HFIG Spring Fashion Show - The Outfit

Friday, April 08, 2011

Peeptoe Booties: Miss Sixty (Burlington)
Trouser Socks: New York & Company
Skirt: DUO (Wish Boutique)
Graphic Tee: Express
Tuxedo Vest: H&M
Watch: Present from Sister
Bracelet: New York & Company

As mentioned in my earlier post today, I attended a fashion show tonight.  Normally when going to a fashion show, I would choose to wear some dress with fancy bag and heels, but I felt that this was a more relaxed, independent show and there wouldn't be all the "pomp and circumstance". Turns out I was right! So I decided to go to the show wearing two Spring Trends:

1. Socks with Heels
2. Bright Color Skirt

I loved the look, I felt young and girlish in it and I would definitely wear it again, over and over again!

Tomorrow I will post pictures from the actual show, and tell you about my new favorite Houston designer!

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  1. I love the color of your skirt I like your blog so now Im following you!! hope you can follow me bakc :)


  2. Great outfit, hon!Love the skirt!


  3. Oh, I love your shoes!
    That skirt gives your outfit a nice pop of colour. Hope the fashion show was enjoyable?

  4. Hey everyone! THanks for the comment! The skirt is definitely the best $5 purchase I've ever made! Haha

  5. shoes are gorgeous. but i think its better without the white socks?

  6. @Jerra - Thanks for your comment! Yep the outfit would have worked without the socks too! I was just trying out a trend :-)

  7. I think you could have even tried like a light mint green sock with that...curious as to how that would have looked.

  8. @Nicole - good idea. I think I was still timid on the whole socks and heels thing, and thought that the same tone wouldn't be as noticeable. I'm definitely trying to branch out more with the socks, but now it's getting so hot here in Houston! haha, I probably only have a few more weeks to even attempt another sock look! lol


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