WHAT I WORE: Shades of Green

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Vest: Target
Pants: Express
Tank: Express
Shirt: New York & Company
Pumps: Payless
Watch: New York & Company
Scarf: Had Forever

So these pants are a little floody, but I don't mind! I can finally fit into them again, but this is probably the last time I will wear them, because they just aren't long enough...boo :-(. Anyway I love mixing all these greens against the pinstripe shirt. I added a pair of neutral pumps to keep the focus on everything going on above the feet! As far as anything new and exciting for today? Nothing much, just another workday Tuesday! I will be headed to Baton Rouge later this week, so I'm looking forward to taking some blog pictures while in Louisiana!

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  1. Love it! Pink and green together always makes me happy! xoxo

  2. pink and green are one of my favorite combos! looks great on you.
    I see a 1 inch hem on those pants... unhem and maybe some binding tape of the same color to give yourself an extra inch or so? (or maybe even contrasting color and add a matching tuxedo stripe down each leg? stitch witchery adhesive would make it go fast if sewing isn't possible.)
    i've salvaged a couple of pairs that way. it's like they don't really make pants for girls over 5'5" LOL that's 4inches missing for me!
    looking good girl!

  3. Cute! Love army green for springtime -- or that winter/spring transition time!

  4. Thanks ladies!! I appreciate the comments! Kelly Ann great tips! Maybe I'll just take out the hem and see if I can still rock these pants!

  5. I love this! You look wonderful!



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