured designs from 4 designers: Alika Hall, Maria Montes, Nina Ahimba, and One Duey Kingsley. My favorite out of the 4 was Nina Ahimba. The pieces were ready-to-wear and very sexy!!

Nina Ahimba Designs

Maria Montes Designs

Alika Hall

One Duey Kingsley

Those were some of the better pictures from the night. I have to figure out what setting to put my camera on to take better pictures at fashion shows!!

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church 47th Annual Fashion Show Video Clips


My camera was just not cooperating for pictures of the WABC Fashion Show, so I settled on taking tons of videos! Here's one picture from the end of the show that turned out ok!

If you want to see more outfit pics, because there were just too many to post in this entry, check out my facebook album !

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  1. Gorgeous pictures!Love every single look!

  2. So many great pieces!! What a fun experience :) Great blog- now following you!


  3. There were some really great pieces!

  4. WOW, amazing pictures!!!Love them all, thanks for sharing!


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