Friday, April 22, 2011

Necklace: New York & Company
Cardigan: Target
Tank Top: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Nine West (Burlington)
Skirt: New York & Company
Heels: Bakers

In preparation for Easter, I was inspired to wear a church-esque outfit to work. The bright colors and white are perfect for a church ensemble for Easter. Actually when I got dressed, I thought I should change, and actually save this look for Sunday, but I'm sure I'll find something great to wear on Sunday also. Plus I was way too excited to wear this skirt to wait a few more days! I love this flowy A-line skirt from NY&C. Everything about it is great, the fit, the length, and the colors. It also looks good with a top tucked in...I had a hard that morning deciding on if I wanted to wear the shirt tucked in or out. This skirt provides a lot of styling opportunities. I was even going to wear it with a light, sky blue tank top, but liked the pink better with it!

This outfit is definitely one that can change a million times in one day with the following options
1. Wear the Cardigan fully-buttoned
2. Wear the Cardigan half-buttoned
3. Wear the belt on the outside of the cardigan with the cardigan open
4. Wear the belt on the outside of the cardigan with the cardigan buttoned
5. Tuck the tank top inside the skirt, and place the belt over the skirt

I'm sure this skirt will be featured many times on this blog throughout the summer, and you can see how many ways I can style it!

For lunch, my two co-workers and I met up with our friend in the area, Monica. She looked so chic, I asked her to pose for a picture to feature in my blog! Her handbag is amazing because it's made out of seatbelt material! So unique!

She bought her handbag from Harvey's Seatbelt Bags. They have so many cute designs!

And as promised here's some more styling tips from Instyle's "The New Secrets of Style" Book
Head to Toe Slenderizing Tricks
Choose looks that are either "short over long" or "long over short"

  • Cropped jacket over a knee-length shift will give your waist definition while lengthening your bottom half
  • Long jacket with skinny pants or a tunic over a shorter pencil skirt that hits above or at the knee will provide a top-to-bottom slimming effect


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  1. Hi Doll,

    You know I love Pink and you're looking so pretty. Love your skirt so cute.. Looking very festive.


  2. Love the skirt, the heels and the cardi!Everything looks so well put together!You look very chic, as always!xoxo

  3. Such a pretty outfit! It's so flowy and perfect for spring and summer, and the colors are just beautiful together. :)

    Your friend's bag is so unique! I've never thought of combining seatbelt material & turning it to a bag, it looks so pretty! :)

    Lubna | elleVOX

  4. the skirt is so pretty, great outfit
    Lydz xX

  5. @Alina - Thank you!

    @Lubna - Yea I love her bag! So cool, and what a great way to reuse materials!

    @Lydz - thanks girlie

  6. Love your necklace!

    stop by!

  7. @* It's one of my new favorites! I think it's perfect for Spring!


  8. Love the floral skirt--so cute for spring!

    Happy Easter!


  9. I really need more florals. This is an very cute outfit! xo

  10. @the Atomic Chic I love florals and bright colors for spring! I can't wait until I have some more in my closet!

  11. Looking good hun x the colours

  12. @lolita thanks lolita! Thanks for leaving your link, I'll check out your blog!

  13. OMG, cute dress! I love pink! Wear more? ;)

  14. @SlayerbabeThanks girlie! I definitely wilL! I love pink for the Spring/Summer


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